iPing Announces an iPhone and iPad App That Improves Your Golf Game!

This iPhone app is supposed to help you lower your handicap! This accessory made by Ping is a cradle that clips onto your putter and used in conjunction with the iPing app you can improve your putting handicap number. This app measures your stroke type, impact angle, and tempo, comparing them against your friends and some pre-entered golfing pros. Sounds like a good gift for dad!
Maxsa Innovations 60030 Bonus Yards Portable Golf Training Aid

Seems like a cool gadget for all those golfers, that allows you to use your iPhone while on the course! While you are at it perhaps you could also try out another gadget that will help you achieve the proper club angle for longer and straighter drives! The Maxsa Innovations Bonus Yards Portable Golf Training Aid could help all golfers improve their swing! With these gadgets you are sure to be a top notch golfer!