Motion Activated Switch that Allows You to Control the Connected Light from More Than One Location

Heath/Zenith SL-6117-WH Motion Sensor Timer 3-Way Wall Switch - White




  • Compatible with incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL), fluorescent, LED lighting, and motors up to 1/8 hp
  • Modes include: always off, always on, and motion activated
  • On-time is adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Photocell allows switch to operate based on existing lighting to save energy


Your home’s switches can now be transformed to motion sensing lights. Replace your existing 3-way switches with this PIR sensor and you’ll be able to control your light by simply walking into the room. Having a motion sensor at each end of a hallway or large room makes sure your path is always lit, no matter which direction you are entering from.

When in AUTO mode, the sensor will turn the light on and off based on the detection of motion to ensure lights will only be on while the room is occupied, saving energy. The amount of time the light stays on after it detects motion is adjustable from 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes. A photocell within the switch also evaluates the current amount of light to determine whether or not the lights should be turned on. If it senses that there is an ample amount of existing light in the room, the switch will not turn on the light, even if it detects motion. You can also easily switch to ON or OFF mode if you don’t want to use the switch as a motion detector by sliding the button located on the front of the switch.

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A Festive Holiday Decoration Featured on the Rachael Ray Show!

Sylvania LED Placemat, Set of 2, Burgundy





  • Fiber Optic LED lighting integrated with placemats
  • On/Off Switch inside placemat with simple push button activation of LED lights
  • Battery powered, no wiring required
  • Scotchguard protected



The Sylvania LED Placemat color your indoor world. This dynamic product uses bright, white lights with long lasting, durable LED technology. The lights gently twinkle and capitalize on the novelty and visual appeal of LED décor and accessories. This set of two LED accent pieces from SYLVANIA will illuminate and decorate any family gathering space, from the kitchen to the dining room to the den. They’re fun, bright, and festive, ideal for entertaining, holidays and special occasions. The placemats are powered by long-lasting batteries so no wiring or plugs are needed. Don’t worry about spills as the decorative placemats are treated with Scotchgard brand fabric protector for ease of spot cleaning. Add a creative design and sparkle to your table that is sure to wow family and friends alike. This product requires two CR2016 batteries for operation, included.

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An Easy Way to Remote-Control Any of Your Indoor Lighting or Appliances

Sylvania SA 500 Wireless Indoor Plug-In Remote Control System, 1,000 Watts



  • Remote plug-in receiver features a grounded outlet
  • Channel selection dial allows the control of multiple receivers from one transmitter
  • Radio Frequency (RF) offers wireless communication up to 80 feet away
  • Wirelessly communicates through doors, walls, and windows
  • Eliminates wasteful stand-by power


The Sylvania Wireless RF Remote Control System is an easy-to-use lighting or appliance control package, which includes one hand-held Transmitter, and one 1,000-Watt / 8-Amp plug-in Receiver. Providing users with the convenience of wireless control, this system can be expanded to control multiple plug-in Receivers all from the same hand-held Transmitter. The hand-held Transmitter features 3-channels or On/Off pairs (Sometimes referred to as a scene or a zone).The control of additional plug-in Receivers can be set for independent or simultaneous operation using these 3-channels. Each channel can control one plug-in Receiver or multiple plug-in Receivers. With the channel selection feature you no longer have to search for an item with the same exact Radio Frequency (RF) or wireless protocol; making the pairing process from Transmitter to Receiver easier than ever, allowing you take charge of your automation.

Using the channel selector on the Receiver and Transmitter, you will match the Receiver to whichever of the 3 On/Off pairs on the Transmitter you choose; this On/Off pair (assuming it has been dialed to the same channel as the Receiver) will now wirelessly switch On or Off the lighting or appliance plugged in to the Receiver. Wireless RF signals used for communication can travel through doors, walls, and windows offering flexibility regarding the placement of the Receiver. Choose any indoor outlet or receptacle, within 80-feet from where you intend to use the Transmitter, for reliable control of the Receiver. The included Receiver can control lighting or appliance loads up to 1,000 Watts or 8 Amps. This kit will save you money by eliminating current drawn from wasteful “stand-by” power, while providing the convenience of wireless lighting and appliance control.

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Save Energy by Automating Lights to be Off when an Area is Vaccant

Lutron LRF2-VCR2B-P-WH Radio Powr Savr Wireless RF 360° Ceiling Mount Vacancy Sensor, White

  • Automatically turns lights off when room is unoccupied
  • Ambient light levels detected by the sensor can adjust dimmer intensity levels automatically
  • Accurate daylight harvesting provided by proportional daylight control in Photocell
  • Uses reliable Clear Connect RF technology
  • Lutron XCT technology provides the most reliable motion detection available to date
  • Built in daylight sensor turns off lights when sufficient amounts of natural daylight is available
  • No new wiring required
  • Battery has 10-year life expectancy (CR-123 Lithium battery included)



Lutron’s LRF2-VCR2B-P-WH Radio Pwr Savr Maestro Wireless RF Vacancy Sensor is a battery operated (CR-123 battery included), ceiling mount, Passive Infrared motion detector with built-in photocell used for automatically controlling lighting and appliances. This vacancy sensor will determine whether your Maestro Wireless controlled lighting and/or appliances are needed based on the lack of movement in a room and ambient light levels provided by natural sunlight. Movement is detected by recognizing heat signatures created by people moving across the sensors field of view. This device, when properly programmed, will turn off up to ten Maestro wireless receiving modules when a room is unoccupied for the specified amount of time. Up to three sensors can be programmed to each switch for maximum coverage.

