Wireless Occupancy/Vacancy Energy Saving Lighting Package Significantly Reduces Energy Costs

Lutron MRF2-2S8A-1OW Maestro Wireless Occupancy / Vacancy Energy Saving Package, White
Lutron MRF2-2S8A-1OW Maestro Wireless Occupancy / Vacancy Energy Saving Package, White


  • Compatible with Pico wireless controls and Radio Powr Savr sensors
  • LED’s act as locator night light
  • Maestro Wireless devices maintain their memory even after power outages
  • Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology provides reliable communication
  • Occupancy / Vacancy sensor automatically turns light off when no one is in the room and on when they enter
  • Adjustable countdown and sensitivity settings
  • Sensor’s battery has a ten year life expectancy

Conserve energy and rest assured the lights will not be left on accidentally with this Wireless Occupancy/Vacancy Energy Saving Package! Lutron’s Maestro Wireless Vacancy Energy Saving Package includes everything needed to replace your existing lighting controls with Lutron’s energy-saving, wireless, automated controls. These devices work with the existing wiring in your business or home and require no special tools for installation. It only takes minutes to install each item allowing you to begin saving on wasted energy and money as soon as these devices are programmed. This kit is perfect for automating home lighting in areas such as bathrooms, garages, home offices, kitchens, basements or any other location lights are commonly left in the “On” position. The sensor included in this kit will control both the On and Off functions for the programmed light or appliance. This package is a great starter kit for anyone just beginning to convert their your home into a green residence, or for those already living green and just needing to expand the system they currently use. This package is compatible with the Lutron Maestro Wireless product line and Pico Wireless controls. Each item included in this package is offered separately for expanding your home or office lighting automation.

The Lutron Radio Powr Savr Wireless RF Ceiling Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor is a battery-powered passive infrared (PIR) detector that will automatically control the provided Maestro Wireless 8-Amp, Switch. The Radio Powr Savr Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor detects the heat from people moving within an area to determine when the space is occupied. The sensor then wirelessly transmits the appropriate commands to an associated Maestro Wireless device (or devices) to turn on or off automatically. Up to 3 sensors can be added with each RF dimming or switching device for extended coverage. Each sensor may be added to up to 10 compatible RF dimming and switching devices for spaces with multiple zones of lighting. Add more Maestro wireless devies to your installation at anytime for more advanced automation and home control. Lutron sensors and in-wall switches combine both convenience and exceptional energy savings along with ease of installation. Please follow the highlighted links under “What’s Included” for a full description of each product. Get it on sale now for $278.97, normally $469.99! Read More

Lutron CM-FQ1 Maestro Fan Canopy Module, White

Lutron CM-FQ1 Maestro Fan Canopy Module, White

Say goodbye to inconvenient fan pull chains! Use the Lutron CM-FQ1 Maestro Fan Canopy Module when you want to control more than one fan with a Lutron’s Maestro 300 Watt Dual Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch or 300 Watt Dual IR Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch. In multi-fan applications you will need to purchase one fan canopy module for each additional fan, up to four fans total. Do not use this application with exhaust fans.

  • For use with Lutron Maestro Fan Speed Control switches (models MA-LFQM-xx and MIR-LFQMT-xx)
  • Control multiple fans from one Lutron Maestro Fan Speed Control switch
  • Use up to three fan-mounted canopy modules for up to four fans total
  • Installs above the fan
  • 1.0A maximum load per fan
  • Only one ceiling canopy module per fan
  • Power failure memory – remembers your settings even after a power interruption
  • Price: $33.85
  • Read more

    Smarthome™ Expands Its Energy Saving Product Offering with Lutron® Light and Fan Controls

    Irvine, CA – August 16, 2010 – Smarthome™ announced today that it has expanded its offering of appliance and lighting controls by launching over 100 products from light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics, Co., Inc.

    The Lutron product offering includes the Maestro® eco-minder™ dimmer and eco-timer™ light and fan control, plus the Maestro Wireless® system with Radio PowrSavr™ wireless occupancy sensor.

    The Maestro line of products includes several innovative light and fan control options that not only offer convenience, but also save energy.

    The Maestro eco-minder dimmer features an LED that changes from red to green when at least 15% energy is being saved. The Maestro eco-timer saves energy by automatically turning the fan or lights off after a set period of time.

    Maestro Wireless offers impressive lighting control functionality and convenience that will fit almost any commercial or residential application. Radio PowrSavr wireless sensors give the system even greater flexibility, plus the added benefit of improved energy savings. The Maestro Wireless system is incredibly easy to install and operate, allowing customers to control light levels with any combination of up to 10 dimmers, switches, sensors and wireless controls – all with the touch of a button.

    “We are certainly excited to partner with Lutron and offer our customers yet another fantastic product base,” said Mike Scharnagl, Director of Marketing at Smarthome. “The addition of Lutron products continues our commitment to our customers as a one-stop source for all their home automation, lighting and appliance control needs.”

    “Lutron is delighted to be entering into a relationship with Smarthome,” said Michael Maholick, marketing director at Lutron Electronics. “Our energy-saving, easy to install dimmers and fan controls are a great complement to their existing product line.”

    Lutron products can be found online at Smarthome.com/lutron