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Looking for a place for the children to gather during story time or just a place for them to study? The Woodland Hollow six sided cozy gathering place brings natures soft colors indoors! It comes in 7 pieces and has 7 different Cozy Woodland expanded vinyl colors that attach together with hook and loop fasteners. They can be easily separated and made into 5 different seating areas. The possibilities with what you can do with this seating set is only limited to the imagination! Read More

  • Comes with 7 different neutral and soft colors to suite your child’s mood
  • Encourages quiet time for reading and imagination
  • Contouring shape makes it both comfortable and functional
  • Easy to clean vinyl surface

Large Activity Table with Cover Geared Towards Growing a Child’s Creativity

Children's Factory 1150-18 18 Inch Activity Table and Lid Set

TheĀ  Activity Table and Lid Set from Children’s Factory is a product designed to help grow a child’s creativity and imagination. It’s 18 inches in height and consists of a large blue plastic tub on a steel frame with 4 rolling legs for added ease to move it from play spot to play spot. The Activity Table is large enough for as many as 4 to 5 children to play with it at once making it ideal for families with multiple young children and daycare’s. The tub is strong enough to hold up to 30 lbs of kidfetti or 75 lbs of sand and attached to the bottom is a drain valve to help make emptying the tub an easier task. When playtime is over covering up and protecting the contents in the tub is a breeze with the included lid that fits perfectly over the top of the Activity Table. It’ll create a barrier protecting what’s inside from the exterior elements or, protect the floor of your home and yard from what’s inside.

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