The Future of HDTV is Here!


DARBEE Visual Presence DVP 5000 DarbeeVision DARBLET HDMI Video Processor (Premium)

  • HDMI 1.4, 3D compliant
  • 3 different viewing modes
  • One HDMI input, one HDMI output
  • Dimmable LED status lights
  • On-screen menu
  • Upgradeable after purchase

Make your HDTV come alive with DARBEE Visual Presence DVP 5000 DarbeeVision DARBLET HDMI Video Processor (Premium)! With visual presence technology, the images on your TV screen will look more real than ever! If you want to enjoy the highest fidelity picture possible on your HDTV, the DarbeeVision DARBLET HDMI High-Definition Image Enhancer is the solution for you. DARBEE Visual Presence ™ (DVP) technology establishes a fundamental breakthrough for image realism. By embedding 2D and 3D pictures with depth information, a new visual experience is born. Enabled by parallel processing in a single chip, DVP represents the next generation of computational image processing for depth and realism. Get it on sale now for $30 off! Normally priced at $349, get it now for $319 for a limited time! Read More

How To Make Your HDTV Wireless

Product Title (In box)

  • Stream uncompressed HD audio and video content without running messy cables
  • Broadcasts HDMI audio and video up to 100 feet through walls, ceilings and floors with zero latency
  • Mount your projector on the ceiling without the hassle of running messy cables
  • Built-in IR Receiver and included IR Extender allow you to use your devices’ remote control
  • 3D compatible and needs no software downloads or driver updates to operate

Now you can easily stream uncompressed high definition audio and video without running messy cables. There is no reduction in picture quality allowing you to experience full 1080p resolution. The ARIES Home+ will allow you to watch any device with HDMI connections on any HDTV wirelessly. With 3D compatibility you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite media on any 3D display without having to install any software or update any drivers. Arrange your living room without being tied down by your audio/video devices for the clean, complete home entertainment setup you’ve always dreamt about. Transmit the signal from your Blu-ray / DVD player, digital cable box, satellite receiver, PS3, Xbox 360 or PC wirelessly to your HDTV or projector up to 100ft away. Connect multiple transmitters to conveniently send all your HDMI devices to one wireless receiver; neatly organize all your audio/video components by keeping them out of sight in another room or cabinet. The ARIES Home+ transmits up to 1080p HD video and crystal clear digital audio in real-time with zero latency. The powerful digital signal will not interfere with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other wireless network.

Not only can you watch your HDMI video source remotely, you can also control it. The IR (infrared) remote extender will transfer your device’s remote control signal to the ARIES Home+ receiver. Simply point your remote control at the receiver to change channels, pause your movie, or perform any other function available on your remote. Keep your home entertainment setup clean and simple by relocating your HD devices to an optimal location on the other side of your living room and stay in control. The ARIES Home+ receiver’s USB port allows you to connect your wireless keyboard and mouse so you have full control over your laptop or desktop computer from the comfort of your living room.

For a more compact solution, the ARIES Pro premium model utilizes an HDMI dongle and longer range (160 feet) and specializes in working with Laptop’s, PC’s, and other components where space may be of concern. Read More

My “High-Def” Holiday Wish List

My world has been turned on its ear since my wife finally allowed me to buy a new flat-screen HDTV. Never before been known as a “couch potato”, I now find myself thinking intimate thoughts about my home entertainment system. So instead of visions of sugar plums and fairies dancing in my head, it’s HDTV on my brain 24/7 this holiday season. Every free waking moment is devoted to improving my audio-video system. On that note, here is my High-Def wish list for the holidays.

Sony Blu-ray DVD Player & Home Theater System

  • What better way to enjoy my HDTV than with this complete home theater system with a Blu-ray player pumping out incredible 1080P HD goodness!

Monster FlatScreen HDMI Cable

  • There’s no messing around when it comes to my HD enjoyment. I need state-of-the-art HDMI cables to pipe uncompressed, all-digital audio and video content straight to my HDTV.

Robotic LCD / Plasma Mount

  • Pimp my ride? How about pimp my HDTV! Nothing says I’m the man than an awesome mechanized flat-screen TV Mount – like rocking 26-inch rims on a Hummer!

8 Plug Home Theater Power Center

  • I want the best and I’m prepared to protect it with the best. The Monster Power Home Theater Power Center protects against power surges and optimizes performance by feeding my system pure, clean power.

Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote

  • The cherry on my HDTV sundae — this Harmony universal remote sends both IR and RF signals and can control up to 15 different components. With a sweet touch-screen display and PC programmability, this sleek and sexy remote does it all.