Expand Your PowerTel Amplified Phone System with Additional Cordless Handset

Amplicom 92926 PowerTel 501 DECT 6.0 Additional Cordless Handset




  • Expands your PowerTel Amplified Phone System
  • Add up to 4 additional Handsets per PowerTel DECT base
  • Caller ID with 30 Number Storage Memory
  • Nine Unique Ring Tones and Melodies
  • Store up to 200 names and numbers in phonebook



The Amplicom PowerTel 501 DECT 6.0 Additional Handset allows you to expand your Amplicom PowerTel 500 Cordless DECT 6.0 Amplified Phone system with another simple, convenient, big button handset. You do not need a phone jack connection for the additional handset, it communicates with the base of your existing PowerTel product, and each additional handset has all the same great features of the base phone.

The PowerTel 501 Additional Handset is part of the Amplicom PowerTel line of phones that are the only amplified telephones on the market to offer yourSOUND technology, a programmable, multiple user profile that memorize volume and tone control for more than one user. The PowerTel 501 Additional Handset meets and exceeds the TIA-1083 standard for those who use a hearing aid and crystal clear DECT 6.0 technology produces excellent sound with more than 80% reduction of distortion. With this affordable handset you can easily expand the Amplicom PowerTel 500 phone system and have the convenience of amplified cordless phones in multiple rooms around your home.  Read More

Give your Blind or Visually-Impaired Loved Ones the Gift of Independence

Sonic Alert BDP400 Talking Telephone with Large LCD Display




  • Vocalizes all contact information and menu items when buttons are pressed
  • Big buttons and choice of display fonts and colors
  • Three speed dial buttons allow for one-touch dialing for important or emergency contacts
  • Stores up to 50 contacts in the phone book
  • Extra-loud hands-free speakerphone
  • Hearing aid compatible

With this talking telephone, communication has never been easier for anyone that is visually or hearing-impaired. Large buttons with white lettering offer more contrast, making it easier to distinguish one number from the other. Several choices for colors and fonts are offered on the LCD display, allowing the user to customize the display according to their personal preferences. Designed specifically with blind users, the phone even announces each number or function as the corresponding button is pressed. The internal phone book can store up to 50 different contacts. Record the names for each contact and the phone will automatically identify and verbally relay the contact to you when they call. Up to three important or emergency numbers can also be programmed for one-touch dialing.

The phone offers a range of in-call volume levels, up to 40dB of amplification, ensuring you won’t miss a single syllable while on a call. Tone control allows you to adjust the high or low frequency for extra listening comfort. An extra-loud speakerphone gives you the freedom to move about the room while on a call. When a call comes in, the telephone can ring as well as flash a light for a visual indication of an incoming call. This talking telephone can also be wall-mounted for more flexibility and convenience in the phone’s placement.

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Hear Your Answering Machine Messages Loud and Clear

ClearSounds Communications CS-ANS3000 Digital Amplified Answering Machine with Slow Speech

Price: Normally $64.99
Hot Deal $62.99


If you have your answering machine cranked to 10 and you still have trouble hearing your messages, the ANS3000 is the perfect solution. It digitally records your messages for the best clarity possible and plays them back at up to 30dB. Volume is fully adjustable for households with users of different hearing needs, and the large-button keypad is easy to read and operate.

In addition to increasing the volume at which you can hear your messages, the ANS3000 also offers a helpful Slow Speech playback function. This features allows you to play back the message at your choice of speeds, ensuring you can make out messages left by fast talkers or over a poor connection. A time/day stamp lets you know exactly when your calls were received.


  • 30 dB Adjustable Amplification (10 levels)
  • Slow Speech message playback with 3 selectable speech speed levels
  • Big button easy-to-read keypad
  • # 30 minutes of digital record time
  • Remote access – listen to your messages or change your outgoing message by calling in from any touch-tone phone
  • Table/wall convertible
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