Automatic Water Fountain Quenches the Thirst of Man’s Best Friend

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  • Water dispenses when the sensor detects the pet
  • Sensor has a 3 foot detection range
  • Automatically shuts off water flow when pet walks away
  • Weatherproof design
  • Adjustable height to suit small, medium and large pets

If you’re a dog lover, or just an animal lover in general, the WaterDog WAT002 Pet Drinking Fountain is a must, especially if your tail-wagging best friend usually remains within the confines of your backyard. Water is essential for survival…for you…for me…and for your beloved dog. Depending on the day’s weather, the average healthy dog will drink roughly one oz. of water per pound of body weight. That can really add up to a lot of water and a lot of having to monitor and fill up the trusty ol’ water bowl. Instead, let the Pet Drinking Fountain do all that work for you. All your dog has to do is walk up to one of your home’s outside water faucets (which this device attaches to) thus triggering the onboard sensor (begins working roughly three feet away) which then automatically begins to dispense water allowing your dog to quench its thirst. It’s essentially water on demand for your dog! No more having to constantly refill the water bowl. It’s clean, healthy, and unlike your standard bowl, isn’t filled with old-standing water filled with dog-slobber-backwash…food remnants…hair…and well….I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. It’s an efficient technological solution fit for modern times! Your dog is your best friend and it deserves only the best. This simple solution from WaterDog will keep the both of you happy. Read More

There’s a remote placement kit available too! Here

Work Hard and Work-Out Harder? No Need to Smell Like You Do

Chances are, when you work out, you work up a sweat.

Kagan ASI8336 shUVee Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer

No one likes to be “that guy” who smells like an old gym bag. That’s what deodorant is for, right? Oh, but you can’t stop there! Each human foot has over 250,000 sweat glands that can produce up to a pint of sweat each day. Knowing that, it’s pretty easy to understand how off-putting your shoes can smell. Kagan, however, offers a much more simple and much more effective solution for shoe odor and germ killing with the shUVee™ Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer. The shUVee utilizes ultraviolet rays to eliminate over 95% of bacteria (lab tested), including those that cause athletes foot and MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus). This is the same UV lights that hospitals have been using for nearly half a century to kill viruses and other organic agents. Disinfecting a pair of shoes can be as quick as 45 minutes for a pair that isn’t worn daily or up to 8 hours for 99.9% (independent lab tested) bacteria reduction on shoes worn daily and for long hours like work boots.

  • Ultraviolet light kills germs and disinfects interior of shoe
  • Lab testing shows an over 95% reduction in bacteria
  • UV bulb has a lifespan of 20,000 hours
  • Works with all types of shoes
  • Designed for shoes but compatible with gloves and skates
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The Quantum Scale, Your New Best Friend in Weightloss

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Lose that Weight and Keep It Off with a Bathroom Scale That Delivers Positive Reinforcement

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes a lot to mentally push yourself to get the results which you are looking for. It can be frustrating and disappointing though, when you step on the scale only to have it smirk back at you with numbers you hoped would be better. Wouldn’t a bit of positive reinforcement serve you better than the smug attitude of your average scale? That is exactly what the Quantum Scale hopes to provide you with. Psychology is the name of the game here, the Quantum Scale weighs you once, hiding the results from you. From then on every time you step on board, the numbers reported back will only be that of your weight loss or weight gain in + or – outputs. Really, it is that simple and with the added positive reinforcement you should find yourself getting the results you want. Say good bye to your old (read: lying) scale and succumb to weightless modernized!

Read on for more positive reinforcement goodness:

Physicians, fitness instructors and health experts all agree that a positive attitude is the key to a successful weight loss program and healthier lifestyle. And a negative attitude and half-hearted approach to weight loss can actually make you gain weight and take on a more sedentary lifestyle that can lead to poor health and medical problems. The inexpensive Quantum Scale keeps track of each pound you lose and displays your cumulative weight loss each time you step on the scale. It’s no wonder that you shy away from your current bathroom scale! Traditional scales can actually diminish your state of mind and impede your progress by creating a source of anxiety and disappointment. So say goodbye to that old bathroom scale! Step on the Quantum Scale and start feeling good about yourself as you watch those pounds disappear! Read More

This product is also available in: Black, Green, Orange and Pink.

