Add Amazing Bass to Your Entertainment System By a Powerful Subwoofer

IntraSonic JA-SS7 Freestanding Powered SubwooferEvery proper Home Theater audio system requires a dedicated channel for bass and the Freestanding Powered Subwoofer from Intrasonic delivers room filling, rich and powerful bass. With its compact design, this subwoofer easily blends with any home’s decor and can easily fit inside a small cabinet or home entertainment center. The rear of the unit has left and right RCA jack and spring terminals that allow you to plug in peripheral speakers. The adjustable frequency control knobs also allow you to set the bass at the levels that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  • Built-in 80 Watt amplifier with a 120 Watt output maximum
  • Active long throw woofer drivers
  • Compact size will fit in home entertainment centers
  • Adjustable frequency control
  • Stereo (L/R) line inputs

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Compact Cube Speakers are Perfect for Your Home Entertainment Center

IntraSonic JA-B3 Mini Cube Surround Speaker - BlackExpand your home entertainment center with quality, room filing audio from the compact Mini Cube Surround Speakers from Intrasonic. Each purchase comes with a pair of speakers that will act as a left and right speaker and these speakers are designed to provide surround sound with their unique design. Their compact and unique shape provides a high quality audio experience without taking a lot of space. Pair these speakers with a quality Subwoofer for a more complete home entertainment experience.

  • Cube speaker arrays are small enough to add almost anywhere
  • Included adjustable swivel bracket allow you to set how you like
  • Magnetically shielded to avoid any interference while near televisions or displays
  • Powerful, compact speakers provide 100W of power

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