Use These Miniature Spy Cameras to Monitor your Home or Business in Multiple Locations Wirelessly

Mini Gadgets HS203USBX47X64 Miniature Color Spy Camera Set

  • Miniature design makes hiding cameras easy
  • Utilizes fast 2.4Ghz technology to stream images
  • Wirelessly stream video up to 300 feet
  • Perfect for unique applications
  • Works with all versions of the Windows operating system

Monitor your home or business in multiple locations wirelessly with the Mini Gadgets Miniature Color Spy Camera Set. The cameras are a 2/3″ cube shape so that can be secretly hidden just about anywhere. These small cameras stream wirelessly to the 2.4Ghz receiver, which hooks up to your computer with the included USB data cable. The cameras can be powered by either a 9v battery (not included), for the ability to be placed just about anywhere, or with the included AC Adapter for constant power. Thanks to its battery operation and wireless streaming capability, the cameras can be used for unique applications such as Business Surveillance or Nanny Cam and just about anything else that requires a low profile, wireless camera. Their small design allows you to easily hide them in a plant, book, air vent, automobile, and more. Feel free to get creative and enjoy the freedom of wireless camera technology. Read More