An LED Light That Can Pump Out Wireless Audio

Product Title (In box)

  • LED bulb reduces daily lighting costs by 80%
  • Expandable system allows you to enjoy music in multiple rooms or areas
  • Simple installation and half the cost to typical wired multi-room systems
  • Each LightSpeaker has a range of 150 feet from the location of the LightSpeaker Transmitter
  • Able to add 2 separate sources and control 2 zones with as many as 16 IAV products

The IAV Lightspeaker allows you to enjoy your favorite music throughout your home without the hassle of invasive audio/video remodels or pulling extensive speaker wire throughout your home. This single LightSpeaker is an add on for the LightSpeaker System. Each system is expandable to work with up to 16 separate LightSpeakers. The fully dimmable bulb is rated for 40,000 hours (approximately 15 years) of use with an integrated high-performance, 20 watt, low-distortion digital amplifier to deliver high quality, energy efficient sound. The wide dispersion driver uses digital signal processing to optimize high and low frequency output for a full spectrum of sound. This bulb will not only provide quality audio throughout your home, it will reduce your daily lighting expenses by 80% and replace most of the 65 watt bulbs used throughout your home.

If your home has Edison sockets (which are the standard base for most light bulbs), you can add brilliant light and wireless sound to any room in your home. With the IAV LightSpeaker system, you’ll discover the easiest, most unique and cost effective solution for distributed audio on the market. Just by switching from incandescent to high-efficient LED bulbs utilized in each unit, the system will easily pay for itself in five years. If you decide to move to another home, no problem, simply unscrew each bulb and take it with you.

For a full audio experience, consider adding the LightSpeaker Subwoofer to enrich the audio with a true bass sound. If you want to take your music outside with you, the Wireless AudioRock is the perfect solution to discreet exterior audio. Read More

Make Sure You Stay Visible to Others While Camping this Summer

Neklight 793233 Neklight Wearable LED Flashlight - Blue

Summertime means more time outdoors and for many it means camping trips! Being one with nature is quite relaxing, but it could be a little dangerous. The best part is getting away from city lights, but it can also make it hard for others to see you. With a NekLight you can make sure that you can be seen from great distances. This NekLight has a string so that you can wear it around your neck and it is so lightweight that you barely realize that you’re even wearing one. It is also rugged and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it while out on your camping excursions. The versatile features of this NekLight make it easy for you to reuse it in any situation. Don’t feel like wearing it around your neck? It also has a built in stand, so you can plop it up on your camping table for bright lighting around your campsite.

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