  • Tap on to start with auto off power functions
  • Weighs in both pounds and kilograms
  • Easy to read LCD
  • One user personal scale
  • Lithium Battery operated

3 in 1 Scale Measures Body Weight, Fat and Water to Provide Analysis of Fitness Level

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The Escali Body Fat, Water and Weight Bathroom Scale can track up to 10 user profiles to provide them with analysis of the fitness levels of their body. The scale has a large tempered glass platform and a high weight capacity to measure up to 440 lbs or 200 kg. Unlike a traditional weight scale this one does more than just examine the user’s body weight as it will also give helpful fitness readings of body fat and body water percentage. The additions of these 2 measurements provide a more accurate view of the body to help track and achieve fitness goals. The scale is powered by 2 CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries which are included with the purchase of the scale and have an auto shut-off feature to preserve the life of the batteries. Read More

  • Measures weight up to 440 lbs or 200 kg
  • Measures body fat and water percentages
  • Up to 10 user profiles
  • Large tempered glass platform
  • Automatic shut-off feature saves battery life

Keep Your Tablet Safe and Sound While Saving your Neck

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If you have one of those shiny new tablet devices that’s taking over everyone’s life and find yourself feeling fatigued from holding it and the likes, then why not try putting it in a fancy stand? Seriously. In this day in age there is no reason to have a sore neck from using your new favorite touch screen device. The 2Cool Ultra-Lite Stand provides you with a smart way to interact with your new tablet device, which should make watching a movie amongst other things, much more enjoyable and less strenuous. For your health!

Here’s the essential info for this neck saving accessory:

This tablet stand by 2Cool offers ergonomic, adjustable viewing angles to help prevent neck strain. The stand is made from durable ABS plastic and, with its thin design, is the ideal tablet stand to travel with. The Ultra-Lite Tablet Stand is collapsible and lightweight and can work with virtually any tablet or eBook reader and also works with books. With its two adjustable arms on the front of the unit, it securely locks your tablet in place or holds your books page. With its rubberized, non-slip legs, trust that your expensive tablet or favorite book is safe while it is being used with this stand. Read More

  • Ideal for any tablet or book
  • Rubberized non-slip legs keep device securely in place
  • Adjustable to fit different size tablets and books
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Thin design makes it ideal for travel

Merry Festivus from Smarthome!

It’s a Festivus for the rest of us here at Smarthome. After a long day of airing grievances and feats of strength we understand you need some personal time to relax. Lucky for you Smarthome has all your post-Festivus needs on sale. It’s a Festivus Miracle!

The Real Flame 500 Zen Personal Fireplace is just the thing to help warm you up after a cold Festivus. This tabletop fireplace is perfect for entertaining indoors and out. It also comes in 3 finishes Rust, Stainless Steal and Copper to match any décor. The best part is that the Zen Personal Fireplace is on sale for $63.54 from

If you had an extra stressful Festivus consider the Pure Therapy PT200 Head and Eye Massager with Acupressure and Heat Compression. The PT200 is a neck, head and eye massager you can use in the comfort of your own personal space. You can be sure you will feel relaxed and refreshed after the Holiday Season this year. Normally priced at $299.99 the PT200 is on sale for $199.99 from

Lastly make sure your Festivus is safe don’t forget to pick up an AlcoHawk Slim. This compact and portable breathalyzer is the most convenient model on the market. The Alcohawk has a simple one button operation and includes an easy to read LCD screen. If safety wasn’t enough of an incentive we have lowered our price to $37.52. Save yourself this year and pick up an Alcohawk today from

Merry Festivus and Happy New Year!!!

Provide Security and Peace of Mind for Additional Family Members

X10 HP564 Heart Pendant for PA5800 Emergency Voice DialerX10 HP564 Heart Pendant for PA5800 Emergency Voice Dialer

When used with the Wireless Personal Assistance Emergency Voice Dialer the Heart Pendant can be used to call in the case of an emergency. Simply press the “Emergency Call” button and the Voice Dialer will sound an 85dB siren, flash lights, and call up to 4 emergency contacts. The pendant uses 1 CR2025 Battery (included) for power.

  • Works with PA5800 Emergency Voice Dialer
  • Uses CR2025 battery

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