Never Misplace Your Keys & Valuables Again with a Bluetooth Item Locator!

Scosche Industries BLEPROX foundIT Bluetooth Item Locator
Scosche Industries BLEPROX foundIT Bluetooth Item Locator
  • Compatible with iOS 5.1 and later BTLE Smart Phones
  • iOS device pairs with up to 6 foundIT smart tags
  • Tags transmit real-time signals to your phone from up to 100 feet away
  • Two-way tracking and GPS locator technology between your tags and phone
  • Ringing alerts notify you when tagged devices are leaving the Bluetooth range

Never lose your keys again with the foundIT Bluetooth Item Locator! Once the locator is paired with a Bluetooth device, you will be notified by an audible ringing alert if your iOS device and tagged items are leaving the 100 foot Bluetooth range, and you will receive a GPS map location of the last known location of the item. Your day is always filled with activity and it’s incredibly easy to misplace or lose your important valuables that help you get through the day which becomes one of modern day’s most stressful moments. A lot of time and stress is taken to look for these small, inconspicuous items, but the BLEPROX foundIT Bluetooth Item Locator key fob eases the frustration and worry. The small and lightweight electronic key fob pairs to any iOS-Bluetooth device (5.1 and later) via the free downloadable foundIT application (see links below), and is attached to an item you do not want to misplace or lose. If you tend to misplace multiple items, six foundIT locator tags can be paired to one iOS device so you can keep track of everything from one place. You can even customize the locator’s settings via the application by personalizing tagged item’s names to match the items they’re attached to, individual alert sounds for each item, and monitoring the locator’s battery life.

In addition, audible ringing alerts warn you if your iOS device and tagged items are leaving the 100 foot Bluetooth range, and a GPS map location will be sent to your phone indicating the last known location of the item. This convenient and high quality finder helps you find the right item every time and helps you stay more organized and prepared because the use of Bluetooth communication makes it easier to find your missing valuables or smartphone so you won’t have to depend on Wi-Fi or phone signals for foundIT locators to communicate with each other. Read More

Never Risk Losing Valuables Again with a Lost and Found QR Tag Electronics Kit

Finder Codes FC-ASM-E101/002 Lost and Found QR Tag Electronics Kit

  • QR code tags attach to the electronic items you’d hate to lose
  • Alerts owner if finder scans QR code
  • Receive GPS location of where object was found
  • Add contact information to web portal so finder can contact owner
  • 7 QR tags included
  • Free downloadable app for iOS and Android devices

You can rest easier knowing that you’ve tagged all of your valuables with a Lost and Found QR Tag. Simply register and attach a QR code tag to all of your important items. Once found, the finder will be able to scan the code and return your item to you with your registered information. You can even offer a reward for returned items! Now, thanks to the Lost and Found QR Tag Electronics Kit from FinderCodes these valuable items, if lost, can be found and returned to their owner’s by good Samaritans who happen across them. The QR Tag Electronics Kit comes with seven QR tags that can be attached to your various electronics such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop, digital camera, etc…Once a tag has been added to your item you can register it into your personal FinderCodes database (via online portal or app) and add such things as your contact information and even a reward to further entice a stranger to return your item to you; the amount of contact details provided is up to you. After the tag has been enrolled, if it’s ever lost and then subsequently found, all that the finder will need to do is scan the QR code to retrieve the contact information you have provided along with seeing the reward for returning if you have provided one. Identities are protected via two-way anonymous text and email messages. Another feature with the QR Tag is that once a finder has scanned the code you will be alerted via email and text message that your item has been found and will be provided with the GPS map location of where it was found. Read More