Look Smart and Be Smart with This Clever Safe!

Expand your library while shrinking possibilities of theft!

Barska AX11680 Hidden Dictionary Book Safe

We’ve all seen the movies. You can’t just hide your safe behind a “discrete” wall-painting anymore. Instead, just add another book to that barren bookshelf of yours! A dictionary is the perfect disguise. Not only will it blend in in any room or office, it can also be unassuming on the go! This portable safe can easily travel with you. Keep your valuables safe in a hotel room, without trusting their resident safes, and no one will question a book in your luggage. Unlike other book safes, the exterior is made of individual pages of real paper and its hardback book cover easily blends in with other books or objects on any shelf or table. Size matters. Although it is small enough to be portable, this book safe is also large enough to stow a hand gun. So get smart with your valuables and read more!

Look Smart and Be Smart with This Clever Safe!

Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe
Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe
The Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe can be kept in plain sight yet cleverly conceals money, important documents, jewelry, and anything else you need kept away and protected from prying eyes, petty thieves, and precocious children. The cover looks like a copy of Pride and Prejudice, a classic and popular novel unlikely to arouse suspicion. While built-in wall safes are costly and difficult to move and standing vaults are bulky and heavy, this lightweight secret book safe can easily be moved wherever you go. Unlike a locked drawer which can pique children’s curiosity, the real book outside will not only keep children from playing with your handgun, but unlikely to even discover that the book is not simply a book. Concealed within a row of novels on a bookshelf, the Barska Real Book Safe would blend in perfectly with the rest of a library and mislead any possible thief or home intruder. So get smart with your valuables and buy a Barska Hidden Real Book Safe today!
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Keep Valuables Safe and Secure in Desks’ Hidden Drawer Safe

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This 3-drawer desk may look ordinary, but ordinary it is not. Valore introduces the Athos Desk Safe and Storage Vault which looks and functions like that of a regular desk but with an additional special feature in that the top drawer is a 2mm-thick metal safe. Designed to store and protect valuables, access to the safe is granted by keying in a 4-digit password to the electronic keypad affixed to the side of Athos Desk which will open via a pop-open mechanism in less than 1 second. The 12-button electronic lock is UL® RSC security rated and the safe, itself, is plasma welded and made of 2mm-thick metal all-around. Each drawer, including the safe, is zinc plated and designed for full extension with a weight capacity to hold up to 100 lbs. A 9V alkaline battery (sold separately) powers the Athos Desk Safe and its design has been approved by the Department of Justice.

Aside from the vault function the Athos Desk Safe and Storage Vault will work like a regular home or office desk to store miscellaneous items. All 3 drawers have slim-profile brushed nickel handles so that each drawer can be easily griped and opened. A Euro-contemporary design with solid wood frame featuring premium-grade wood panels means that style is not substituted for substance with this product. Its appealing appearance and striking merlot stained finish allow for this piece of functional furniture to fit seamlessly into any room without being an eyesore.
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  • Top drawer is 2mm-thick metal safe
  • Safe access with 4-digit password
  • Ideal for home or office use
  • Traditional functioning middle and bottom drawer
  • Design approved by the Department of Justice