A Statement Piece for the Patio!

 Good Directions FD-1 Starry Night FireDome Set

  • Hand-hammered dome over a heavy-duty wrought iron stand with an antiquated copper finish
  • Burns wood, charcoal, or kindling
  • Durable to withstand harsh outdoor elements

Can you sense it now? A cold night, comfortable chairs, stars in the sky, and the amazing smell and warmth from a fire pit. An enjoyable, relaxing night like this has become much more pleasurable with the Good Directions FD-1 Starry Night FireDome Set. A copper finish creates an elegant looking fire pit to watch the flames dance inside, while the star cutouts of the spark screen dome cast wonderful shadows. The durable and heavy-duty design to withstand the elements adds confidence that you will have many years of fun with the fire pit. The FireDome is a great focal point that will bring ambience and artistic value to any backyard. Read More

…don’t forget about the enormous amount of compliments the Good Directions FD-1 Starry Night FireDome Set gets you!

Stylish Aluminum Cast, Noise-Isolating, Interlocking Earphones Deliver Crisp Audio

Product Title (In box)

  • Interlocking design for easy storage
  • Noise-isolating
  • Koss Touch Control (KTC) remote and in-line microphone on cord
  • Comes with three different sized silicone cushions for the perfect fit
  • Cast and machined aluminum enclosure

Koss has created the perfect harmony between form and function with the IL200 In-Ear Stereo phones. The engineers of these headphones have created and patented an interlocking design for easy travel and storage without sacrificing richly delivered audio through the performance tuned 9mm drivers. The frame of the new interlocking in-ear headphones is constructed from highly polished aluminum and surrounded by flexible, soft touch material. This innovative material doubles as a soundproofing coat, intended to deaden any unwanted distraction, allowing the listener’s focus to remain on the crystal clear highs and crisp lows.

The IL200 includes the Koss Touch Control (KTC) and microphone technology located on the cord that is specially made for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The KTC allows listeners to enjoy their music to the fullest while shuffling songs, adjusting volume and answering phone calls just with the push of a button.

Renowned for the invention of the original stereo phones, Koss has been pioneering hi-fi headphones since 1958 – three generations of American ingenuity, integrity and incomparable quality. Read More