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Speakal iKurv-BLK-01 iPhone and iPod Stereo Docking Station

Looking for a great addition for your iPhone? This iKurv from Speakal is perfect for a music lover and goes great with most Apple products such as iPhones and iPods. Big things really do come in small packages! Music has never sounded better. With a built-in digital amplifier it provides clean, crisp audio at high volumes throughout any room of your house or even at the office, while the integrated bass port provides an increase in low frequencies from the two inch speakers. Finally, you can enjoy your music and not worry about the iKurv killing your battery! It actually charges your phone at the same time, so you can use the stereo docking station to rock out to your favorite jams on Pandora or your personal playlists and use it to charge up your phone so the music never stops!

Simply convenient, with an eye-catching color and very well priced. The Speakal iKurv-BLK-01 iPhone and iPod Stereo Docking Station is an extremely great value for the performance and quality. The iKurv delivers 20 watts of crisp-clear-cut sound, and it comes with a remote commander that controls the speaker’s functions and helps you browse your iPhone or iPod’s menu. The accent light of the iKurv can also be changed to any of its 3 brightness levels using the remote. The iKurv even has a video pass through feature that will output video from your iPhone or iPod to a monitor via its RCA video output. The provided iPhone and iPod adapters allow you to dock older and newer iPhone and iPod variants allowing the iKurv to remain flexible regardless of what generation device you use. The iKurv is the solution for space saving with a decretive touch that uniquely blends in well with your home of office style.

• Compatible with multiple variants of the iPhone and iPod
• Built-in digital amplifier provides crystal clear audio at high volumes
• Wireless remote control allows you to be the DJ from a distance
• Charges your device while docked so the music never stops
• Adjustable ambient lighting provides mood and atmosphere during listening sessions
What’s Included
• 1x – iKurv-BLK-01 iPhone and iPod Stereo Docking Station
• 1x – Remote Control
• 1x – 3.5mm Stereo Line-in Cable
• 7x – iPod/iPhone Dock Adapters
• 1x – AC/DC Power Adapter
• 1x – User Manual

Price: Normally $79.99
Hot Deal $77.76



Feature Rich In-Ear Headphones With Real Wood from ThinkSound

Product Title (In box)

Personal audio has become a major part of our lives these days and because of this, headphones and mainly in-ears, have really made their presence known. With that being said, take a look at these fresh new in-ears from ThinkSound. Unique is one word you can use when describing the ts02 Wooden Headphones; Warm, mellow, non-fatiguing, accurate, and “worth it” are just a few other phrases that come to mind when describing the overall awesome these headphones bring to the market and your ears. Featuring 8mm in-ear high definition drivers and a PVC-Free, tangle resistant cable, these babies promise to deliver a blissful audio experience. One major thing to take note here is that the driver’s housing is not plastic, but actual wood. This brings natural resonance and warmth to your music, something that metal and plastic can’t fully emulate. The array of included foam tips help to assure a snug and comfy fit for your ear canals while also providing isolation, to help keep noise from polluting your music.

More essential info for your listening enjoyment:

Many of today’s speakers and headphones are manufactured from hard plastics and while most of them are engineered to sound great you still can’t match the resonating qualities of real wood. Most speaker and headphone manufacturers favor wood because it radiates a rich and warm sound, a sound that cannot be replicated by the use of plastics or synthetics. The ts02 features PVC-Free cables and a hand-crafted, sustainable wood housing for more accurate sound reproduction. These eco-friendly ear buds have an incredibly warm and rich sound quality that can take your music that you enjoy while on the go to the next level. Read More

  • Hand-crafted wooden housing for crisp, accurate music reproduction
  • Comes with four sized flexible silicon ear inserts for a secure fit
  • 8mm high-definition drivers
  • PVC-Free, tangle resistant cable

