Spend Hours at Your Desk? Energy Efficient Lighting Can Help Cut Down Your Costs of Keeping Your Desk Lamp On

Looking for ways to cut down on your electric bill?

Koncept Technologies AR3200-C-SIL-DSK Z-Bar Slim LED Silver Desk Lamp, Cool White

One easy solution is more energy efficient lighting. Old lamps and incandescent bulbs are incredibly inefficient and heat up very hot, very quickly. This eats up electricity when you consider how long you typically keep a lamp on throughout the day. Koncept Technologies has your solution in the AR3200-C-SIL-DSK Z-Bar Slim LED Silver Desk Lamp, Cool White. This sleek and modern desk lamp uses 35 cool white, energy efficient LED bulbs that are also dimmable at the touch of a finger. A touchstrip at the head of this Gen 3 lamp allows the user to power on and off the Z-Bar Slim Desk Lamp and at the same time dim the lighting output to their desired brightness with a slide of the finger. In keeping with the energy efficient theme, the Z-Bar Slim consumes only 8.5 watts. To help put that into perspective, similar CFL lamps consume anywhere from 13 watts of energy and higher while incandescent bulbs are much worse. Along with being extremely energy efficient the Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp was made with the environment in mind. Koncept Technologies has created this eco-friendly LED lamp from 60% recycled materials by weight and its aluminum housing is fully recyclable. Read more

Powerful and Energy Efficient Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

Koncept Technologies UCX-91-W-SIL-1PK UCX 91 LED Under-Cabinet Light - Silver
If you’re looking to add some cabinet lighting or replace an older inefficient under-cabinet light then Koncept Technologies UCX-91-W-SIL-1PK UCX 91 LED Under-Cabinet Light – Silver is the perfect solution. This ultra-efficient LED light only consumes 24 watts of energy and powers 91 warm white LEDs. It fits perfectly under a 48 inch surface and the touchstrip control allows the user to dim or brighten the light to their desired specifications. The light can be tilted forwards or backwards to illuminate a specific area and can also be combined with a Koncept Technologies Occupancy Sensor for automatic turn on and off. The UCX series was the winner of the NeoCon GOLD Award for 2011.

This Under-Cabinet LED Light is also available in a black finish or for a 24″ cabinet and a 36″ cabinet. Read more

Install a Solar Powered 2-N-1 Light for a Shed or Garage

Designers Edge L-948 Solar Rechargeable 2-N-1 LED Shed Light
Designers Edge L-948 Solar Rechargeable 2-N-1 LED Shed Light is an ultra versatile and super bright LED light. While in its charger the light will shine bright and keeps everything visible using its 10 LEDs to light up the surrounding area.
This light also comes with the ability to be removed from its charging station and used as a spot light for the ultimate in convenience and versatility. This 2-N-1 shed light will ultimately save you money over the long haul because it has no operating costs and its LEDs have a lamp life of 50,000 hours. The solar panel can be mounted on a wall or pole up to 16 feet away from the 2-N-1 LED charging station. The LED light can shine for up to 4 hours of use with a full charge. The light contains an illuminated LED switch which shows you where the on/off switch for the light is while in the dark so that you won’t be stuck fumbling around looking for it.

  • Solar powered
  • 50,000 hour LEDs for years of service
  • 3 LED spot light plus 10 LED shed light
  • On a full charge light can last up to 4 hours
  • Multi-crystal solar panel can be wall or pole mounted up to 16 feet away

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A Energy Star-Rated Must-Have for College Students

Greenlite Lighting LED/DESK 5-Watt LED Desk Lamp, Silver



  • Bright white, long lasting LED’s
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • Sleek compact design offers portability
  • No-flicker technology
  • Never have to replace bulbs!
  • Consumes 98% less energy
  • Energy Star rated


Greenlite Lighting has designed this beautiful LED desk lamp to produce a flicker-free and brilliant bright white light for illuminating notebooks, textbooks, or any other paper pages. This illumination causes the lettering on these pages to stand out much better than with standard incandescent bulbs, helping the user read perfectly in scenarios with low ambient light levels. So energy efficient and environmentally friendly, Greenlite Lighting has earned itself an Energy Star rating for this lamp. This desk lamp is perfect and incredibly useful for applications at home, at the office, or in a dorm rooms on campus.

