Hands-Free Hydration Backpack Made of HyperKewl Fabric Holds 70oz of Fluids

GULPZ 6801 BLK Personal Hydration System, BlackKeep cool and hydrated for hours with the Personal Hydration System from GULPZ. This hands-free system wears like a backpack and has a drinking tube coming from the shoulder strap to keep you hydrated whenever you need it without skipping a beat. It has a 70 ounce, or 2 liter, fluid capacity making it great for long outdoor outings such as a hike or bike ride. The Personal Hydration System is made of HyperKewl evaporative fabric that when soaked in water for a few minutes prior to use will keep the body cool for hours and the process can be repeated as needed.

  • 70oz fluid capacity
  • Wear like a backpack
  • Soak fabric in water to keep cool for hours
  • Drinking tube on shoulder strap
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

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Smart Sport Vest Designed to Keep Your Body Up to 20° Cooler than the Ambient Temperature

HyperKewl 6531 L Black Ultra Sport Evaporative Vest, Black - LargeAs the weather continues to get hotter and hotter more measures need to be taken in order to keep cool while doing the outdoor activities we all love to do. With an Ultra Sport Evaporative Vest from HyperKewl all it takes is 1-2 minutes of soaking in water to provide temperatures up to 15°-20° cooler for several hours. Upon submerging the vest in water the HyperKewl fabric used will absorb, store and then release water within the vest through evaporation, much like our bodies, to cool us down. Upon removing the vest from soaking, excess water should be gently squeezed out and wiped away before wearing. The Ultra Sport Evaporative Vest has a wide range of uses such as when working outdoors, exercising, sitting in the stands during a ball game or to simply escape the heat when it starts climbing up and over triple digits. The cooling effect produced by the vest combined with its high visibility design also make it ideal for use by runners and cyclists to help keep them cool and easily seen.
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Enhance Mental Clarity and Productivity by Synching your Breathing, Heart and Brain

EmWave® technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our psychological and physiological processes. emWave technology collects pulse data through a pulse sensor and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your computer or into easy to follow lights on the portable emWave2. Used just a few minutes a day, this simple-to-use technology helps you transform feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration into more peace, ease and clarity.

As you practice on the go or at your computer you increase your coherence baseline and your ability to take charge of your emotional reactions. Health, communication, relationships and quality of life improve.

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Take Care of Your Eye Strain with the Power of Massage

Breo iSee310 Eye Massager

Eye strain can be a seriously exhausting and annoying thing to deal with. Just about every thing we do these days involves having to stare at some kind of screen such as your mobile phone or LCD screen at work. Breo makes it easy by delivering a unique way of handling such bodily nuisances with the iSee310 Eye Massager. This comfy mask is like a pillow for the area around your eyes with built in abilities to help erase those dark circles caused by eye strain. Foldable and portable by design, the iSee310 brings to your eyes the power of massage with infrared heat and air pressure which increase the oxygen supply to your eyes improving overall blood circulation and aiding in a much more enjoyable day. Relax even further with the integrated music player. Select from Yoga inspired music, birds chirping, running waves, and many other ambient music and sounds, all of which promise to dive you deeper into relaxation.
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The Only Hand Massager of its Kind with Three Unique Types of Massages

Breo iPalm520 Hand MassagerWorking with your hands all day can lead to soreness, fatigue, and overall stress. End the day by unwinding with the Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager, the only hand massager of its kind. Let the iPalm520 massage away the day in three unique ways: Air Pressure Massage, Pressure Point Massage, and Infrared Heat Compression. Enjoy the freedom of batteries or stay stationary with a wall plug while the integrated LCD keeps you informed of all your current settings. Technology never sounded so tranquil. Your hands have treated you well all this time, so give back to them with the gift of relaxation.

  • Unique hand massager is the only one of its kind
  • Features three different types of unique massage such as Infrared Heat Compression
  • Modern design with an integrated LCD screen
  • Powered with batteries to freely relax or use the included AC Adapter to remain stationary

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Massager Provides Relief to Your Head and Neck While Improving Sleep

Breo iDream1180 Head and Neck MassagerA soft, pillow-like-helmet, the Breo iDream1180 hugs your head and neck, massaging away the stress of your busy day. Choose from an array of massage types: Air Pressure, Vibration, Pressure Point, and/or Infrared Heat Compression all of which have their own individual settings so you can choose how to best relax. The Breo iDream1180 comes equipped with an attached remote control and can be powered with the included AC power adapter or batteries. The addition of an integrated music player enhances the overall experience of this tranquil package from Breo. Select from Yoga inspired music, birds chirping, running waves, and many other ambient music and sounds, all of which promise to dive you deeper into relaxation. Read more

Unique Mini Waterproof Massagers Help to Relieve Body Aches and Pains

Breo Mini319 Waterproof Body Massager Set

Sore muscles happen as we battle our way through life and all of its elements. Aches and pains can slow us down, causing us to pause from our busy lives. Thankfully, Breo has designed three vibrating massagers for your tired and beat-up body delivering relief exactly where you need it when you need it. The Mini319 Body Massager Set puts your body back together again with three massagers designed to vibrate away tight muscles and pain from specific parts of your body: Head, Face, and Body. Portable and waterproof, these simple and effective mini battery operated massagers help to focus relief anywhere on your body which need immediate muscle-relaxing-attention. Full body relief is just a massage away!
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