Program Your Home Lighting or Appliances to be Automatically Controlled 7 Days a Week

Tork SS720AA 7-Day Programmable 15-Amp In-Wall Digital Timer, Almond



  • Rechargeable Ni-Mh battery back-up retains programming during power outages
  • Fits any standard decora style wall plate (Included)
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Easy-to-read LCD digital display
  • Random timing feature is perfect for security applications
  • Up to the minute programming
  • 7 On/Off settings per day, 49 On/Off settings per week
  • Push-button one hour adjustment for daylight savings


Tork’s SS720 series of digital in-wall timers offer convenience, energy savings and added safety through automatically controlled lighting or appliances. This digital timer is easy to program and offers 24-hour or weekly scheduling. Installation is as simple as swapping this timer with the existing switch you intended to replace. Installing this item is a breeze whether it is being retrofit or used in a new construction. You, the user, have the ability to program 7 On/Off pairs per day, amounting to 49 On/Off settings per week. Each of these settings is capable of being programmed to the minute, allowing you to have a minimum switching interval of 60 seconds. Built into the SS720 is a security timing feature which will automatically switch your lighting at random times. This feature is incredibly useful for automatically controlling lighting while away from the home for extended periods of time. The random timing feature will allow you to create a lived-in look deterring burglars and confusing criminals trying to determine your schedule or casing and staking out your property.

The internal battery back-up is provided by a rechargeable Ni-Mh battery. Since this battery is rechargeable there will never be any need to replace it. You will notice, during power outages, this digital timer will not be able to illuminate the LCD screen. Although the screen is blank during this time, the SS720 does retain all programmed settings for up to 30-days, without line voltage. Capable of handling loads up to 1hp or 15 Amps, this is a great solution for scheduling the operation of outdoor security lighting, interior or path lighting, fans or motors, and all kinds of other appliances. Scheduling your path lighting, indoor or outdoor, will provide your family with the safety of never having to approach or enter a dark home ever again. Use this general purpose digital timer to save energy, save money, and provide greater safety through time effective lighting, without disrupting your homes decor.

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UPB Phase Coupler with RS-323 Serial Interface for Improved Reliability and Advanced Control

Simply Automated UTR 3-Phase Repeater/Coupler with RS-232 Computer Interface



  • 4 LED indicators
  • Repeats UPB signals over 3 Phases
  • RS-232 Computer Interface Module
  • Improves UPB communication
  • PC Configurable



Simply Automated’s UTR 3-Phase Repeater was designed to improve communication in a UPB home lighting system comprised of Transceiver Switches/Dimmers, Receiver Plug-In Modules, and more. This device not only repeats the UPB messages it also bridges your electrical phases allowing the UPB signal to travel along all three separate 120V legs of powerline. The UTR receives the UPB messages sent from a device on one electrical phase and repeats that message over all three electrical phases. This 3-Phase repeater also features a RS-232 serial port. This is used to receive and transmit UPB signals from a host computer or home automation controller. 4 LED indicators are housed in the device to offer a visual display for repeating over each phase and operation of the UTR.

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Control your A/V System and Computer Desktop Applications with a Single Remote!

Product Title (In box)

EZ Commander is a wireless trackball mouse and keypad that is used like a remote control. Just plug the included receiver into the USB port of your desktop or laptop, and start to experience the full control of your multimedia center. It’s as EZ as the touch of a button and without the need to sit in front of your computer.

This all-in-one remote is composed of three parts: Media Control & PC Function keys, trackball mouse and keypad. After you install the included EZ Input software, you’ll be able to control almost any A/V device, and perform standard computer keyboard functions using the Media Control and PC Function keys. Use the mouse to surf the web for information, news or products. The keypad can be used to type words into your working computer applications – enter terms into the search bar, send emails and more…all in the palm of your hand, while relaxing on the couch.

  • Fully-functional wireless mouse and keypad
  • Controls MS Windows desktop applications and your A/V and multimedia devices
  • Multilingual text input keypad
  • Laser pointer works well for business conference and presentations
  • Price: $34.98
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