Conveniently Mount iPad’s, Tablets and Smartphone’s on a Wall at Home or in the Office

The Dockem Universal Wall Mount is easy to hang and because it mounts with adhesive strips, walls won’t be damaged with holes and screws. It is compatible with smartphone, iPad/tablet and eReader devices that are less than 5 lbs and 20mm thick. The Wall Mount is held in place using 3M Command Strips (included) to create a small shelf to rest your device on for such possible uses as an alarm clock if put next to a bed or in the kitchen for entertainment and cooking. For added convenience each mount has a built-in clip to hold the devices charging cord so that it isn’t loosely dangling when connected while in the Universal Wall Mount. Once hung should a new mounting location be desired the 3M strips can be easily removed (see video) without damaging the wall. Use multiple Universal Wall Mounts to have various docking stations throughout your home for use where ever you are. Read More

Dockem 20003 Blk Universal Wall Mount, Black

  • Compatible with devices less than 20mm thick
  • Simple solution
  • Built-in cord clip
  • No screws to damage walls
  • So Many Electronics, One Remote. Turn Your iPhone, iPad or iTouch into the Ultimate Universal Remote

    ThinkFlood RE0002 RedEye Universal Remote for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (2nd Gen)



    With the RedEye Universal Remote you can control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD player, and many other devices. The RedEye Remote allows you to control nearly all of your home entertainment electronics without the clutter of multiple remotes. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing anyone in your house with an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC, other iOS device, or Android device to control your home theater or virtually any device that receives infrared control signals. You can even control your home theater when you are away from home. Each person in your house can interact with your gear simultaneously. Multi-touch and motion gestures, free software updates, backup to a PC, integrated TV program guide, all for a fraction of the price of other professional systems. One touch launches any activity – watch TV, listen to music, play a video. And custom screen layouts for each activity mean you never have to hunt for the right button. No more hunting through your sofa cushions for all those different remotes – all the control you need is in a single device.

    RedEye uses IR to communicate with your gear via an infrared blaster, but it communicates with your controller via Wi-Fi. In other words, RedEye maintains a line of sight to your equipment so that you don’t have to, acting as a bridge that can put your home theater online. The ThinkFlood RE0002 RedEye Remote features a IR output port, that can be used to connect an emitter or dual emitter, allowing you to hide the RedEye behind cabinet doors or walls and still control your home theater devices. Read More

    Flexible Extension Cord System Allows for Maximum Use of Electrical Outlets

    Bits Limited PNK5Y-3 Power Squid Power Multiplier, Black

    Surge protectors and power strips power numerous electric and electronic devices from a single location, especially handy for home theaters and computer workstations. But so many of these components use bulky AC adapters that block more than one outlet on a power strip, diminishing their convenience. Get the maximum use of your electrical outlets with the PowerSquid Power Multiplier, which plugs into a single grounded outlet but lets you plug five of even the bulkiest adapters into its flexible arms.

    Why add expensive additional outlets or power strips to your configuration when up to five power adapters can easily be connected to one power outlet with this inexpensive adapter? Just plug those big, bulky power adapters into the PowerSquid Power Multiplier’s arms of various lengths.

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