AC Adaptor with Hidden Camera Records Video Continuously or when Motion is Detected

KJB Security DVR252 AC Adapter Hidden Camera
Covertly keep tabs on your home or office with an AC Adapter Hidden Camera from KJB Security. This covert spy camera located in the tip of the cord connects to a traditional-looking AC charger adapter giving the appearance of a typical charger to others. The camera records with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. There are two video recording options available, continuous recording and motion activated recording which will only activate the camera when the PIR sensor detects motion. Video is stored on a 4GB SD card (included) and can be expanded up to a 32GB SD card, sold separately, if more memory is required. The AC Adapter Camera’s is powered by a 2-prong AC outlet just like a traditional adaptor. When charging a green LED indicator light will illuminate to let you know the battery is charging and when a full charge is reached the light will turn off. An included IR remote allows for control of the camera from a distance.
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Unsuspecting iPhone Charger has a Hidden Spy Camera in the Base

KJB Security DVR251 iCharge Hidden CameraThe iCharge Hidden Camera from KJB Security is a working iPhone/iPod charger with a covert hidden camera in the base of the unit. The camera is unnoticeable and will blend in to the setting of a room without drawing any added attention. It can be set to record continuously or only when motion is detected at which point it will trigger the camera to start recording. Video is saved to an SD memory card in the connected AC wall charger (included) so that it can be easily removed and connected to a computer to review captured footage. Imprinted on each video is a time and date stamp to make it easy to determine when the video was taken. The iCharge Hidden Camera includes a 4GB SD memory card and is compatible with up to a 32GB SD memory card, sold separately. The unit is controlled with an included IR remote.

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Mini Camera Quickly Mounts to a Window to Record Audio, Video or Snap Images

KJB Security DV100 Gripper CamThe Gripper Cam from KJB Security is a mini surveillance camera that can be suction cup mounted at a moments notice. The camera monitor is 1″ x 1″ and can record video, audio or snap still images; it can also be set to motion detection mode which will only activate the video camera when it senses movement. Video, audio and images can all be played back directly from the monitor to quickly view captured material as well as transferred to a computer via USB cable (included) or micro SD adapter. The Gripper Cam can support up to an 8GB micro SD card, sold separately. The camera has a built-in battery that will last up to 2 hours and can be charged through a USB connection or AC charger (included). It records with a resolution of 640×480 pixels and has a zoom feature.
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