Eco-Friendly Solution for Charging Via a USB Connection

Bracketron UGC-377-BL Stone GreenZero Charger (USB)

  • Unique design features one-click charging
  • Automatically shuts off with zero idle power when device is fully charged
  • Portable design to take with you and charge on the go
  • Charges any USB-powered device
  • USB female input

The Stone GreenZero Charger features Bracketron’s exclusive GreenZero Technology — the most eco-friendly way to charge mobile devices while totally eliminating the wasteful stand-by consumption (Zero idle power) that other chargers consume when left plugged in. If your cell phone, tablet, camera, or other portable electronic devices have a USB charging adapter, this charger is for you. The Stone GreenZero Charger automatically shuts off with zero idle power when your device is fully charged, saving energy and lengthening the life of your battery by limiting the top-off charging time. Read more