Send a 1080p HDMI Signal over Long Distances – No Power Supply Required

The HDMI Passive Extender Kit (500402) allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 100 feet (30m) via two (2) Cat 5e unshielded twisted pair cables in a point-to-point configuration at 1080p resolution. The product works with 1080p up to 150 feet (45m) via Cat 6 cable cables. The kit comes with one (1) transmitter and one (1) receiver. Applications include commercial and residential AV systems, classroom projector systems, digital signage, boardroom systems, collaborative PC systems, medical information systems.

Typical Application

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Send an HDMI Signal over Long Distances throughout your Property

Vanco 280726 HDMI HDBaseT Extender Balun KitThe Vanco 280726 HDMI HDBaseT Extender Balun Kit consists of a transmitter and a receiver, which can support up to a 100 meter distance (328 ft) between the transmitter and the receiver by utilizing a single cat5 or cat6 UTP cable. This extender includes an IR system which allows for IR control of the source from the display. The IR Receiver and IR Emitter accessories are sold separately. The extenders support HDMI 1080p and 3-D signals, 24 bit/36 bit deep color and various audio formats including Dolby.

The HD Base T technology utilized allows the HDMI audio and video signals to travel over a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 UTP cable from the transmitter to the receiver. The UTP also transports the IR control commands from the display to the source. A 100 Mb/s Ethernet signal can also be supported and power supplied to ancillary devices.

This HDMI Extender offers a comprehensive solution for extending the reach in a digital entertainment center, HDTV retail or show site installation, STB, DVD and projector delivery. It effectively addresses noise, space and security concerns and facilitates data center control, information distribution, conference room presentations and supports school and corporate training environments.
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