Manually Dim your Calrad LED Lighting Strips

Calrad 92-342 12V Inline LED Dimmer Switch for Calrad 2-Wire and 4-Wire LED Light Strips, WhiteThe Calrad 92-342 12V Inline LED Dimmer Switch allows you to dim the Calrad 92-300 Series of LED lighting products! Simply plug this attractive and easy-to-use LED dimmer switch into a 12V adapter at one end and your lighting source at the other. A Female 2.1mm Coax Barrel Connector to Screw Terminal Adapter is included, allowing you to turn the barrel connection output of the controller into screw terminals, ideal for hardwiring directly to your lights. Whether it is accent lighting or cabinet lighting, this controller can be used as an on/off switch or as dimmer, which is achieved with a smooth turn of the rotary dial on the sturdy white plastic housing. This switch features full on and off capabilities, along with everything in between, making it a flexible and useful accessory.
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Full Range of Z-Wave Controller Functionalities in a Wireless, Handheld Remote

Aeon Labs DSA03202W-ZWUS Z-Wave Minimote - WhiteThis easy-to-use Z-Wave remote control combines a simplistic design with advanced features, making programming and controlling your Z-Wave network easier than ever. Four recessed scene buttons on the main face of the remote allow you to conveniently turn scenes on/off and adjust brightness with simple button taps. All communications are done wirelessly over radio frequency (RF), making the remote completely portable. The remote is capable of sending signals up to 100 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoor so you will be able to control your devices from almost anywhere in your home.

Slide the remote apart to reveal four additional buttons for advanced features, such as including/removing devices from the Z-Wave network, fixing the mesh network, becoming a primary or secondary controller, and resetting the remote. With the Minimote, there is no need for external software programs and adapters – everything can be done with this lightweight and compact unit. An internal lithium battery provides months of use on a full charge and is rechargeable with the included USB cable. Read more

Replace a Lost or Damaged Remote for your INSTEON® IRLinc Receiver

IRLinc Credit Card RemoteLost the remote that came with your INSTEON IRLinc Receiver? Don’t worry: the IRLinc Credit Card Remote is the exact replacement. This compact remote offers maximum control over up to 12 devices or scenes, so controlling your house is as quick and easy as changing the TV channel.

Set the Scene
Adding and removing devices from your INSTEON scenes is as straightforward as pressing a button. The IRLinc Credit Card Remote’s Add to Scene/Remove from Scene buttons make for the simplest scene setup process possible. Within minutes, you’ll be activating dramatic room- and house-wide transformations for any scenario.

Get ready for movie night by pressing a button that switches on the DVD player, dims the living room lights and turns up the thermostat. Or create the ideal game-day atmosphere by simultaneously turning on the big screen TV, the surround sound and the ceiling fan. When you’re done, just hit the All Off button to turn everything off. Read more

Take advantage of LED technology and save money on your electric bill

LexLite E26 Medium Base LED Light Bulb, Cool White

The LexLite E26 Medium Base LED Light Bulb not only uses a mere 4.4 Watts of energy when compared to the normal 75 watts that is used by a regular 75 Watt incandescent light bulb, but it offers an equivalent amount of light and lasts up to 50 times longer. Not only is it a high-efficiency bulb, but it has reduced CO2 emissions with a lead free and mercury free design, making the LexLite LED an environmentally friendly lighting solution. The LexLite LED light bulb also has safety in mind as the housing is made of flame retardant plastic. Save up to 90% of the energy your average incandescent bulbs use by replacing them with these ultra-efficient LED light bulbs.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are more directional and concentrated which gives them a much greater advantage when installed in directional lamps or can lights. Because of the directional nature of LED bulbs, the “down light” you’ll get when installed in a traditional desk lamp will typically be less bright than that of an incandescent bulb, while the “up light” will be two to three times brighter than the incandescent.
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Eliminate fumbling for a switch in a dark closet

Functional Devices CLC212 10A Closet Light Controller

  • On/off status is determined by the opening or closing of a variety of switches
  • Excellent for new construction

Functional Devices’ CLC212 makes your life easier by automatically turning on a light when you open your closet or another door. This simple-to-install unit is designed to switch a lighting load (ON/OFF) determined by the opening or closing of a variety of switches (door jam switches, magnetic switches, ball switches, etc). Perfect for new construction, this UL listed unit needs no transformer and connects to the relay using light 18 AWG wire. This 10 Amp device operates on any device from 120 Vac to 277 Vac. Read more

Ultra Small Light Virtually Vanishes From Sight!

Cyron CL2002W 2x20 Cabinet LED Lighting System, Daylight WhiteThe Cyron CL2002W 2×20 Cabinet LED Lighting System is perfect for under kitchen cabinets, lighting display cases, and shelving units. Ultra small size virtually vanishes from sight! Less than 1/4″ thin, Less than 1/2″ wide. Two 20″ lightbars hermetically sealed for extreme water resistance, safe to clean with common household cleaners. Linkable for future system expansions. This 12VDC low voltage system makes installation a simple task. The lightbars are in silver for a perfect match to any application.

  • Perfect For Cabinets, Light Display Cases, and Shelving Units
  • 60 Ultra Bright SMT LEDs Per Lightbar
  • 220 Lumens, Daylight White 6500K
  • 120 Degrees Light Dispersion
  • System Operation: 12VDC5W

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