Stranger Danger No More!

iSafe SC1007 Backpack with Built-In Alarm, Black

The fall season means schools are back in session, and your kids are out of the house. Know that your kids are safe when you aren’t around with iSafe’s backpacks with built-in alarms! In case of potential injury, bully or predator, the backpack comes equipped with a quick activating alarm with flashing LED strobe light to draw attention when trouble is near. Just tug on the activation pin – located on the shoulder strap for easy access – and all eyes are on you! The backpack has a loud alarm sounded by two 125 decibel sirens and flashing LED strobe lights that can be seen from up to 400 yards away.

This backpack is not just for children. College students who frequent the library for late night studying can now feel protected walking through campus in the dark. The iSafe backpack is designed for ages 8+ and is of standard size. The Backpack with Built-In Alarm has a foam padded back to provide added comfort while worn and reflectors on the shoulder straps for visibility at night. The shoulder straps are S-Shaped and ergonomically designed for comfort. It has multiple pockets to hold all of a user’s school accessories and gadgets as well as a large main compartment for books, binders, etc.

The iSafe backpack comes in many different styles: Plaid Blue, Plaid Lavender, Blue, Green, Pink and Black.

Woman Steals Debit Card Information and Goes on a Shopping Spree–Don’t Let This Happen to You!

According to the KTLA 5 news, a woman in Southern California stole debit card information and used it to go on a shopping spree throughout the Inland Empire. Authorities are unsure on how this woman was able to steal information, but according to KTLA news this woman has been stealing debit card information and making purchases of no more than $100, to ensure not getting caught. This kind of theft is not uncommon, and even at times goes unnoticed by the card owner! Like this woman who has been committing fraud for some time and hadn’t been caught.
TungstenW SC-5144 Carbon Fiber Biometric Wallet
Debit Card theft is one of the biggest fears of many people. In 2010 alone, there was $119 million lost to debit card fraud. You should always check your bank statements and make sure that your wallet is safe.¬†Or to be even more secure you could use a tamper resistant wallet that requires your fingerprints to open! Since your wallet holds more than just cash–It holds they key to your identity, personal accounts and in some cases your family. The Biometric Wallet gives you the power and technology to keep them secure.

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Compact, Easy to Use Mini Camera Detector Helps Safeguard Your Privacy

Mini Gadgets Inc. CD Mini Camera Detector

Mini Gadgets Inc. CD Mini Camera Detector
Item# 96408

Price: Normally $89.00
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Sometimes you don’t need a lot of complicated options you just want a simple easy to use device that just works. The Camera Detector Mini is just that device. It’s small and portable, only slightly larger than your average thumb drive. Use is a breeze, you simply flip the power switch to the on position and listen for the telltale sound of the device to beep, letting you know that it has detected a signal. The closer you get to the source of the signal the faster the device will beep. Just because its simple to use however, does not mean the device isn’t powerful. Packed within the mini camera detector is a receiver capable of finding frequencies from 1Mhz all the way to 6.0 GHz.

  • Easy to use
  • Small portable size
  • Powerful detector
  • “Fuzzy scanning” technique helps eliminate background noise, cutting down on the number false warnings

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