Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me

Safely Trap Mosquitoes and Nuisance Insects in a 1/2 Acre Area

DYNATRAP DT1050 Twist On/Off Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito and Insect Trap

Take back your yard without the need for added chemicals, pesticides, refills, and no zapping or buzzing. The DYNATRAP DT1050 Indoor/Outdoor Insect Trap is the future of capturing insects. The Dynatrap uses three patented technologies: (1) Two fluorescent lights generate heat and UV rays day and night, (2) a titanium dioxide-coated funnel produces CO2, and (3) a powerful fan sucks insects into the trap. The insects are lured to the powerful vacuum fan, where they are collected and trapped into the retaining cage away from the area of usage providing the user safe pest protection and comfortable living quarters. A trap door automatically closes when power goes off, in order to prevent the critters from escaping. Its rugged all-weather construction is designed to survive life outdoors. However, it is also perfectly safe for use indoors, as it uses no chemicals and produces no odors. The DT1050 features a twist on/twist off mechanism for activation.

  • No expensive attractant or propane necessary – smokeless, pesticide and odor free
  • Unique twist-on/off feature that prevents insects from escaping while cleaning
  • Easy to install and whisper-quiet
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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Kill Bacteria, Germs and Dust Mites that Lurk in your Bed and Linens

Raycop BK-200CW Anti-Allergy, Anti-Bacteria UVC Sanitizing Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, White




  • 2-stage HEPA filtration system helps to kill bacteria and eradicate bed dust mites
  • Effective against H1N1 Flu virus, EColi, staphylococcus and candida
  • Replaceable Micro Allergy Filter
  • Ergonomic design
  • Vacuum cyclone strengthens allergen collection
  • Works on most household fabric surfaces


The Raycop BK-200CW Anti-Allergy, Anti-Bacteria UVC Sanitizing Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal solution for asthma or allergy sufferers, or for those simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. The UV anti-allergy heavy duty vacuum cleaner features a 2-stage HEPA filtration system. It is effective in killing 99.97% of remnants as small as 0.3m and eliminates 99.9% of the H1N1 Flu virus, 9.9% of EColi, staphylococcus and candida and 93.5% of dust mites. It is specially designed to clean beds, linens and other fabrics, helping to create a healthier home. It Works on most household fabric surfaces, including mattresses, bedding, pillows, sofas, chairs, futons, crib pads and curtains. Read More

Got a Rat, Mice, or Rodent Problem? Not Anymore!

AgriZap RZUIR1 Rat Zapper Infrared Ultra




  • Breakthrough Infrared Sensing Technology including New Hi-Tech Delivery System
  • Humanely Exterminates Both Mice and Rats!
  • Approx. 2 Years of Battery Life on 4 “D” Batteries
  • Clean and Easy to Operate – 100% Effective
  • Environmentally Preferred – Poison Free!


The new AgriZap RZUIR1 Rat Zapper Infrared Ultra utilizes a revolutionary new infrared detecting system to sense the presence of the mouse, rat or other rodent. A newly designed high tech delivery system, including stainless steel kill pads housed in an aesthetic recycled plastic canister, now offers a 100% humane kill rate with this new model Rat Zapper. The Ultra IR Rat Zapper utilizes 4 “D” Cell Batteries which, in standby mode, will last approximately 2 years or provide 100 kills per battery set. Red and Green indicator lights provide system alerts. Simply bait the Rat Zapper with any dry food as an attractant to the rodent (dry pet food, trail mix, peanuts, etc.), turn the main switch ON (Green light says all systems are GO) and when the rodent enters the Rat Zapper it will be humanely exterminated with a quick but deadly shock – no escapes. Disposal is easy; just tip the Rat Zapper over an appropriate receptacle and you never have to touch or come in contact with a dead mouse or rat again. Simply re-bait, place in an active rodent area, and turn the main switch back ON. It’s that easy and efficient. Read More

Skunk Problems Stinking Up Your Yard? Not Anymore

JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap



  • Made of solid 6″ PVC pipe
  • Prevents skunks from lifting their tails to spray
  • Prevents scratching and biting
  • Spring-loaded door trap design prevents environment-related misfires
  • Nickel sized holes for identification
  • Also safe for use with squirrels, cats, rabbits, opossum and other similar sized animals


Are the unpleasant foul odor of a skunk ruining your outdoor atmosphere? The JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap is the safe and humane solution for your problem. The Spray Proof Skunk Trap has a spring loaded door that automatically closes once the skunk enters the tube. The tube is made of heavy duty six inch PVC pipe, and once the skunk is inside, it prevents it from being able to lift their tail to spray – it also eliminates the possibility of scratching and biting. Once the trap door has been shut, you can identify your catch through small holes on the door – the rest of pipe is solid, making your catch invisible to people or other animals passing by. It is the safest trap on the market and can be used by homeowners as well as animal control specialists.

