Mount Your iPad 2 to fit your Home Decor

iPad2 iframe2-FWA Wall Mount, Florentine Walnut
Precision engineered to perfectly fit any iPad, this wall mount assembles in minutes and includes all interconnects needed to help eliminate any guess work. Powered over a single Cat5 cable, the VidaBox iPowerV1 iPower Charging Station for iPad is sold separately. The iPad frame’s slim and sleek profile, is designed to fit in any environment. Available in a variety of colors, and fine finishes which will blend your iPad seamlessly with any décor. If needed, it is even possible to paint the iPad frame for a custom look and feel. Cut costs while preserving functionality by turning one or more iPads into your homes control station. Instead of using expensive proprietary screens, mount an iPad for control of your TV, lighting, HVAC, security, & more. Compared to other custom engineered solutions, no other iPad mount comes close in terms of features, quality, and price. It’s the smart choice for all integrators.

Aesthetics play an important role for touch interfaces, which is why the VidaBox mounts are available in one of seven premium finishes. Don’t see one you like? Order a “Plain White” finish, and paint it how you see fit! This iPad frame from VidaBox is a comprehensive solution for mounting an iPad. All necessary connectors and adapters are included, allowing you to concentrate on installation. Just supply the Cat5, home run the cables, and you are good to go! Have an existing CAT5 run for an intercom, keypad, or something else? The VidaBox is perfect for retrofit projects like upgrading outdated multi-room audio systems to more modern controls. Don’t spend thousands for dedicated, proprietary touch panels. Tremendously reduce costs by creating an ultra-powerful, wall mounted, command center using an iPad and the myriad of apps available for home automation. Read more

Turn your iPad into a central home automation center for the entire house!

MobiLinc HD for iPad

From the intuitive and realistic thermostats, keypads, switches, and other devices, MobiLinc HD is so simple to use anyone, including your guests, can navigate even the most complex of all home automation setups with ease. If you can turn on a switch, you can use MobiLinc HD. Learn More and Check out More Apps!

Charging Station for Multiple iPad’s

Have multiple iPad’s that you want to charge all at once?? Now you can power up to 4 iPad’s at once!

The iPower charging station can power up to four iPad-compatible power feeds over Cat5 cable and is ideal for professional and high-end installations. VidaBox iPowerV1 iPower Charging Station for iPadBased on laboratory testing, not all USB-over-CAT baluns can extend a compatible power stream needed by an iPad. Why deal with multiple service calls when iPads keep dying? Eliminate the chance altogether and replace them with a single iPower unit.

Depending on local codes, installers may not run high voltage power or certain cables in walls, unless you are properly licensed. This eliminates many iPad mounting choices altogether. iPower delivers only low voltage, allowing you to remain fully-compliant! Read more

iPing Announces an iPhone and iPad App That Improves Your Golf Game!

This iPhone app is supposed to help you lower your handicap! This accessory made by Ping is a cradle that clips onto your putter and used in conjunction with the iPing app you can improve your putting handicap number. This app measures your stroke type, impact angle, and tempo, comparing them against your friends and some pre-entered golfing pros. Sounds like a good gift for dad!
Maxsa Innovations 60030 Bonus Yards Portable Golf Training Aid

Seems like a cool gadget for all those golfers, that allows you to use your iPhone while on the course! While you are at it perhaps you could also try out another gadget that will help you achieve the proper club angle for longer and straighter drives! The Maxsa Innovations Bonus Yards Portable Golf Training Aid could help all golfers improve their swing! With these gadgets you are sure to be a top notch golfer!

Lark–A Silent Alarm to Wake You in the Morning!

Constantly dread the sound of your alarm clock every morning?
Hate being awakened by an early alarm for your spouse?
The Lark is a new silent alarm that allows you to wake up without the dreadful tone of your alarm. It all works with an app on your iPhone or iPad. We thought this was such a cool way to wake up each morning! And not only does it work as an alarm, but it also assesses your sleep patterns and helps you improve!
Still not sure how it works? Read Below…you will find yourself fascinated just like we are!
How it Works:
Silent Un-Alarm Clock
Wake like never before – gently, naturally. And without disturbing your sleeping partner.
  • Sure-thing wristband vibrates at the set time regardless if your phone dies.
  • Composer-created audio back-up wakes you in case wristband battery dies or you take it off in your sleep.

Sleep Sensor & Tracker
Find out if you’re waking without knowing. And why you might not be performing at your best.
  • Micromovement wrist sensor picks up patterns while you sleep.
  • Mobile app and personal online dashboard show how you slept.
7-Day Sleep Assessment
Get a complete picture of what type of sleeper you are and how you compare with others.
  • Set a baseline so you can see yourself improving.
  • Unlock a personalized and actionable plan to sleep better with Personal Sleep Coach.
Personal Sleep Coach
Wake your full potential with a revolutionary Sleep Coach developed by sleep and pro sports experts and personalized for you.
  • Activate and track goals on your mobile phone.
  • Get personalized mobile and online tips and reminders that coach you to better performance in bed. And out.


Personal Sound Amplification for Your Personal Media Device

ClearSounds Communications CS-CLA7V2 Neckloop Personal Sound Amplifier for Portable Media Devices

ClearSounds Communications CS-CLA7V2 Neckloop Personal Sound Amplifier for Portable Media Devices

If you use an iPhone, iTouch, iPad or other similar personal media device, the ClearSounds CLA7v2 is the must-have accessory! A convenient little device you wear around your neck, the CLA7v2 gives you adjustable amplification up to 30 dB and reduces or eliminates interference between cellular phones and hearing aid processors. It also features a built in microphone for hands-free conversation.

Operation is simple – just plug the CLA7v2 into your device’s headphone jack and set the adjustable neck loop to a comfortable length. The CLA7v2 amplifies the sound up to 30dB, using 2 AAA batteries (included) to give up to 200 hours of life. Four connection cables, compatible with common types of phones or equipment, are included.

  • Helps you hear your electronic devices better
  • A personal sound amplifier you wear around your neck
  • Plug into a cell phone, cordless phone, MP3 player, laptop, gaming device or any audio device
  • Eliminates interference between cellular phones and hearing aid processors
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
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    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

    Deal of the Day! Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into an IR Remote!

    You Save: $19.01!

    ThinkFlood RE0103 RedEye Mini iPhone IR Remote
    Item# 8149M

    Price: Normally $49.00
    Hot Deal $29.99


    ThinkFlood RE0103 RedEye Mini iPhone IR Remote

    The ThinkFlood RE0103 RedEye Mini iPhone IR Remote offers the power of RedEye, but in a convenient travel size. Use RedEye mini with your iPhone or iPod Touch at home, work, with friends and family, or while on business or pleasure travel to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD player, and many other devices that receive standard (infrared) signals. Just insert the RedEye Mini into the headphone jack, download the free app, and your iPhone or iPod Touch transforms into an infrared controlling tyrant!

    By itself, your iPhone does not have the ability to send out the infrared signals used to control most home theater equipment. RedEye mini fills that gap. It runs off of the power your phone delivers through the headphone jack, so RedEye mini is completely portable, requires no batteries, and never needs recharging. Download the RedEye iPhone application (separately), plug in your RedEye mini, and you are ready to go.

    RedEye mini works with the 2nd or 3rd generation iPod touch, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad.

  • Turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an IR remote
  • Uses IR technology
  • Works from up to 30 feet away
  • No batteries required
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    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.