Compatible Lutron wire-in or plug-in, dimmers and relay switches will automatically respond to these wireless, remote sensors via 434MHz Radio Frequency (RF) communication. Information gathered by the photopic sensor is used for transmitted commands, appropriately adjusting lighting levels remotely as daylight increases or decreases. Another common use for this vacancy sensor is to switch On/Off a plug-in (Floor) fans or portable cooling units. As heat from the sun’s light becomes more or less intense throughout the day, your needs to circulate or cool the indoor air will change. Controlling Lights and devices like plug-in fans can and will save money by reducing the amount of wasted energy in your home. Convenience, increased quality of life, energy savings, and simple installation make this Maestro Wireless RF controller a great addition to your Lutron automated lighting and appliance control system.

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Control any Maestro Wireless RF Device with this Elegant, Compact Remote Control

Lutron MRF2-2BRL-L-LA Pico Wireless 2-Button Controller, with Raise/Lower - Light Almond


  • Provides wireless remote control for Lutron Maestro Wireless RF devices
  • Can provide control for up to ten dimmers, switches, and lamp dimmers within a 30 foot range
  • Raise and lower lighting levels or recall a favorite lighting level
  • Use as a portable handheld remote or mount it on the wall for use as a keypad
  • Battery-operated – requires no external power or communication wiring
  • Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology provides reliable communication


The Lutron Maestro Wireless RF Pico Controller is a simple to use portable remote that allows you to control Lutron Maestro Wireless RF dimmers, switches, and lamp dimmers. The Pico Controller can be used in a variety of ways. Raise and lower light levels, program the on/off buttons to control one switch or a group of switches, and use the Preset button to do the same. It can function as a tabletop control on a white pedestal or black pedestal (sold separately), a lightweight handheld remote, a control clipped to a car visor, or a wall-mounted control with or without a Lutron Claro faceplate (sold separately) to mimic a traditional keypad…with no wiring! This remote control and other devices on the Maestro Wireless systems are incredibly easy to install and operate, allowing you to control lighting levels with any combination of up to 10 dimmers, companion dimmers, switches, companion switches, sensor, and wireless controls. This device is powered by a CR2032 3V battery and requires no external power or communication wiring.

Using Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect RF Technology, you’ll have reliable wireless communication every time. Wireless lighting control allows you to build custom solutions for any room or space in a home, all with the touch of a button. The Maestro Wireless family of products offers you more value, convenience, flexibility, and energy-savings for your money.

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All Inclusive LED Light Kit Easily Provides Energy Efficient Lighting Where Standard Bulbs Can’t

Diode LED DI-0187 Fluid View 16 Foot LED Strip Light Kit, Warm White




  • Energy efficient low voltage LED’s
  • Cut-able light strip to fit any application
  • Self-contained, all-inclusive kit installs in minutes
  • Change locations of installation with ease
  • On/Off in-line switching
  • No special tools required


This all-inclusive LED strip light kit, from Diode LED, is everything you will need to add beautiful and convenient LED lighting to anywhere in your home. Requiring no special tools, these self-contained kits can be installed in minutes. Pre-Soldered lead wires are provided on each strip spool for an easy connection to the DC wire plug. the DC wire plug will attach to the On/Off in-line switch, which has a direct connection to the 12V adapter. This kit is configured so that the user can change out one component of the kit or change the location without any trouble.

Strip lighting is a great solution for lighting areas that can not fit a standard sized light bulb. The strip itself is less than 1/4 inch high, 1/4 inch wide, and has a selectable length of up to 16 feet. This strip light can be cut to fit the user’s specific lighting needs, before or during their project. Although the Fluid View strip light is dimmable, this kit includes an On/Off in-line switch for controlling the 12 volt eco-friendly LED lights. Only 1.44 Watts of electricity, per foot, is used for power the LED’s. An entire light spool kit consumes less energy than one 40 Watt incandescent light bulb. Quickly and easily mount this strip light, using the 3M self-adhesive backing, to any smooth and dry surface. This energy efficient kit will consume less power than most equivalent light sources, saving money while improving the appearance of your home.

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This is an Essential Piece for Your Family’s Emergency Kit!

You’ll never be without light with this safety lamp. A built-in rechargeable NiMH battery holds enough power to light the LED for up to 10 hours. When the power starts to wane, use the crank generator to restore the charge. Perfect for camping, road trips, and other activities that might require an emergency source of light, this lamp gives you the ability to keep it constantly powered without electricity or batteries. It even features a USB port you can charge electronic devices. A cell phone can receive up to 10 hours of talk time when plugged into this safety lamp. Motion sensing and photocell technology help preserve battery life by keeping the lamp powered off until needed.

Sentina LED-98 Outback Smart Safety Lamp



  • Power crank for constant power
  • Provides up to 10 hours of light on a full charge
  • Motion sensing technology can turn light on when movement is detected
  • Photoelectric cell makes sure light functions after dusk and before dawn
  • Charges cell phones and other electronic devices via USB port


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