Custom Labeled Wall Plate Takes the Guess Work out of Turning on the Right Light Switch

Cooper Wiring Device 9523WS Custom Etched Decorator-Style Wall Plate Triple-Gang - White
Cooper Wiring Device 9523WS Custom Etched Decorator-Style Wall Plate Triple-Gang – White
  • Custom etching helps to easily identify which switch control which light, appliance or scene
  • Attractive, textured wall plate features clean, screwless mounting with uninterrupted lines
  • Designed to complement INSTEON and other Decorator-style switches

Take the guess work out of flipping switches in your home or office. This Custom Etched Decorator-Style Wall Plate allows you to elegantly label each switch right onto the wall plate!

Take Your Switches to the Next Level with Custom Etched Wall Plates
Custom etching allows you to personalize your wall plates for whichever application you choose and makes it easy to quickly see what each switch controls. It’s perfect for guests in your home: now they can easily identify which switch controls which light or appliance, no more guessing. This can be especially handy if you are using INSTEON switches to fill your entire home with personalized mood lighting; the custom etched trim plate will let you to uniquely identify scenes throughout your home such as: Dinner, Movie Time, Romance, Bed Time, etc. This 3-gang screwless wall plate is the perfect upgrade if you already have INSTEON switches in your home; if you don’t, SwitchLinc Dimmer – INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer is available separately.

Attractive, Modern Design
Sleek, smooth and seamless, screwless wall plates appear to float freely on the surface of the wall, framing every device beautifully. Single-gang through six-gang wall plates offer ample provision for the most complex lighting or premise wiring requirements, and these mid-size wall plates come in handy when additional wall coverage is required. With clearly marked top edges, mounting plates are easy to orient and attach. Screwless wall plates clip smoothly into place with gentle pressure leaving only a clean, uncluttered appearance that will add to the appearance of your home. Read More

Programmable Switch Helps with Energy Efficiency and Convenience

Honeywell RPLS530A1038/U 7-Day Programmable Light Switch

Honeywell RPLS530A1038/U 7-Day Programmable Light Switch - White

Wiring your lights through a timer switch like the Honeywell RPLS730B1000/U can help save you money while adding a level of convenience and safety to your home. This switch features 7 individual on/off sequences, so you can have a different setting for every day of the week. Excellent for having your lights on when you get home from work or giving the appearance that you’re home while away on vacation, this switch is flexible and simple to program. This switch will control incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting.

  • Lets you program on/off times for lights
  • Seven on/off sequences so you can program times for every day of the week
  • Hidden programming buttons for a clean appearance
  • Works with incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting

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Add Light Switch Control to Any Socket Fixture Without New Wiring

Heath/Zenith BL-6138-LA Switch and Socket, Light Almond

The BL-6138-LA Switch and Socket gives you to ability to add wall switch control to any lamp, without adding new wiring. Simply screw the socket into the desired lamp. Then, mount the transmitter in the desired location. The transmitter sends commands through radio frequency (RF), so you won’t have to worry about unsightly and complicated wiring. And you’ll easily be able to control the light when you walk in and out of the room, rather than stumbling through to get to the lamp.

  • Controls On and Off of socket fixtures
  • Up to 100 ft transmission range
  • Controls 150 W incandescent and fluorescent lighting
  • Wireless wall switch is battery operated
  • Price: $18.98
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