Skunk trap is 99% spray proof

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Safely Get Rid of Skunks from Your Property, Stink Free!

Advantek 20000 Catch and Release Electronic Skunk Trap



  • Easy-open release door and electronic infrared sensor creates more dependability than traditional mechanical devices
  • Dark enclosure is designed to helps keep captured animal calm and manageable
  • Smooth interior won’t cause harm to the animal during transport
  • Constructed from durable polyethylene that will stand up to scratching and clawing


Between the potential for rabies and the foul odor from sprays, skunks are one of the least desired forms of wildlife you’d want on your property. Skunks can take up residence under porches, crawl spaces, or even attics, creating property damage, producing smells, and even spraying your pets. With this electronic trap, you’ll not only rid your home of the unwanted animal but do so humanely so you can maintain a clean conscience.

The trap uses an infrared sensor to trigger the gate door release and keep the unwanted critter from escaping. Once the skunk has been trapped inside, the trap’s compact design greatly restricts movement. Because the skunk won’t have much room, it can’t raise its tail and hind quarters so you can’t get sprayed. The smooth interior of the trap remains dark to keep the skunk calm while you transport it to another location. When you are ready to release your captive, simply rotate the release level and to let the skunk out into its new home. Rugged, polyethylene construction remains durable throughout various outdoor conditions. This electronic trap can single-handedly keep your home skunk-free for years and years to come. While designed specifically for skunks, this trap can also be used for rodents, possums, feral cats, and other wildlife. The trap requires the use of four AA batteries, sold separately.

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Keep Pest Birds from Landing and Roosting on Your Property

Bird-B-Gone MMBS600 Bird Spider - 6 Foot Diameter




  • Stainless steel arms bounce and sway with even light breezes to keep arms moving so birds won’t land anywhere within close proximity
  • Eliminates costly and time-consuming cleanup of bird waste
  • Maintenance free with no assembly required
  • Can be moved from location to location



Keep large pest birds off your patio furniture, rooftops, boats, and much more with the Bird Spider. The unit is comprised of a UV protected polycarbonate base with stainless steel arms. When the arms bounce and sway, it creates a visual distraction zone that birds will not want to go near. While the arms are flimsy and designed to move with any kind of wind, the base remains sturdy and stable to keep the unit upright. Easily install the unit without any kind of assembly. Pair the Bird Spider with interchangeable bases to use them on rooftops, boat decks, canopies, etc. The Bird Spider can also be glued down as a permanent deterrent to those pesky birds. You’ll be able to keep your outdoor areas clean and bird-free without using power for ultrasonic devices or harsh chemicals and toxins.

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Catch and Relocate the Whole Colony of Mice with a Single Trap

Advantek 20030 Multi-Catch Mouse Trap





  • Humanely remove small rodents from your property
  • Hinged bottom lets you easily release mice into another area
  • No toxic poisons, messy glues, or corpses to clean up and dispose of
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel lets you use it again and again



Because of their smaller size and craftiness, mice and other small rodents have to ability to find their way into your house, crawling through cabinets, into closets, even on your beds and couches. While effective, poisons may not be ideal for households with small children or pets. Mice can often catch on and outsmart glue traps and snapping mouse traps. This steel trap features a cage design that lets mice in but not out.

Simply place the bait inside the trap and wait for the unwanted critters to enter through the top of the cage. At 10 inches high, the ceiling of the cage will be too high for them to crawl out of once they fall in. The cage is big enough to house many mice – the whole colony, if needed. You won’t have to worry about checking multiple traps set around the house and property. The trap acts a holding cell until you are ready to relocate and release. Simply unhinge the bottom trap to let them out and you’ll be ready to catch the next round of mice.

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