A Cover Camera in a Faux-Plant

Faux-Plant with built-in SleuthGear Covert Camera

  • Covert camera built-in to fake plant
  • Compatible with Zone Shield QUAD receiver
  • Wireless transmission up to 700 feet

Do you think your coworkers are stealing your pens, notepads or other personal equipment? Or perhaps find that personal belongings around your house go missing? Well, Zone Shield has a covert mission for you. With the Faux-Plant with built-in SleuthGear Covert Camera, you can discover how your personal belongings disappear or why other mysteries keep happening. It is compatible with the Zone Shield Quad receiver, and it can wirelessly transmit up to 700 feet. The picture quality is 007 approved at 640×480. This is one hidden camera where nobody will notice what is under surveillance, but, instead, they will believe you’re adding beautiful decor pieces to your home or office. Don’t let the mysterious activity continue…it’s time to catch them! Read More