Drive the PC to TV Content You Want, When and How You Want It – Wirelessly!

IOGEAR GKM571R Wireless Multimedia Mini KeyboardIOGEAR’s GKM571R is the latest ergonomic palm-sized mini wireless 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard with built-in laser trackball, left and right click buttons and scroll wheel with LED backlight technology for the evolving digital living room. The wireless keyboard with built-in laser trackball allows you to work up to 33 feet away from your home theater living space to control and navigate your home theater computer / laptop and or video game console like never before. The intuitive wireless interaction changes the way you get and drive your multimedia and entertainment content.

In addition to its creative palm-size design it uses the latest LED backlight technology which automatically turns on and off when opening the keyboards stylized protective cover lets you see what you’re typing and makes typing in low light or dark rooms effortless and convenient. It also incorporates 19 hotkeys for quick access to multimedia and Microsoft Media Center features and the ability to customize the trackball speed from 400 dpi, 800 dpi or at an amazing 1200 dpi. No driver needed, just plug in the included USB RF Receiver and you’re ready to go. This remote requires the use of two AA batteries (included), additional sold separately.

The IOGEAR GKM571R Wireless Multimedia Mini Keyboard is great for PC to TV applications, home theater PC, Media Server / Computer / Laptop setups, Windows Media Center Applications, and game consoles such as PS3 and XBOX.

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Control Your A/V System and Computer Applications with a Single Remote

EZ@Home EZ902 EZ CommanderEZ Commander is a wireless trackball mouse and keypad that is used like a remote control. Just plug the included receiver into the USB port of your desktop or laptop, and start to experience the full control of your multimedia center. It’s as EZ as the touch of a button and without the need to sit in front of your computer.

Media Control & PC Function Keys
In Media mode, these keys are defined as the control hot-keys for Microsoft Windows Media Player (10). With EZ Input software installed and running on your system, you may use the “Media” key to turn on the auto-key-translation function and use these keys to control other popular media software.

In PC mode, these keys are defined as some of the most frequently used hot-keys for Windows desktop and user applications. For example, you may press the “Task-Mgr” key to bring up the Windows Task Manager; press the “Web” key to open up your default web browser such as IE, etc.

Fully Functional Trackball Mouse
EZ Commander also features a highly sensitive wireless trackball mouse. Experiencing full control of your computer and applications is right at your fingertips. In addition to the mouse left-click key “L” and right-click key “R”, you may also push the trackball directly and it works as the mouse left-click key.

These keys are regular number keys and some frequently used standard function keys. In Media Mode, these keys may be used as special function keys for multimedia application software.

In PC mode, these keys are used to control the multilingual text input software (EZ Input) and to type words into your current applications, such as search words in your web browser or a short email message. Read more

The Greatest Thing to Happen to the Remote Control Since Infared

The NextGen Genius Remote Extender adds RF to your existing remote simply by installing a battery transmitter. Simply install the Remote Extender in place of one of the AA or AAA batteries inside your remote control, then point the receiver or attach the bright eye emitter to the components you wish to control. Control your components from anywhere in the house. Even works through closet doors and closed entertainment system cabinets! Go from room-to-room and control your components up to 100+ feet away, no direct line of sight is needed. Unlike other remote control extenders, you don’t have to attach anything to the front of your remote or be limited to using your remote in one room. The receiver has a built in charger and comes with (2) 2/3 AA specially sized rechargeable batteriess. And by simply installing extra battery transmitters you can convert as many remotes as you like. Works with virtually every remote control!

The NextGen Genius Remote Extender comes in 5 frequencies and colors: Green, Orange, Gray, Yellow and Purple.

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Minimalistic Designed Remote with Very Advanced Learning Features

Use this remote control with virtually any system, from basic TV and cable boxes to the most advanced home theater system. Program only the functions you want for a completely customized remote control. The Weemote uses a minimal amount of buttons so it can be used by anyone, especially children and elderly users. Buttons are dedicated to the most standard functions, such as power, mute, and volume and channel control. Five additional buttons can be dedicated to your favorite channels or programmed to include a number of advanced functions, such as a sleep timer or video input control. Very advanced learning functions make the Weemote compatible with just about any brand of television equipment.

