Add Some Color and Style to Your Home or Garden

MathMos ANI0032 Aduki ni Rechargeable Indoor/Outdoor Color Changing Lights, Red - Green

  • Amazing color-changing LED mood light for indoor or outdoors
  • Appears metallic silver when switched off
  • Stunning, vibrant colors fade slowly from red to green and back
  • Rechargeable, lasts 6 to 8 hours per charge

From the people who brought you the original Lava Lamp comes the amazing Aduki ni color changing light. The MathMos Aduki ni is solid, striking and incredibly stylish piece of artwork with a liquid metallic chrome finish while turned off. Turn aduki ni on and it comes alive changing through a spectrum of colors. Activated by a small button on its underside, the Aduki ni slowly phases through an array of gorgeous, vibrant colors. You can even pause on your favorite color by pressing the button once, then clicking it again when you’re ready to recommence color phasing. Aduki ni is rechargeable lasting 6-8 hours without a lead. It is designed as an outdoor/indoor product and is splash proof, ideal for use in the garden in the summer or anywhere a stylish mood light is required.

The MathMos Aduki ni with Red and Green changing colors is also available in two other stunning color ranges, Blue and Green or Blue and Red, each sold separately.

It’s Never Too Early for Christmas Cheer

Homebrite 61358 LED Light Strand Tree, Green - 4ft

Add to your home’s holiday décor with an LED Light Strand Tree from Homebrite. The LED Light Strand Tree stands 4 feet tall with a 16 inch diameter base. It features 81 weather resistant green LED bulbs that will run efficiently and not create a strain on an electric bill as a result. The efficient LED bulbs also run cool to the touch making it safe to leave on for extended periods of time. The LED Light Strand Tree is suitable for use both indoors and out but in the event inclement weather is expected it should be taken down and brought indoors to prevent damage. It is powered by a 120V AC outlet and includes an AC adaptor along with a 33 foot long extension cable for added flexibility to place where desired most either inside or out.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 81 weather resistant LED bulbs
  • Green LEDs
  • 4 feet tall with 16 inch diameter base
  • 33 foot long cable with AC adaptor
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Four Submersible Halogen Lights with Changeable Lenses

Koolatron/Lentek PG-04 Koolscapes Under Water Low Voltage Pond Light Kit


  • Fully submersible for subtle, underwater accents
  • Four interchangeable lenses included for each lamp
  • Base can be pivoted to redirect light
  • Includes step-down transformer


Make your pond the focal point of your outdoor areas with these underwater lights! This lighting unit features four halogen lamps and can be completely submerged to accent various parts of your pond. Each lamp has a pivotal base so you can easily direct the light as needed. Four colored lenses for each lamp allow an extra level of customization for your pond.


Safety Marker Lights for Your Home, Deck, Dock or Pool

Maxsa Innovations 47774 Solar Powered LED Marker Light - Blue (2-Pack)
Protect yourself and your family by using these marker lights to set boundary lines around your driveway, lawn, pool or deck. These beautiful lights are solar powered and can last up to 14 hours on the fast flash setting or 8 hours in the steady-light setting. Their sturdy design ensures that if you run them over with your car, they will continue to work. These energy efficient LED lights only require about six hours to fully charge and can be used as soon as you pull them out of the box and let them charge.

This product also comes in Red, White, Green and Amber, sold separately.

  • Excellent for setting safety boundaries around the pool, dock, driveway or lawn
  • Weather resistant, these lights can withstand significant temperature variations
  • Has adjustable lighting settings to suit your needs