Look Smart and Be Smart with This Clever Safe!

Expand your library while shrinking possibilities of theft!

Barska AX11680 Hidden Dictionary Book Safe

We’ve all seen the movies. You can’t just hide your safe behind a “discrete” wall-painting anymore. Instead, just add another book to that barren bookshelf of yours! A dictionary is the perfect disguise. Not only will it blend in in any room or office, it can also be unassuming on the go! This portable safe can easily travel with you. Keep your valuables safe in a hotel room, without trusting their resident safes, and no one will question a book in your luggage. Unlike other book safes, the exterior is made of individual pages of real paper and its hardback book cover easily blends in with other books or objects on any shelf or table. Size matters. Although it is small enough to be portable, this book safe is also large enough to stow a hand gun. So get smart with your valuables and read more!

Biometric Technology, Keeps Things Safe For You

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Access Your Weapons in a Flash with a Flash of Your Fingerprint

Keep your weapons safe and ready for quick access with biometric technology. Barska brings biometric entry with the AX11652 Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe. If aliens ever attack or the zombie apocalypse actually happens, you’ll be set and ready for quick action with effortless entry into your weapon’s safe. No longer do you have to fumble around with a complicated set of number and keys to punch. After having set everything up, the integrated Biometric scanner simply scans your fingerprint and grants you access. The key is your unique fingerprint, something else that no one has making security with the Barska AX11652 top notch and in a category of its own. Isn’t technology amazing?

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The Barska AX11652 Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe provides automated and instantaneous access to your firearms. In a threatening or deadly situation, every second counts and you never want to be caught unawares while searching for your keys or frantically trying to insert and unlock your gun case. Although the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe provides speedy entry, it also gives peace of mind protection with its ultra secure and high-tech fingerprint recognition system. The biometric entry will only recognize the fingerprints that you program; intruders, strangers, and children simply cannot break into this safe. In case the battery dies and the biometric system will not work, an emergency set of back-up keys is provided for additional safety. The removable storage shelf allows you to hold your ammo and rifles all in one secure location. Never again worry about losing your gun safe keys or wondering where to safely but conveniently hide them; with this biometric rifle safe you are the key – the key to your and your family’s safety. Read More

  • Instantly access your firearms with the keyless biometric entry
  • No fumbling in the dark or in an emergency looking for keys
  • Holds up to four rifles securely with individual barrel rests
  • Removable storage shelf holds handguns, ammo, and other firearm accessories
  • Silent Access – allows you to secretly and noiselessly obtain weaponry in case of a deadly situation