Slim Warm White LED Lamp with Turn-Style Dimming Knob

The Dimmable LED Desk Lamp from Prism is an ideal desk and tabletop companion with its quick dimming ability and space saving design. With a simple twist of the knob at the head of this lamp users can easily dim or brighten the warm white light to always provide the perfect brightness for the setting. The arm of the lamp can pivot vertically in a 135° range while the head can rotate circularly to shine where you need it most. Its slim and classic design allows it to fit seamlessly into any room while taking up minimal space where ever used. This desk lamp is also energy efficient using only 10 watts and will be long lasting as well since it uses next generation LED technology. Read More

Create Stunning Home Accent Lighting Indoors or Outdoors

Calrad 92-300-RD 2-Wire Waterproof LED Light Strip, Red (16-Foot Roll)This red LED waterproof strip lighting from Calrad provides a stunning visual effect. With 60 LED’s per meter, you will enjoy clear, bright blue lighting inside or outside your home. The 2-Wire Waterproof LED Lighting strips are also available in White and Blue; or for even greater flexibility, an RGB 4-Wire Color Changing lighting strip is available. The strips are ideal for home theaters, entertainment systems, rack lighting, water fountains, pools, spas, landscaping and other outdoor accent lighting. Not to mention downlighting, uplighting, lighting art, under cabinet lighting, crown molding, limousines, RV’s, boats and cars. The flexible silicon PCB construction can be bent to a maximum radius of 2cm and can even be cut between every 3 LEDs to create the perfect size and length for your application. The strip lighting emits little or no heat, and features a solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant design that is built to last. This LED light strip requires a 12V DC, 1.5A power supply, sold separately.
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Take advantage of LED technology and save money on your electric bill

LexLite E26 Medium Base LED Light Bulb, Cool White

The LexLite E26 Medium Base LED Light Bulb not only uses a mere 4.4 Watts of energy when compared to the normal 75 watts that is used by a regular 75 Watt incandescent light bulb, but it offers an equivalent amount of light and lasts up to 50 times longer. Not only is it a high-efficiency bulb, but it has reduced CO2 emissions with a lead free and mercury free design, making the LexLite LED an environmentally friendly lighting solution. The LexLite LED light bulb also has safety in mind as the housing is made of flame retardant plastic. Save up to 90% of the energy your average incandescent bulbs use by replacing them with these ultra-efficient LED light bulbs.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are more directional and concentrated which gives them a much greater advantage when installed in directional lamps or can lights. Because of the directional nature of LED bulbs, the “down light” you’ll get when installed in a traditional desk lamp will typically be less bright than that of an incandescent bulb, while the “up light” will be two to three times brighter than the incandescent.
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Ultra Small Light Virtually Vanishes From Sight!

Cyron CL2002W 2x20 Cabinet LED Lighting System, Daylight WhiteThe Cyron CL2002W 2×20 Cabinet LED Lighting System is perfect for under kitchen cabinets, lighting display cases, and shelving units. Ultra small size virtually vanishes from sight! Less than 1/4″ thin, Less than 1/2″ wide. Two 20″ lightbars hermetically sealed for extreme water resistance, safe to clean with common household cleaners. Linkable for future system expansions. This 12VDC low voltage system makes installation a simple task. The lightbars are in silver for a perfect match to any application.

  • Perfect For Cabinets, Light Display Cases, and Shelving Units
  • 60 Ultra Bright SMT LEDs Per Lightbar
  • 220 Lumens, Daylight White 6500K
  • 120 Degrees Light Dispersion
  • System Operation: 12VDC5W

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Ignite Your Child’s Imagination with this 3 Function in 1 Night Light

Sylvania 72491 PALPODzzz Bee/Bear LED Nightlight and Flashlight




  • Nightlight with automatic on/off photo sensor
  • Rechargeable flashlight
  • Emergency backup light during power outage
  • Functional and decorative
  • Cool to the touch LED light


Many kids are afraid of the dark, but the Sylvania 72491 PALPODzzz LED Nightlight and Flashlight Light provide peace of mind to children and ease those fears. This nightlight is in the shape of a honeycomb with a bee and a bear on it and it has a built-in photo sensor that triggers the product to glow in the dark. The bee/bear turns into a portable flashlight with a bright LED that automatically lights up when it is removed from the charging station. It will also turn on if there is a power outage and it can be turned on and off at the press of a button. The nightlight will stay lit up to 5 hours on a single charge to help the little ones through the night. The safe, non-contact charger design has no exposed electrical contacts. This night light is ideal for use in a child’s bedroom, bathrooms and nursery.   Read More

Flexible and Customizable LED Strip Lighting

SECO-LARM SL-S212-BAQ 12 Inch Ultrabright Self-Adhesive LED Strip, BlueThe Seco-Larm SL-S212 series of ENFORCER Flexible LED Strips provides energy efficient illumination in a flexible package, perfect for a wide variety of indoor lighting applications. The lightweight Flexible LED Strips can be placed anywhere, trimmed to length and output only minimal heat. Each 12 inch strip includes 12 LEDs. For custom installations the LED Strip can be cut to length every 3 LEDs using wire cutters, tin snips or strong scissors for the perfect fit.


  • Flexible LED Strip easily installs anywhere
  • Can be cut every 3 LEDs
  • Energy efficient – only 2.4W
  • Gold-plated connector for reliability
  • Connect up to 30 strips in series
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy installation
  • Wide 120° beam spread
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Three brightness levels
  • Each unit comes with one LED Strip and one 4-pin LED Adapter

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Motion Activated LED Light Doubles as an Emergency Flashlight During Power Outages

Coleman Cable 2008 Motion Activated LED Closet / Utility Light

  • 6 super-bright LED’s
  • Motion sensor allows walk-by activation
  • Auto-Off feature turns light off 30 seconds after activation
  • Simply slide out of the wall bracket for use as an emergency flashlight
  • No wiring required for installation
  • Battery operated utility light (3x – AAA batteries sold separately)

Coleman Cable is offering an amazingly useful, new battery-operated closet / utility light, perfect for any indoor location where you find yourself constantly wishing you had more light. Bathrooms, closets, hallways, and garages are all examples of areas around the home where extra or utility lighting can be incredibly useful. This LED light uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor for automatically activating the 8 super-bright LED’s, housed behind the protective lens. Sliding this light out of the wall bracket used for mounting the unit, will allow you to have an emergency flashlight when ever needed. The Coleman Cable LED closet / utility light will provide you and your family extra safety around the home by automatically illuminating areas that are too dark, and providing a form of emergency lighting in the event of a power outage. This item is battery powered and requires no wiring for installation. AAA batteries are sold separately. Read More