Keep Your Lawn & Garden Green & Beautiful with this Complete Yard Watering Kit!

Orbit 58872N SunMate Complete Yard Watering Kit
Orbit 58872N SunMate Complete Yard Watering Kit
  • Fully automatic yard watering kit turns your hose faucet into a 4-station sprinkler
  • No digging is required to easily install this watering system
  • Controls up to 4 stations (comes with 2 valves that control stations, purchase additional valves separately)
  • Up to 3 start times per day (cycles A,B,C)
  • Waters from 1-240 minutes per start time (per valve)

This fully automatic yard watering kit turns your hose faucet into a 4-station sprinkler system. No digging is required to easily install this watering system. Connects to standard hose faucet to provide four 3/4 inch hose outlets with 4 independent controls. National Hose Thread manifold connection to hose faucet. The control unit features a rain delay setting and allows for manual watering at any time without interrupting your programmed schedule. Get it on sale now for more than $40 off! Read More

Announcing our Sprinkler & Watering

Sprinkler & Watering Products Super Sale

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Plant Sensor Allows your Plants to Send Notifications to your Smartphone when They Need Water or Light

Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor, Green

  • Monitor the health of your plants from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts ensure optimum health and growth
  • Built-in database of over 6,000 plants, trees and vegetables
  • Sensors measure soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature and light intensity
  • Use indoors or outdoors – IPX5/IPX7 water resistance rating
  • Works with potted plants and open ground plants
  • CES Hot Stuff Award winner and Popular Sciences’ “Product of the future” pick

Are your plants trying to tell you something? With the Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor, your plants can send notifications straight to your phone when they’re thirsty, hungry, too hot or cold, or if they just need to spend some time in the sun! Do you have a “Green Thumb” when it comes to gardening? Does everything you seem to plant die? Does everything you seem to plant flourish? Whether you’re a pro or don’t know the first thing about gardening but want to get started then the Flower Power Plant Sensor from Parrot is here to save the day and make gardening a heck of a lot easier. This award winning plant sensor sticks into the soil next to your potted or open ground plants, trees or vegetables and monitors the soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature and light intensity to ensure optimum growth and health. These vitals are gathered by the sensors every 15 minutes and streamed to the Flower Power app (free download in Apple App Store) every two hours to allow you to view the data or view in real-time through live mode if near the plant. Additionally the Flower Power can communicate with you through alerts in the event one of your plants needs watering or extra attention. When installing the Flower Power you can choose from over 6,000 different plants, trees or vegetables to ensure the sensor is monitoring the correct vitals for the right plant. It is capable of monitoring several plants at once provided they are in the same pot, planter or small plot of land and have the same exposure to the elements. The Flower Power is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled iOS devices running iOS 6.1 and higher (iPhone 4S and newer, iPad Retina and newer, iPad Mini and newer, and iPod Touch 4th Generation and newer). Read More

Provide Warmth, Shelter, and a Positive Growing Environment for Your Plants

STC EG45812VG Easy-Grow Black Master Greenhouse, 8x12

  • Greenhouse provides a nurturing environment for your plants to fully thrive
  • Solid construction provides shelter during off seasons and windy-stormy conditions
  • Provides conveniences such as integrated shelving and an automatic roof vent
  • Spacious, covering 150 sq. feet of room for you and your plants
  • Comes as a kit with everything needed for assembly, you just provide the tools

Grow your plants to optimum height and fullness with the Easy-Grow Black Master Greenhouse from STC. The EG45812VG is an 8 foot by 12 foot, double door Greenhouse that features heavy gauge aluminum construction and an automatic roof opener to handle overheating. In addition, this Greenhouse comes with everything needed for assembly and provides a total of 150 sq. feet of usage, installed shelving, as well as a wall-mounted smart vent with available manual adjustment settings. The Black Master Greenhouse is ideal for sheltering sensitive plants during off-seasons such as winter, as well as allowing new plants to fully form in a nurturing environment that caters to overall plant growth. The design of this Greenhouse makes maintenance hassle free and can easily handle upwards of 80 MPH winds thanks to its solid framing, thick panels, and included ground stakes. Your plants deserve the best, so give them the best with the Black Master Greenhouse.

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No More Bending, Stooping, Twisting or Touching to Cleanup Yucky Yard Debris

And the best part, bag attachment is a snap!
The triangular frame has a track around the entire perimeter that holds the bungee cord. This provides complete perimeter contact with the bag, ensuring a secure hold that won’t come off until you take it off, while offering the fastest bag changeout!
She-Edison SE-105-CAT SnapBagger Ultimate Yard Cleanup Tool with SnapBag

The She-Edison SE-105-CAT SnapBagger is the Ultimate Yard Cleanup Tool for bagging any kind of yard debris. Unlike other similar tools, the SnapBagger brings the bag to the debris, rather than vice versa! It holds plastic or biodegradable lawn and leaf bags open so you don’t have to. Simply transfer your waste into the included SnapBag in 1 easy step with a rake or broom on both lawn and hard surfaces. SnapBag attaches to the frame with the included SnapCord (bungee cord) and there is no tooling required for assembly. The SnapBag is an eco-friendly reusable bag that is light and durable, made of rip-stop polyester, and features a lower quick-empty hatch to transfer a load of debris to paper yard refuse bags, city provided dumpsters, composters, or just to another area of your yard. If you don’t wish to use the SnapBag, you can attach any brand of bag sizes 39 gallon or larger. The handle is adjustable in 3 settings, depending upon your needs. Made of powder-coated steel sheet metal, SnapBagger is light and easy to maneuver weighing only 3.5 pounds. It even folds and stores easily in flat “pizza box” shipping container. Great for the garden enthusiast, new homeowner and those who take pride in maintaining their yard. Read more