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Get that Green Lawn You’ve Always Wanted

DIG Corp. 9001D Hose End Timer with LCD Display

  • Female hose thread inlet and a male hose thread outlet
  • Simple, six-button programming
  • “Rain off” button
  • 9V battery powered

There are many reasons why we never really get around to watering the lawn. Most of the time, we just wish the lawn was beautiful with little to no hassle. With the DIG Corp. 9001D Hose End Timer with LCD Display, you will be on your way to that low maintenance, beautiful green lawn. At a rating of 4.5 stars by consumers, the Hose End Timer is reliable, a great buy, and energy efficient. One review on our site says, “by far the best water timer I’ve ever used!” As you can see, this quick fix is what will set you apart from your neighbor’s lawn. Read More

DIY: 5 Tips to Organize and Beautify Your Backyard

1. Organize your garden hose:

There is nothing like having a tangled hose when trying to water your large garden or wash down your patio. By using a garden hose organizer you don’t have to lug around the heavy hose or worry about it getting stuck in a knot!

Claber 8894 Gemini Metal Hose Cart with Wheels

2. Install an irrigation system:

Installing an irrigation system is a fantastic way to manage the watering of lawns, gardens, plants and trees. By automating this you can rest assure that your lawn will always be the greenest and your plants will never wilt!

Orbit 58872N SunMate Complete Yard Watering Kit

3. Hide and Protect Unsightly Sprinkler Valves:

Although, using an irrigation system helps make your yard look beautiful and green, it usually leaves you with a group or even multiple groups of unsightly sprinkler valves or valve boxes in your yard. Instead  add some style to your landscape by camouflaging those valves or boxes.Check out all the great covers!

4. Add pathway lighting:
Create a clear walkway through your lawn or garden, and don’t worry it won’t cost you more each month on your electricity bill–and it surely won’t add an extra headache of wiring! Use solar pathway lighting that lights up automatically at night!

Solar Powered Lighted Stepping Stone, Square/Green (6-Pack)

5. Finally, Create a Relaxing Atmosphere:
Now, that you have taken the aesthetic steps to make sure your garden is beautiful and organized, why not add a fountain that will bring the soothing sounds of water to your patio, deck, porch, or garden! Once again, we know you may be thinking that this will only add to your electricity bill, but don’t worry fountains powered by direct sunlight will not only be easy to install but it will also not cost anything to operate.

Smart Solar 22300R01 Solar Frog Fountain, Green

The Perfect Slow Water Sprinkler for your Lawn

Nelson 50202 Pulsating Sprinkler Head on Metal Spike

Nelson 50202 Pulsating Sprinkler Head on Metal Spike (2-Pack)

A well watered and manicured lawn can add curb appeal to your home, increase your property value or simply be the topic of conversation; which is why you should take care of yours with these sprinklers! These wind resistant pulsating sprinklers are affixed on metal spikes that can be planted into the ground. They are portable so that you can move them around your home, and they cover up to 85 feet in diameter. They are low-lying, so they do not create an eye sore for someone looking at your lawn. These sprinklers are best used on clay soils or new lawns that require a steady, slow water supply.

  • Perfect for new lawns
  • Provide a slow, pulsating, circular spray pattern
  • Covers and area up to 85 feet in diameter

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Replacement Sprinkler Riser for Preventing Lawn Geysers

Product Title (In box)

The No More Geyser NMG-43 is a replacement riser pin for the NMG-49 system. Install the NMG-43 directly into the water supply line, with a retaining pin held in place by the sprinkler head. When the sprinkler head moves, the retaining pin moves out of the way, and the water pressure causes the ball to seat in the valve fitting – stopping the flow of water through the riser.

  • Replacement riser pin for the NMG-49
  • Prevents geysers if the sprinkler head breaks off
  • Fully adjustable and installs directly into your existing sprinkler system
  • Price: $3.22
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