Take a Vacation from Watering your Potted Plants

Get the Claber 8053 Oasis Self Watering System. This is a one of a kind solution to the problem of watering up to 20 houseplants. If you are away from home for long or short periods of time you need an automated watering system. And if you are always home but just don’t want to hassle with daily watering this is the solution for you. This unit is completely independent and safe. No need to connect to a power outlet or waterline. Equipped with an electronic timer and bi-stable solenoid valve, the Oasis® guarantees calibrated water delivery to your plants for the entire program. Just fill the Oasis with water and select one of the 4 independent watering programs: 10, 20, 30 or 40 days. The Oasis runs on just one 9v battery and can last far beyond the 40 day cycle if refilled with water. Normally the Oasis Self Watering System retails for $89.98, to help you get organized for the new year we have lowered our price to $58.53. Go to today to take advantage of this great offer before it’s too late.

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No More Dropped or Lost Items Between your Seats when Driving

The AirFlow Technology 1000-0108 Seat Barricade is the best solution on the market for preventing items from falling between your seat and center console while driving. No longer will you struggle with reaching down for lost money, cell phones, wallets or pens. When these items fall it is dangerous to retrieve them.  Never worry or reach again with the Seat Barricade. Available in Tan and Black; the Seat Barricade fits most cars, vans, trucks, and SUV’s. Installation is a breeze just place the strap over the seatbelt receptacle and you are ready to roll. Included in the box are 2 Barricades so the driver and passenger receive equal protection. The cushion is poly-filled and constructed out of vinyl to ensure a no-hassle cleaning.

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Tired of Loosing Functionality of your iPhone and Applications After Connecting to your Car’s Stereo?

Look no further your solution is here, The OCar Audio Head Unit from Oxygen Audio is now in stock!  Upgrade your old car stereo system and start to enjoying your driving experience today!

Messy wires, lost functionality and unreliable charging will be a thing of the past once you upgrade your car’s stereo to the new OCar Audio Head Unit. Wether your car is new or old there is a good chance your stereo lacks an infotainment system.

This unit is an affordable upgrade to bring your driving experience up to date with the latest technology available on the market. It is easy to install and functions flawlessly with your iPhone and iPod.

 The OCar gives you the ability to:

  •  Connect an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S to your car’s infotainment system.
  • Run any iPhone Application while driving.
  • Transform your iPhone into the display of your car’s stereo.
  • Make handsfree phonecalls with your car.
  • Rotate your iPhone 360° and swivel 15° to allow you to set it to just the right angle.

All of these great features are packed into one well designed and priced package from Oxygen Audio. Normally $299.95, we lowered our price to $258.97 for this unique product release.

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Charge Your Cell Phone While You Hike. Keeps Portable Electronic Devices Powered While You Are Mobile

Eclipse Solar Gear BP640925 Solar Backpack - Camo

Using the power of the sun, this backpack keeps your cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, PDA, or other portable electronic devices charged. Its built-in solar panels and a 12V DC socket provide power while you are on the go. Use it for navigation devices or walkie-talkies while hiking, e-readers and tablets while commuting, or music players while you are lying out on the beach. With contoured and padded straps, roomy compartments, and lots of pockets to fit all your gear, this backpack is comfortable and functional for everyday use.

Devices connect to the backpack with a standard 12V power adapter (sold separately), like one you would use in your car. The socket is located in the front compartment, giving you easy access to the charging devices at all times. Pockets are sewn into the compartment to keep all your devices and accessories organized and handy at a moment’s notice. Openings at the bottom of the pockets allow you to route the cable to charge the device and keep it extra secure while you are trekking around. Providing up to 4 Watts of power, the backpack’s solar panels keep you up and running no matter where life takes you.

  • Integrated solar panel provides up to 4 Watts of power from a single 12V charging outlet
  • Fits laptops up to 15 inches
  • Padded and contoured back panel, waist strap, and shoulder straps
  • Extra pockets for accessories, water bottles, and other small items
  • Constructed from recycled materials
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