Control All of your Irrigation Needs from your Smartphone with the iWater Wizard 12-Zone Irrigation Controller!

iWater Wizard 12-Zone Irrigation Controller for Smartphone

  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Free downloadable app
  • Set custom watering schedules from handheld device
  • Easy way to save water and money
  • Create a zone map of yard with Google Maps
  • Bluetooth connection

Yes, there’s an app for that! There’s an app for everything these days and now you can even control all of your irrigation needs from your Smartphone with the iWater Wizard 12-Zone Irrigation Controller! With the 12-Zone Irrigation Controller from iWater Wizard you can now check that off the list of cool things to do from an iPhone or iPad. The iWater Wizard is an iOS compatible (iPhone, iPad) controller that replaces your existing home irrigation controller and pairs directly to a Bluetooth compatible iOS device. Simply remove your old controller, replace it with the iWater Wizard, and re-connect the existing wires. Once paired with your device, simply download the free iWater Wizard app and you’re ready to go. Read more!

Automate Your Irrigation System with this Hassle-Free Valve Assembly

DIG Irrigation P39-103 1″ Valve Manifold Assembly, 3 Zone, 24 VAC

DIG Irrigation P39-103 1
Item# 31366

Price: Normally $69.99
Hot Deal $68.94

Looking for a valve manifold that is both reliable and easy to use? The DIG Irrigation P39-103 valve assemblies use swivel fittings for quick valve manifold assembly and disassembly. No glue, Teflon tape or special tools are needed for installation. This manifold will function with any AC irrigation control unit. Also available in 2 Zone and 4 Zone versions.

  • 3 valve assembly
  • 1″ swivel FNPT inlet x 1″ swivel FNPT outlet
  • Use standard 24 VAC solenoids
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 PSI
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