How To: Set up a Garage Door Monitor

Is your garage door safely closed? Are you sure?

Without having to rush through the house to get a good look at the largest door to your home, now you can be assured that the door is down with the Universal Garage Door Monitor, which uses a door-mounted sensor for accurate assessment of the garage door’s status. When the garage is opened, the sensor automatically sends a signal to the monitor, which can be plugged into any convenient location in your home for instant peace of mind.

Chamberlain CLDM1 Universal Garage Door Monitor

The Universal Garage Door Monitor works with any overhead garage door. Mount the sensor to the back of your garage door with the included Velcro strip. When the door opens, the sensor moves into the horizontal position and sends a signal to the monitor that the door is open. The monitor then provides simple, visual cues to indicate your garage door’s status: When the light flashes red, the door is open; when the green light is on, the door is closed.

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