The Weemote can also be programmed to restrict certain functions. Volume control can be turned off to ensure it won’t get too loud. The channel up/down buttons can also be programmed to cycle through certain channels, limiting the access to your available channels. Programming buttons can only be accessed by removing the screw and cover so you can be sure your settings won’t accidentally get changed if someone sits on the remote. The Weemote requires the use of two AAA batteries, sold separately. Once the batteries are installed, the battery cover must be screwed back on, keeping the batteries secure until the screws are removed. All settings are stored regardless of battery level so reprogramming won’t be necessary when you replace the batteries. Read more

Provide the Simplest Controls For Your DVD or Other Menu-Based Navigation Device

Fobis Technologies WE-10 Weemote dV Remote ControlWatching DVDs or recorded shows on your DVR has never been easier than it has with the Weemote dV. Only the most frequently-used controls are featured on this compact remote. The remote only has nine large buttons to play, stop, or pause the content, as well as navigational direction, selection, and menu or simple and error-free operation. Children and elderly users can browse through interactive content without frustration or parental assistance.

Setting up the Weemote dV is extremely easy. Simply install two AAA batteries, sold separately, and program in the code compatible with your device. The Weemote dV includes a complete library of setup code and is designed to work with virtually any brand of DVD player on the market. An advanced learning function allows you to program additional user controls and add controls for devices not supported in the included code library, such as a TiVo system. The programming buttons stay hidden until you remove the screw and cover, protecting your settings and making for a cleaner display. The battery cover also screws in to keep the batteries secure. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so you won’t los any programmed features when the batteries are removed. With a compact design and soft rubber around the edges, this remote is more ergonomic than traditional remote. A flat, contoured bottom also gives added stability to let the remote be used on a tabletop. Read more

Versatile Wireless Tablet for Whole Home Audio and DLNA Device Control

Sony RMN-U1 HomeShare Universal Remote



  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Utilizes your WiFi network for wireless control of your home audio and theater system
  • No PC required for setup or general use
  • Play the content in every room of your home with the Party Streaming function
  • Works with DLNA-enabled devices
  • Stores activities and settings for one-touch access later



No matter where you are in the house, you’ll be able to control your music, cue your theater system, and connect to DLNA-enabled devices from a single, convenient handheld device. A five-inch touch screen with high-quality screen resolution, this remote is easy to use and extremely simple to set up. After the initial setup, the HomeShare remote connect to your WiFi networks at the touch of a button, without the need to recall lengthy and complicated passwords. No PC is required; all set up is done directly from the tablet remote. Guided setups allow you to add devices, group them into rooms, program settings for activities, and control devices right from the tablet.

Once the devices are organized into rooms, you can control each room independently or use the Party Streaming® to play the same content across multiple devices at once. The remote allows you to create “activities”, in which it will turn devices on/off or switch inputs of your home theater components. Activities allow you to perform several commands at once, with the tap of a single button. The remote also capable of learning commands, making it compatible with virtually any IR device. Wireless capabilities give you the freedom to move from room to room and control devices when you are on the opposite end of the house. The tablet also accesses DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) devices within your home. Access and search music and other content from any computer on your network and send to any A/V device within your home. Or stream music from Internet sites such as Pandora. You will be able to create ambience in as many rooms as you choose from one location within your home, leaving you with more time to appreciate the sounds of your audio and home theater systems.

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It’s like having your entire Lifestyle® home entertainment system in the palm of your hand.

Bose 279716-1110 Personal music center III


  • The most advanced homewide entertainment control device from Bose
  • Provides control over the Lifestyle® system, all iPod music and functions of most major connected audio/video components from beyond the main room
  • Displays title, track, artist and genre of any selection from your iPod music collection
  • Works through walls, ceilings and floors without pointing or aiming at the system
  • Backlit LCD screen offers easy-to-read information in a wide range of lighting conditions.


The interactive Personal® music center III is the most advanced homewide control device from Bose. Control your Lifestyle® home entertainment system and your iPod music collection from almost anywhere in the home. It’s easy and intuitive. And with just a glance at the LCD screen, you’ll know which iPod track is playing. Then with a simple touch, you can change selections, adjust volume and also control most of the audio/video components connected to the system. Works through most walls, ceilings and floors – no need to point or aim at the system.

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