Conveniently Add Low Cost Lighting to Wherever you Need It!

GE 17438 Battery-Operated Oval LED Touch Lights, 3-PackConveniently add lighting to wherever you need it! This General Electric 3-pack of oval touch controlled LED’s are versatile and very effective in providing the right amount of light from such a compact device. Simply touch the face of the LED module to turn the light On or Off. Place these in multiple locations around the house or use them all in the same spot. A magnetic back is provided for attaching to or hanging from metal surfaces. This could be incredibly useful during a power outage or failure providing a means to check your breaker box or other electrical enclosures, hands-free. What’s more, you will have a device to provide stationary lighting or take it with you using the LED as a flashlight. Keyholes on the back of the oval housing allow users to mount the device to walls, ceilings, under cabinets, inside closets, and more. The fact that it uses LED’s instead of halogen, fluorescent or incandescent means this utility light is much more efficient and will last much longer without having to be replaced. Not only will it add convenience, and safety it will only cost pennies a year to use and operate. Using these in place of your standard 120VAC lighting, when possible, can really add up to some incredible savings! This LED light is battery-operated and requires 2x “AA” batteries (sold separately). Read more

A Night Light with an Average Life of 100,000 Hours

LED Nightlight - Pack Of 2If you’re like most people, you’re probably tired of tripping over your shoes or bumping into objects in the dark. The XNite Lite is the answer to your problems.

Using only one Watt of energy, the XNite Lite costs only 20¢ a year to run. Not only is the night light energy efficient, it also has an average life of 100,000 hours! The XNite Lite emits a diamond blue colored light that enhances objects at night to appear crisp, clean and easy to see.

The XNite Lite is perfect for any room in the house, bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways will benefit from an effective automatic night-light. A built-in sensor automatically turns the light on when it gets dark and turns it off when it is bright. Read more

Stylish Lamp Keeps Work Areas Well Lit While Using Less Energy Than a Incandescent Lamp

EmeraldLED 200604 8 Watt Designer LED Y Desk Lamp - Black

  • Uses 80% less energy than incandescent lamps
  • Light is dimmable to match your mood or application
  • Provides about 20,000 hours of light
  • CE and UL listed

Make a statement with this designer lamp and save on your energy bills. This desk lamp utilizes long-life LED bulbs to provide an even light source that will last up to 20,000 hours. The advanced LED design provides glare protection and eliminates flickering, making it a great lamp for reading, homework, office work, and more. You can even dim the light to your desired brightness, depending on its current use. It uses 80% less energy than a traditional incandescent lamp so you will see significant savings in your electricity bill. Its patented design dissipates heat so it will stay cooler than the average incandescent lamp. Read more

Read or Complete Tasks in the Dark Without Straining Your Eyes

Sylvania LED Book Light

  • Swivel LED light head with extendable and retractable gooseneck
  • Large clip for secure mounting
  • Convenient slide on, slide off switch
  • Compact and portable

The Sylvania LED Book Light is the ideal companion for reading, taking notes, or searching for something, all while in the dark. It can be used in the bedroom so you can let you loved one sleep or while traveling so you don’t have to disturb others. The LED is situated on an extendable gooseneck and can swivel up and down to direct your light in just the right place. A large clip firmly attaches to books, magazines, binders and day planners. It is powered by two CR2016 batteries (included) so there are no wires dangling around to bother you. And unlike traditional incandescent lights, LEDs do not heat up so there is no danger if you fall asleep and the light tips onto your book or blanket. The Sylvania LED Book Light offers plenty of illumination for small spaces and is adaptable to suit your needs. This product requires the use of two CR2016 batteries, included. Read more

Stop Fumbling Throuhg Those Dark Cabinet Drawers, Illuminate Them with LED Lights for More Convenience!

The Carson Optical TL-10 Illuminators LED Drawer Light comes with a set of two ultra-bright cordless LED Lights that can be installed almost anywhere. Simply push the top of each unit to turn on/off. The Illuminators LED Drawer Lights can attach to most surfaces using the adhesive backing. Super-bright LED Lights illuminate any area where light is needed, and requires two CR2032 button cell batteries (included).

  • Set of Two Ultra-Bright Cordless LED Lights
  • Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere
  • Attach to Most Surfaces Using the Adhesive Backing

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Bring Natural-Colored, Glare-Free Sunlight Anywhere

Verilux VB01WW4 Book and Travel Natural Spectrum Reading Light

  • Ideal for books and laptops
  • Reduces eyestrain by tuning light to the human eye
  • Light can turn 180° allowing it to shine where you need it
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately) or computers USB connection
  • Adjustable brightness levels

The Book and Travel Natural Spectrum Reading Light from Verilux is the perfect solution to your nighttime reading problems. This light clips on to any book, eReader or laptop to allow you to read anywhere light is needed. The natural spectrum reading light is both glare and flicker-free and small enough to fit in a briefcase, purse or even pocket. Weighing in at only 2.2oz you can carry it around with you and not even notice it. Using Verilux technology this light is designed to help reduce eyestrain and improve vision by scientifically tuning the light to the human eye.

If you choose to power the light with rechargeable batteries (sold separately) you can take advantage of its built-in charger. When using this light while plugged into a computer it will run via USB and in turn charge your rechargeable batteries that are not in use. This reading light uses an advanced cold-cathode bulb that will never need to be replaced. Read more

Sleek LED Desk Lamp Gives the Most Amount of Lighting for the Least Amount of Electricity

Koncept Technologies AR2000-C-MBK-DSK Mosso LED Black Desk Lamp, Cool White




  • Contains 57% pre-consumer recycled materials by weight
  • Contains 57% pre-consumer recycled materials by weight
  • Touchstrip allows the user to dim light to desired brightness
  • Slim and easily adjustable award winning design
  • Energy consumption of only 10.5 watts



Looking for ways to cut down on your electric bill? One easy solution is more energy efficient lighting. Old lamps and incandescent bulbs are incredibly inefficient and heat up very hot, very quickly. This eats up electricity when you consider how long you typically keep a lamp on throughout the day. Koncept Technologies has your solution in the AR2000-C-MBK-DSK Mosso LED Black Desk Lamp, Cool White. This sleek and award winning lamp uses 42 cool white, energy efficient LED bulbs that are also dimmable at the touch of a finger. A touchstrip at the head of this Gen 3 lamp allows the user to power on and off the Mosso Desk Lamp and at the same time dim the lighting output to their desired brightness with a slide of the finger. The head of this lamp also not only moves up and down but can also twirl a full 360° giving off light where ever its user needs it. Keeping with the energy efficient theme, the Mosso consumes only 10.5 watts. To help put that into perspective, similar CFL lamps consume anywhere from 13 watts of energy and higher while incandescent bulbs are much worse. Along with being extremely energy efficient the Mosso LED Desk Lamp was made with the environment in mind. Koncept Technologies has created this eco-friendly LED lamp from 57% recycled materials by weight and its aluminum housing is fully recyclable.

Along with the Mosso’s ultra-flexible swivel head it has an easily adjustable 2-bar frame design to allow its user to point it in any which direction and angle they desire. It has a 9 foot power cord that gives this desk lamp added flexibility to be used even if a power outlet isn’t in the immediate area. The frame of this lamp is constructed of aluminum and plastic and the LEDs used have a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours. The Mosso is C-UL-US certified and comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty from Koncept Technologies.

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