Easily Organize Large Garage Items on a Wall Out of the Way

Tornado 00525 Ladder Hook - 2 Pack

With the heavy duty Ladder Hook from Tornado you can quickly and easily take advantage of all that open wall space in your garage to store those larger items that are taking up space on the ground. As you may have guessed, the ladder hook is ideal for storage of ladders but it is also great for other bulky items that may be lying around such as an old or spare tire, hoses, extension cords, folding chairs or put two together to hold lumber. When mounted in a wood stud the Ladder Hook has a weight capacity of up to 70 lbs and if mounted directly into drywall a weight capacity of 40 lbs. If one is mounted into a wood stud behind drywall its weight capacity will then be 60 lbs. Each hook is coated with a durable orange rubber to provide added visibility and safety to both you and whatever products it holds. The Tornado Ladder Hook comes in a pack of two.

  • Hassle free, quick install
  • 70 lbs weight capacity if mounted in a wood stud
  • 40 lbs weight capacity if mounted in drywall
  • 60 lbs weight capacity if mounted in drywall and wood stud
  • Great for storage of ladders, tires, hoses and more

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