Prevent Identity Theft with Your Wallet

Technology keeps advancing and so do ways for people to rob you of your identity and money! Crooks now can electronically scan your credit and ATM cards, while they are still in your wallet or purse, without you ever knowing about it. At least, you won’t until you get your next statement!  Counteract these thieving efforts by keeping up with technology yourself!

Rogue Wallet has a line of wallets, passport holders, wrist purses and clutches for both men and women that use WalletGuard Blocking Technology to Prevent RFID Theft:

1. Rogue Wallet made to fit your Front Pocket

Rogue WALBUCKTAN Made in Maine RFID Wallet Buckskin Tan

  • WalletGuard technology blocks RF
  • Patented shape to fit front pocket deters pickpockets
  • Premium buckskin leather for casual style and durability
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2. Rogue Redline Passport Wallet

Rogue WALPASSBLKRED Redline Passport Wallet with RFID Protection, Black/Red

  • WalletGuard technology blocks RF
  • Specially designed to accommodate passports and credit cards
  • Satin black leather for the discerning traveler
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3. Rogue Wallet Ladies Seashell Clutch

Rogue Wallet PURSE GRAY/BLK Ladies Seashell Clutch with RFID Protection, Gray/Black

  • WalletGuard provides RFID protection
  • Slots for 2 ID cards and 9 other cards
  • 5 divided interior sections
  • Zippered coin pocket
  • Top grain satin leather
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4. Rogue Wallet Ladies Wristlet

Rogue Wallet WALWRISTRED Ladies Wristlet with RFID Protection, Red

  • WalletGuard provides RFID protection
  • Clear slot for 1 ID card plus 8 credit card slots
  • 2 dividing pockets
  • 2 Zippered pockets
  • Top grain satin leather
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Use this Super Loud Personal Safety Device to Alert Others if you are Hurt or in Danger

Mace 80238 3-in-1 Sport Strobe/Alarm Personal Protection DeviceSafer than a gun or pepper spray, the Mace 3-in-1 Sport Strobe/Alarm Personal Protection Device is a compact emergency module that slips into a pocket or purse. If approached by an attacker, just pull the pin: the device will instantly emit a piercing 130dB alarm and flash a blinding strobe to confuse the assailant and alert anyone nearby. A small side button allows you to use the light as a flashlight. Also included is an attachment that lets you mount the strobe/alarm on a door or window frame to double as a home security device. Runs on one 9V battery, sold separately.

  • 130dB personal alarm with flashing emergency strobe light
  • Pull pin on top to activate alarm and strobe
  • Strobe can be turned off to double as a flashlight
  • Fits in a pocket or purse
  • Includes an attachment to mount as a door or window alarm

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A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Home from Burgulars

Smarthome DM880 Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent



Thieves are often looking for an easy target and seek out unoccupied homes or businesses. Keep burglars and vandals away at night with the effective and affordable Smarthome Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent. Despite its name, it is actually quite clever. The built-in computer chip has advanced algorithms that use the LED lights to emulate real television lighting scenarios. From the outside, the unit makes it appear as if you are inside watching your favorite television program. The unit will randomly flicker, fade, swell, flash, and create the illusion of usual television movements.

Thanks to the energy efficient, long lasting, and super-bright multi-colored LED lighting, this unit simulates the light output of a regular 27 inch television but only uses a fraction of the power. Contributing to its energy efficiency are the built-in light sensor and digital timer. The unit will only turn on when the room is dark (at 0.5 lux) and in the preset specified time interval. Because this unit is palm sized, it can be concealed and placed in the optimum location. Give criminals a reason to leave your residence or business alone with the Smarthome Dummy TV Burglar Deterrent.   Read More

Don’t Fall Victim to Identity Theft – Block RFID Scanners with Scanner Guard

Don’t get scammed! A new form of pickpocket has appeared on the scene, and you don’t even need to be physically touched to lose your valuables. Crooks now can electronically scan your credit and ATM cards, while they are still in your wallet or purse, without you ever knowing about it. At least, not until you get your next statement! Fight back by making it as hard as possible to steal what is rightfully yours. The Scanner Guard Card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smartcards, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) driver’s licenses and any other RFID cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners. The card is composed of a mixture of metals that disrupt the scanner from reading the RFID signals. There are outside and inside coatings of a patent pending metal mixture for the protection of personal information. The coating is not rigid and the card is very flexible like a normal credit card. Read more

Protect Doors or Windows with this Easy-Install Alarm

Don’t let visitors – invited or not – sneak into your home. Protect your home and family with this Entry Alarm with RF Remote by Flipo. The Entry Alarm with RF Remote installs quickly and cleanly without any drilling or wiring. Simply peel and stick the main alarm to any door or window, then peel and stick the accompanying magnet bar to the frame, arm the alarm, and walk away. It’s that simple! Flipo created the Entry Alarm with RF Remote with three frequency channels allowing for multiple alarms to be controlled by a single remote, or multiple alarms to be controlled individually with each remote. The Entry Alarm with RF Remote can be placed virtually anywhere extra security is needed: around the house, in your boat or RV, in a dorm room, or garage. The security possibilities are endless! Requires three AAA batteries (sold separately) for the alarm unit and three LR44 coin cells (included) for the remote. Read more

Protect yourself from attackers with a pocket-size device that’s easy to use

Mace 80368 Warrior OC Pepper Spray Gun
This Mace Pepper Spray Gun fits easily in its holster, ready for instant use when needed. Mace’s OC pepper spray will disable an attacker for up to 45 minutes, giving you ample time to reach safety. Comes with one OC pepper spray cartridge and one practice water spray cartridge.

The OC Pepper Spray is contained in a cartridge that may be replaced when empty.

Upon direct contact with eyes, respiratory system and mucous membranes, the active ingredients in the pepper spray will cause eyes to slam shut, coughing, and an intense burning sensation to the skin. Effects should lessen in approximately 45 minutes.

Strong Irritant. Keep out of reach of children. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Upon exposure, follow the first aid instructions that were included with your pepper spray.

Store your Pepper Spray in cool dry area away from heat, flame or strong light. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not store it in an environment where the temperature may exceed 120° F (50° C) such as an enclosed vehicle. The Pepper Spray cartridge may leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store unit in a cold environment under 32° F (0° C). This may cause depressurization and the loss of effective range.

Pepper spray has a shelf life of 4 years from date of manufacture. Each pepper spray unit is labeled with an expiration date. After this date, the pepper spray cartridge should be disposed of in accordance with the environmental regulations in your area.
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For Those Who Aren’t in Such a Romantic Mood This Valentine’s Day…

Mini Gadgets Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit




  • Test in only 5 minutes
  • Kit contains enough materials for 5 tests
  • Works with any type of material
  • Will not damage material
  • Guaranteed 100% effective




It is not a pleasant thought that perhaps your spouse might be straying, but it is important that you know the truth. Every encounter leaves trace evidence and this kit detects that evidence. Once you know for sure you can take appropriate action. Quick-acting testing procedure gives positive or negative results in only five minutes. Kit comes with sufficient materials to perform five tests. Works on any type or color of clothing without staining or damaging the material in any way.   Read More