The LED/DESK bulbs are expected to last 25,000 hours, and produce a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin. It features 5 Watt LED’s which are a replacement for 30 Watt incandescent. The neck of the lamp swivels 360° at the base, and the head of the lamp swivels 90°, allowing the light to move exactly where it is needed. The energy efficient LED’s in this lamp consume 98% less energy than older forms of lighting, out performing incandescent or halogen technologies. Once you are used to reading with this lamp you will want it with you everywhere you go, and taking this lamp with you will be no problem thanks to its compact portable design. Plus, you will never have to worry about changing bulbs! This means, you truly will have nothing to worry about when you bring it along on that business trip. Using this lamp will create less stress for your already overworked eyes, while helping to save the Earth, and a few bucks too.

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Never Worry About Replacing Your Flashlights Battery Again

Kiwi Choice KWC2 Solar Powered Flashlight
The Kiwi Choice KWC2 Solar Powered Flashlight is battery free, LED handheld flashlight that can be powered by the sun, hand crank or even room light. This flashlight offers its users an environmentally friendly source of lighting that uses free and clean sources of energy to operate. With this flashlight you can use the clean energy of the sun to charge it via the built in solar panels, the hand crank located on the underside of the light or even from indoor lighting. The flashlight contains a red indicator light on the side of the product that will light up to let you know when it is charging. This environmentally friendly flashlight can hold a charge for several months should you decide to pre-charge it at a time when you don’t necessarily need to use it. Turning the hand crank for just 1 minute is enough to give this flashlight 9-12 minutes of power so even if it has no charge at the time of use you can be up and running in no time. The Solar Powered Flashlight is about the size of the palm of your hand making it easy to travel with where ever you go or simply store in an emergency kit or car glove box. Read more

Read the Time and Temperature in Your Favorite Color!

GE 11152 Time and Temperature LCD Night Light

The GE Time and Temperature LCD Night Light shows the current time, temperature, date, and day of the week in your favorite color. During the day, the color is off but when the light sensor senses dusk, the light turns on. The color can be set to either red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, white, or to cycle through all of the colors. A battery back-up maintains the time during a power loss. The Time and Temperature LCD Night Light requires two LR44 batteries (included).

  • Always-on display
  • Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, office, kitchens and more
  • Choose one favorite color or cycle through all seven
  • Long-life LEDs
  • Battery-powered clock keeps time when unplugged or during power loss
  • Energy-efficient

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Elegantly Illuminate Your Patio, Walkway or Yard with Solar Powered Lighting

Gama Sonic GS-94F3 Victorian Solar 3 inch Fitter Mount Lamp - Triple

The Victorian Solar 3 inch Fitter Mount Lamp – Triple from Gama Sonic is a stylish way to replace the old and outdated gas lamps or low voltage lights on standard 3 inch poles around your home. This triple lantern light comes complete with a bracket to allow for mounting on any existing 3 inch lamp post. With Gama Sonics patented cone reflector technology and 6 super bright white LEDs this 3 inch Fitter Mount Lantern will light the night up where ever you choose to set it up. Each lantern has a classic gas lamp design along with beveled glass panes giving it a true 19th century look. The lantern is powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery which stores solar energy collected daily from the monocrystal solar panel located on each lantern. Through the use of solar power this triple lantern is completely self sustaining however it is important to make sure that it is setup in an area that receives direct sunlight to ensure optimum performance. When fully charged this lantern is capable of staying lit for up to 10 hours. The Victorian Solar 3 inch Fitter Mount Lamp – Triple is constructed of powder-coated cast-aluminum making it rust and weather resistant meaning it requires no maintenance on the users end. It will turn on automatically as the day turns to night and then turn off automatically come dawn. For convenience there is a manual on/off switch.

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