Extend the Distance Between your HD Source Device and HDTV

The IOGEAR GHDCPLRW6 HDMI Audio/Video Coupler helps extend the distance between your HD source device and HDTV, while ensuring 100% signal integrity. Both ends come with type A HD female connectors. Simply connect the coupler to two HD cables up to the max distance supported by the source device.

  • Gold-Plated
  • HD female to HD female connectors
  • Zero Signal Loss

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Make Your Entertainment System Install Look Professional Without the need for an Installer

Steren 526-115WH HDMI Pigtail and RCA Audio/Video Jacks with Wall Plate, White
The Steren 526-115 Audio and Video Wall Plate includes HDMI and RCA jacks in a Decora-style insert for the perfect solution to seamlessly integrate audio and video components into your home decor. This single-gang insert boasts three Red, White and Yellow RCA connectors and one feed-thru HDMI with rear pigtail connector that allow you to easily divert cables behind your wall for a professional look. This insert was engineered to work with RCA (Red, White and Yellow) and HDMI cables, each sold separately.

  • Wall plate with HDMI, RCA Audio/Video pass-through connectors
  • Decora-style wall plate insert
  • Neat, clean exterior connection point

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Extend Your HDMI Input and Output Up to 50 Feet Each

Atlona AT-HDMI-EQ2 HDMI EqualizerStabilize your HDMI connection with the Atlona AT-HDMI-EQ2 HDMI Equalizer. With built in equalization you can extend both HDMI input and output up to 50 feet (15m) each. Supports pass through of Audio Return Channel, HDMI Ethernet Channel, 3D, and resolutions up to 1080p or 1920×1200 to ensure all compatible signals are passed between devices.

Go Further
Equalization extends both input and output up to 50ft each, for a total of 100ft without signal degradation.

One less cable
With HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) pass through capability receive internet signal over HDMI cable with compatible devices.

High Performance
Pass through resolutions up to 1080p or 1920×1200 and audio formats from Lossy to Lossless multi-channel audio. Includes Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and 3D signals.

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The One Multi-Card Reader Thats Rules Them All

Xtreme 32588 USB Memory Card Reader

Finally, a multi-card reader that can handle just about any memory card you have! The Xtreme 32588 Multi-Card Reader supports up to 85 different types of memory cards, supporting the most popular modern day formats which include: SD/SDHC, Mini SD, TF, MicroSD, Ms PRO Duo, and M2 memory cards formats. Designed for high speed data transfers with USB 2.0 (up to 480Mbps) this multifunctional card reader is also backwards compatible with older USB versions. The Xtreme 32588 Multi-Card Reader is plug and play, so it can easily install into your notebook or desktop computer. Its durable plastic shell and small size make it easy for travel, allowing it to be a great addition to your notebook or desktop computer accessory arsenal.

  • Capable of supporting up to 85 unique cards
  • Supports SD/SDHC, Mini SD, TF, MicroSD, Ms PRO Duo, and M2 Memory Cards
  • Enjoy USB 2.0 speeds for quick picture, video, and other data transfers
  • Easy Plug and Play allows for a trouble-free installation

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Make Installations Cleaner with an HDMI Decora® Plate Extender

Hall Research EQ-HDMI-DP HDMI Active Extender Decora Plate with ExtenderAchieve a professionally installed look with the use of Hall Research’s HDMI Decora Plate Extender. This decorative wall plate not only provides a standard HDMI plug connection for any HDMI device, its active equalization cleans the signal traveling through long cable runs. Fully compatible with HDMI versions 1.2a and 1.3 and the unit is self powered and requires no additional power supply.

The EQ-HDMI-DP can be used on the source end of your home entertainment center as a booster (to push HDMI up to 50 ft), however, it is better suited as a receiver on the remote end of the cable where it acts as an active equalizer to display the image on your display. In that case, you will be better suited to use the less expensive Passive Pass-Through HDMI Connector on the source end and be able to extend the video to 65 feet or longer. Read more

Use a Remote to Switch Between Four Different HDMI Sources

Steren Python Digital 4x1 HDMI Switch, with Remote

  • Switches between up to four different HDMI sources for display on a single HDTV or monitor
  • Maintains high definition resolutions of up to 1080p
  • Control manually or via the included remote control

Connect all your HDMI devices to your television with a single device. Once this HDMI switch is integrated into your system, you’ll be able to choose which source you’d like to pull the signal from with a wireless remote. Sources can also be selected manually from the switch’s front panel. The unit installs in seconds and is ideal for HDMI-compatible digital video recorders, cable/satellite set-tops, DVD players, and more. The only additional materials you will need for installation are HDMI male-to-male cables. Adapters can also be used for DVI-D (video only) digital connections. All HDTV resolution formats up to 1080p are supported by the switch, as well as 1920×1200 pixel resolution for computer monitors. Read more

No Longer Have Trouble Connecting Your HDMI Cables! Use an Adapter That Can Be Twisted Or Turned To Virtually Any Position

The Twister by NextGen is the perfect solution. It’s an affordable HDMI adapter that can be twisted or turned to virtually any position. The Twister’s rotator adapter features a center ball-joint design that enables a 360 degree rotation and 90 degree bend so any HDMI cable can easily be installed at almost any angle. The Twister’s high performance design provides 100% signal integrity in any position so full HDMI performance is maintained.

  • Allows HDMI connections where space is limited
  • Can be twisted or turned to virtually any position
  • Priced less than a quality HDMI cable. Priceless when you need it

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