Charge Mobile Devices, Save Energy, Reduce Clutter

PBelkin F7C008q Conserve Valet - Smart USB Charging Station
Charge Smart – The Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station lets you charge all of your mobile devices in one convenient place, and automatically shuts off power – including standby power – after devices are fully charged. It even senses when new devices are added so you always get a full charge.

Keep It Neat – The product itself draws zero power when not in use – so you can keep your devices ready to go without wasting energy. The innovative design keeps charging neat and organized, allowing you to tuck away your USB cords and secure them in place for your next charge. And the compact design takes up minimal space on your table or counter.

Most MP3 players, smart phones, digital cameras, and other portable devices that use a USB input to charge should work with the Conserve Valet. Devices with large color screens, such as smart phones, often require a lot of power to charge. It is recommended you only charge two of these devices at the same time. You will be able to charge most of your devices with the Conserve Valet (5-volt USB charge). You should use your device’s included USB charge cord when connecting to the Conserve Valet. If your device did not come with a USB cord, check with the device’s manufacturer for USB cord availability. The included Belkin USB cords are compatible with devices that have a Mini-B or Micro-B USB charge port.
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Get Emergency Help from a 911 Emergency Operator with the Push of a Button

The Additional 911 Emergency Handset from Just In Case is a 1-button device that will directly connect the user to an emergency response operator when pushed. It is an accessory to the 911 Emergency Phone Base and Handset and requires the base from this system in order to work. Each base is capable of syncing with up to 5 handsets should more than 1 Additional 911 Handset want to be setup. When linked with the base unit it will provide immediate help in the event of a fall, accident, fire, home break-in or medical emergency by simply pushing the “911” button. This handset is waterproof and can be Velcro mounted to various spots around the home to ensure that no matter where you or a loved one go one is nearby. This makes it extremely handy for seniors as well as those who just simply live alone and wouldn’t be able to yell for help in the event of an emergency. The handset is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included with the purchase.

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Simple. But with All the Features you Need for a Spare/Backup Cell Phone.

The SpareOne V387D8WCCWL GSM Emergency Mobile Cellular Phone lets you stay freed from the need of power outlets, and can be used anywhere within range of a GSM cell tower, all on the strength of a single AA battery (ships with battery included). It is simple, for all ages – Easy as 1.2.3:

  1. Insert your own or a new SIM card (SIM card sold separately)
  2. Turn on the phone
  3. Call

Even without a SIM card, SpareOne has one-button emergency dialing (911 etc.), and can be geo-located in an emergency.

Outstanding Performance with a Single AA Battery
SpareOne is the only cell phone in the world powered by a standard A battery. This is a technological breakthrough! Smart patented power engineering allows users to take advantage of this widely available an inexpensive battery – A regular AA ! SpareOne won’t make you depend on an AC outlet.

A Battery Shelf life of 15 Years. Talk Time for up to 10 Hours..
We broke all records! The SpareOne can hold its charge, if stored unused, for up to 15 years or for the shelf life of the battery inserted. And when in use, SpareOne has a talk time of 10 hours! This is all made possible by a single AA battery.

Innovative. Out of the box. One-of-a-kind design.
When it comes to SpareOne, design and technology blend perfectly. The SpareOne was designed to be innovative and different. It is truly one-of-a-kind. The phone celebrates its technology and uniqueness by showing off its AA battery.
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Multi-Function iPad Accessory Offers the Ideal Place to Mount iPad – Horizontally or Vertically

  • Offers multiple mounting options
  • Compatible with all iPad models and most other tablets
  • Will still secure an iPad while it is in an AM Waterproof case

The AM-Stand from DNDistribution offers a convenient solution to place your iPad or other tablet in a secure holder, stand or mounted position for easier viewing. This multi-usage holder works particularly well with the AM Waterproof Tablet Case (available in black or white). The AM-Stand lets you position your iPad or other tablet exactly where you want it in your car, at home or anywhere you want..

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Enjoy Using Your iPad on the Beach, Around the Pool, in the Bath or on your Boat

The DNDistribution AM810W AM Waterproof Tablet Case delivers a high quality, economical waterproof case for your iPad. This iPad tablet case is ideal for indoor and outdoor multi-puprose use and is comaptible with all iPad models. It has specially designed enclosure that makes it great for use with water sports, games and pools in mind. Its special, unique and state-of-art design guarantees 100% waterproof security, even under water up to 1 meter deep. The case floats at surface level even with the iPad inside so you can retrieve it if it accidentaly gets dropped in the water. The iPad can be put inside and removed within seconds and without the need for any tools. You can even continue to listen to your favorite music or videos when the iPad is in the case.

Protect your investment with this economical weatherproof case. Ideal for sailboats, powerboats, or any water sport, it also protects your iPad from sand and water when you go to the beach or on the pool deck. Watch movies or read in your hot tub or while cooking in the kitchen. Stop worrying that the kids will drop your iPad in the water and enjoy your day. Run your favorite navigation app or listen to your iTunes music library on your boat even in foul weather.
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Versatile Mirror/Kickstand Attaches to Back of Any Smartphone

Zadro ZTEL01 Z'Smart MirrorThe versatile Z’Smart Mirror from Zadro is a must-have Smartphone accessory due to its universal phone compatibility and multitude of uses. The folding Z’Smart Mirror attaches to any Smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android, via an adhesive strip that will secure it to the back of the phone itself or the back of a case if there is one on the Smartphone. The mirror folds into the phone when not in use to protect it from getting damaged and, when needed, it can adjust to a variety of angles. The Z’Smart Mirror also has a sleek design at only 5mm thick so that it won’t make the Smartphone bulky. While this mirror is great for things such as checking hair, make-up or using as an extra in-car navigation aid it is also perfect for acting as a kickstand for hands-free use if watching a video or video chatting.

  • Folding mirror attaches to back of Smartphone
  • Attaches via adhesive strip
  • Folds into phone to protect from scratching
  • Adjusts to multiple angles
  • Use as a mirror or a kickstand

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Turn Virtually Any Mobile Phone into a Conference Call Center

Ion Audio CALLCENTER Conference Speakerphone System for Smartphones

Ion Audio’s Call Center steps up the quality of your conference calls by adding crystal-clear amplification and multiple microphones to virtually any mobile phone. Simply connect your phone to CALL CENTER via its Bluetooth, rest your phone in the included cradle or anywhere close-by, and place a call. You’ll be up and running in seconds with conversations everyone in the room, and on the call, can hear. Four built-in microphones capture voices in the room from almost any angle, and the Conference Speakerphone System’s large speaker amplifies incoming voices so you hear them loud and clear.

The Conference Speakerphone System for Smartphones is perfect for corporate or home offices, large and small, or anywhere else that you need to hear and be heard clearly. With CALL CENTER you have the ability to communicate with your team or client without technology getting in the way. It saves you from having to purchase expensive phone conferencing equipment by making use of the technology you already have: your mobile phone
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