Conveniently Connect a Pool Pump with an Industrial Grade Outlet

Hubbell Bryant PKL520 Pool Pump Receptacle Kit

The PKL520 is a Pool Pump Receptacle Kit from Hubble Bryant provides a weather proof solution to connecting a pool pump to a power outlet. This outdoor outlet features a female NEMA L5-20 plug and a unique locking receptacle that helps to prevent accidental power cord disconnections. The high-impact polycarbonate material will not rust or corrode in damp areas and the tinted lid is NEMA 3R rated, easy on the eyes, and can be flipped down into place even when a power cable is plugged in. For convenience, the outlet box provides plenty of room for ease of installation and comes with everything needed for proper installation.

  • Heavy Dusty, Industrial Grade Receptacle
  • Die-cast aluminum weather proof box
  • Features a high-impact polycarbonate weatherproof cover
  • Protects against accidental cable disconnection
  • Will not rust or corrode

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Be Prepared in Case You Lose or Need to Replace BlueGuard Accessory Parts

EMX BG-A-Kit Accessory Kit for the BlueGuard FE and VK1 Wireless Access Control Devices
If you already own, or plan to purchase a BlueGuard FE or BlueGuard VK1 (each sold separately), you will receive the components of this kit included with your purchase. The purpose of this kit is to provide you with the necessary replacement parts should your original components become, lost, stolen or damaged. These components are typically used in conjunction with the BlueGuard U-BOX to provide secure, waterproof connections between your BlueGuard Wireless Access Control Device and the device it is controlling.

  • Replacement installation/mounting components
  • Compatible with BlueGuard FE and BlueGuard VK1

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Durable, Weather Resistant Receptacle is Ideal for Patios or Other Outdoor Uses

Leviton 86597-CGY Cheetah Weather Resistant 15 Amp Duplex Receptacle with Horizontal Covers

  • GFCI protected plugs with built in independant receptacle covers
  • Rubber gasket on cover keeps receptacles dry
  • Tamper and weather resistant
  • For outdoor use

The Cheetah Weather Resistant 15 Amp Duplex Receptacle with Horizontal Covers is part of Leviton’s rain tight and weather resistant GFCI receptacles. This receptacle is ruggedly constructed to seal out moisture, dust, debris and insects, while providing easy access to receptacles. Designed for decks, patios, porches and similar locations, they’re more than a match for the vagaries of weather. They’re also ideal for outdoor security, landscape, accent and holiday lighting.

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Surge Protector Adds Additional Grounded Power Outlets Including USB Charging

GE 14912 Dual Outlet USB Charger with Surge Protection
It seems like you can never have enough power outlets these days. We are constantly engaged within our digital, power hungry lifestyles and thus we need continued juice to support our beloved tech gadgets. The GE 14912 is a neat little accessory that plugs into any existing wall outlet, essentially acting as a miniature power strip and surge protector (up to 245 Joules) adding two additional grounded outlets to an already existing wall socket. It even features two USB outlets available specifically for charging today’s mobile gadgets such as your smartphone as well as a removable shelf that can hold those pocket sized devices while they charge. The built-in charging indicator LED keeps you aware of the devices current charging status, bright enough to eye from a distance. The integrated screw hole makes it so the GE 14912 can attach securely to whatever outlet it is piggybacking. Handy-dandy indeed, nothing is more annoying than running out of outlets.
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Add a Power Outlet Behind Your Wall Mounted HDTV Without Hiring an Electrician

Let’s say you’re preparing to install a new flat screen HDTV or a projector. Or you’ve already installed your TV with the cord in the wall, or left it hanging down, “out there” on the wall. No matter how you’re planning to hide your wires, you still need a power-outlet to plug it into. The PowerBridge Single Solution Power Kit is an in-wall power extension specifically designed to provide a professional appearance and hide AV cables, for any on-wall mounted LCD, Plasma, LED and LCD HDTV.

  • Designed specifically to allow do-it-yourself relocation of a power outlet
  • Flexible recessed design for low profile flat screen TV mounting
  • Allows for connection to external power surge protection units
  • Easy, color-coded wire connections and clear instructions

Don’t Worry About Not Being Able to Use Your Bulky Wall Plugs, Plug them into A Rotating Outlet Instead!

360 Electrical 31060-W 360-Degree Rotating Outlet - White
Many of the products that add convenience to your life come with bulky plugs. Get maximum usage of your electrical outlets by replacing them with the 360-Degree Rotating Outlet. With a 360 Electrical outlet, you can connect any “wall wart” and just give it a turn to make space for another plug, large or small. Each receptacle “clicks and holds” in 18 unique positions, so you’re bound to find a configuration that works. The patented design allows for devices to maintain power even during rotation.

Simple Installation

The 360-Degree Rotating Outlet is easy to install. Each outlet is back-wired for speed and accessibility, and clear labels are imprinted on the back of each outlet for hot, neutral and ground connections. The outlet will fit a standard-size box, and a decorative screwless wall plate is included.

The 360-Degree Rotating Outlet is also available in ivory.

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Instantly Transform a Standard AC Outlet Into Two USB Charging Ports

Charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad and more!

Audiovox RCA WP2UWR USB Wallplate Charger - White

  • No tools, no wiring – just plug in and start using
  • Pass-through outlet still allows access to the AC receptacle
  • Great for charging smartphones, gaming devices, iPods, iPhone, and more
  • Optimized outlet for iPad (2.1 Amps)

In seconds, you can turn a single, three-prong AC outlet into an outlet with two USB ports. This wallplate gives you access to AC power while providing a way for you to charge your electronic devices without a bulky USB adapter. All you will need is a USB cable to receive fast, full-speed charging for a single tablet or two smartphones and other small USB devices. You’ll never have to carry an adapter from room to room again. Simply install a couple of these wallplates and you’ll have USB charging capabilities in every room of your house or office.

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