Small Greenhouse Heater Handles a Large Amount of Space, Keeps Plants Warm

STC EGH520 Greenhouse HeaterPlants rely on heat to survive just as much as they rely on the Sun for generating energy. The STC Greenhouse Heater provides such life saving heat for when temperatures drop. This fan forced milkhouse style Greenhouse heater is small in design, but is able to push out 5,120 BTUs of heat while covering up to 120 sq. feet of space. It also features two heat settings and a “fan only” mode. Onboard safety includes a safety tip-over switch, built in thermostat, automatic reset, and thermal cut-out. Its six feet of cord provides more than enough length for average situations. Keep your plants healthy and alive during colder seasons with the STC Greenhouse Heater, model: EGH520.

  • Small Greenhouse heater keeps your plants warm during colder temperatures
  • Has built in safety features and sensors
  • Provides adjustable settings for output
  • Disperses 5,120 BTUs of warmth
  • Can cover up to 120 sq. feet

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