Maximize Kitchen Drawer Space for 2012

Make sure you are organized and saving space this year. Clutter can fill up every space in our home even the untensil drawer. The Joseph Joseph Salad Spoon maximizes kitchen drawer space with this ingenious salad server set.

The unit’s two separate serving utensils lock neatly together, creating a single element for convenient storage. Simply push the two pieces gently apart to toss and serve salad or keep locked together to use as a single, large serving spoon. Stylish and practical, the set is made from durable plastic, which not only looks great, but is also dishwasher safe.

This product is available in clear, green, pink and grey.

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Clean Every Crack and Crevice with This Automated Brush

Crowley Jones BBDB Brite Brush LED Flashlight and Detail Brush




  • Portable and compact unit is able to maneuver into tight spaces
  • LED light helps to see into tiny areas with minimal illumination
  • Bristles can be used to brush dirt and then retract for protection while not in use
  • Bendable crevice tool can pick out and clean debris in narrow areas


Getting the job done right means having the right tool for the job. The Brite Brush LED Flashlight and Detail Brush is a small, lightweight tool that is perfect cleaning dirt and dust out of tiny hard to access areas such as dashboards, electronics and keyboards. While in use, brush bristles extended and can by used to clean away particles in thin crevices; when not in use, the bristles retract into the tool for protection. A crevice tool can be used to clean out the smallest of spaces with ease and care. Additionally, a built-in ultra bright LED light will allow you to see into the dark corners, making any detailing task easier. Take this tool with you anywhere to clean buttons, knobs and anything else with showroom quality precision. This product is powered by one LR1130 / 1.5V battery, included.

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