Environmentally Hardened Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter

Hobbes Innovation NL50C 10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX Multi-Mode (SC) Media Converter
The Hobbes Innovation NL50C Media Converter is a concrete and affordable answer in response to an increase in fiber optics cabling deployment. Hobbes NL50C is one of the most complete solutions in media conversion. It is a reasonably priced and user friendly media converter that supports easy to read LEDs which indicate Link and Activity status. In addition, the NL50C is the most functional media converter on the market. The RJ-45 port on this unit can auto negotiate 10/100Mbps/duplex mode and auto-MDIX. Better than a regular converter and has switching capability that is able to filter traffic.

  • Supports link-fault-pass-through
  • 768K bits buffer memory
  • 10/100Mbps full/half-duplex, auto-negotiation, auto-MDI/MDIX
  • Full wire speed forwarding rate
  • 12VDC external PSU
  • 0ºC to 45ºC (32ºF to 113ºF) operating temperature range
  • Metal case
  • Supports desktop installation

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Stream Content From Your PC to Your TV Without the Clutter of All the Wires

Addlogix EV-2100 Full Motion Wireless Video AdapterAddlogix’s compact Wireless Display Adapter is compatible with virtually all the available TVs, projectors and video displays in the market. Compatible with wireless computers, the Wireless Display Adapter revolutionizes how videos are viewed.

The adapter connects to the VGA or DVI port in the display and enables a computer to stream video to the display without any cable. Instead of being restricted to the computer screen, digital video can now be enjoyed on the big screen TV. When conducting business presentations, presenters are no longer limited by the cable length from the computer to the projector.

Unlike other products in the market, the InternetVue 2100 from Addlogix allows initial installation to be completed in just seconds. Users simply put the installation CD in the computer CD drive. Upon user confirmation, the software driver will then be installed to the computer through a wizard-guided process. To send video to the unit and the projector, the user simply launches the driver application by double clicking on the driver icon.

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Ergonomic Gaming Mouse is Customizable with a Remarkable Tracking Performance

Mionix 26426 NAOS 5000 - USB Wired 5040 DPI MouseThis prominent gaming mouse is named after the star Naos, a blue super giant and one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. The Naos 5000 from Mionix is a gaming mouse with an incredible ergonomic comfort and stunning technology that offers an outstanding gaming experience. This mouse features a new innovative weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution of the mouse, carefully selected high-end components and leading laser technology. Stunning features such as adjustable lift-distance, 5 onboard profiles, extensive macro settings and customizable LED-lights give you the opportunity to customize the mouse exactly to your liking.

Plug N Play:
Mionix Naos 5000 is completely plug n play. The driver software is only needed when you want to change the settings of the mouse, all settings can be saved into one of the profiles.

Avoid Tracking Loss:
The most important of it all for a player is the quality of the tracking. You can’t afford tracking loss especially when you play fast paced games. That’s why Mionix invented a special tool called S.Q.A.T (Surface Quality Analyzer Tool) that uses the laser sensor to measure the tracking quality of your mouse pad. This handy little feature is implemented in the driver software for easier access.

Extended Color Customization Options:
The 6 integrated LEDs supports extensive color options and can be configured from the driver software. Choose among 24 different colors and change it with a single click. The LED lights can also be turned off. It is also possible to light up the LEDs one by one.
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Quiet and Efficient USB Powered Fans Keep Your Laptop Cool

Power Gear 98187 Laptop Cooling Pad
Your laptop is made up of heat generating parts; Keep the temperature down while keeping performance up with Power Gear’s Laptop Cooling Pad. Featuring quiet dual cooling fans, the Laptop Cooling Pad has many unique features such as foldable arms for quick and easy transport or storage and a slanted design for better comfort. This heat killing hero even has grip-like arms that keep your notebook in place, and best yet, it’s USB powered so there are no batteries or external AC adapters to mess with. Just plug it in and it goes to work immediately, helping to maintain cool temperatures.

  • Built-in fans protect your laptop from heat damage
  • Lightweight, sloped design makes it comfortable to always use
  • Powered by USB so there’s no need for batteries or AC adapters
  • Grips your laptop, keeping it secure and in place
  • Foldable design allows for quick and easy transportation and storage

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Easily Add Additional Monitors to Your Notebook or Desktop Computer

GWC Technology AN3200 USB 3.0 Multiple Display Adapter
Juggling between multiple spreadsheets, Internet browser windows, and other application windows can be overwhelming with just one monitor. Managing and multitasking can be handled much more efficiently and effectively with the addition of multiple monitors thus dramatically increasing your virtual workspace. Adding an additional monitor to your Notebook or Desktop Computer has never been easier with the GWC Technologies AN3200 USB 3.0 Display Adapter. This little device allows you to add two additional monitor (or even projectors) to your computer. Extend or Mirror your desktop or even make one of the new USB 3.0 attached monitors your primary display. All can be done without having to shutdown or reboot your system, allowing you to attach multiple monitors on the fly. Thanks to USB 3.0’s insanely fast transfer speeds, streaming 1080P High Definition video to multiple monitors is smooth and effortless. Simply connect one of your computer’s USB 3.0 ports with the included cable to the AN3200. Then, attach up to two additional monitors to the AN3200 via HDMI or DVI and you’re on your way to a more efficient virtual workspace!
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Enjoy Full HD Skype Video Calling Right to your Television

The Tely Labs 11-TELYHD-01-0 telyHD is a revolutionary new device that delivers video calling to your living room in stunning high definition. Instantly connect with the people you care about no matter how far away they might be! The wide angle lens, HD camera, and four noise cancelling microphones are designed so that everyone on the couch will be seen and heard in beautiful HD. You don’t need a computer. telyHD is a stand-alone device that runs the Android operating system. Think of it as a tablet computer that uses your TV screen and home audio speakers when you are on a video call. There’s no software to install – telyHD is ready to go. Simply link it to your home network and connect to your HD TV using the HDMI cable (included). telyHD has built in Wi-Fi, is 802.11 b/g/n compatible, and supports popular standards for password security including WEP,WPA, and WPA2. Call with the push of a button. Just choose the person you want to call and push the select button on your telyHD remote. Answering a video call is easy too, just select the ACCEPT button.

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Enhance the Power of your Routers WiFi Signal by 3 Times

The Bounce WiFi Enhancer from Mohu will enhance your homes WiFi network signal and will give you up to 3 times the original coverage area. By simply attaching the Bounce onto your routers antenna, it will increase the streaming speed of your network signal and improve your overall wireless experience by never having to worry about a weak signal again.

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