Turn your Smarthphone into a Remote Control for Garage Door or Gate Opener

F2P Technologies 103350 Tap2Pass Wireless Smartphone Receiver Relay Switch

Utilizing the Bluetooth capability of the iOS or Android platform we created a keypad entry right on the screen. Simply tap in your 4 digit PIN and the door or gate is activated. Bluetooth technology was chosen as internet access is not required for accessing remote gates or doors, and as a safety feature, since the garage door or gate should always be in sight when activation occurs. The four digit PIN makes entry quick and easy as well as safe as it is an extra layer of security in the event the device is lost or stolen.

The Tap2Pass receiver can pair with as many as 7 Smartphones, and up to 24 vehicles (cars, motorcycles etc.) equipped with a Flash2Pass transmitter (sold separately). The receiver will work with virtually all garage door and gate openers manufactured since 1982 including AC, DC or solar powered (solar powered gate: power kit available separately), and newer models with ‘smart panels’. Installation is an easy do-it-yourself project and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes using just a screwdriver. Full instructions are included with the Tap2Pass receiver.

  • Everyone in the family can have their own remote
  • No more trying to remember who had the remote last, or in which vehicle it was left in
  • No need to make a mad dash in the rain to enter a PIN in the keypad and wait while the door opens
  • iOS App available on iTunes or Android App available on Googe Play
  • Keypad entry right on the screen – 4 digit PIN makes entry quick and easy

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Don’t Waste Money on Extra Garage Door Openers; Use Your Smart Phone!

First Watch Security SecuRemote

  • Open and close garage with Smartphone
  • Phone connects to garage via Bluetooth
  • Operates within 60-100 foot range
  • Compatible with Droid, iPhone and Blackberry
  • Works with up to 5 users

It’s no longer necessary to spend extra cash on buying extra garage door openers. With the First Watch Security SecuRemote you can program up to 5 different smart phones to remotely open your garage door! The SecuRemote device connects to the garage door operator and then pairs to your Smartphone through a Bluetooth connection once the free SecuRemote app has been downloaded. It is compatible with Droid, iPhone and Blackberry and the app can be downloaded in each device’s app store or marketplace. Once installed the local mode allows for up to 5 users to control the garage with the initial phone that is connected being the system administrator. The system administrator is able to then add or remove up to 4 additional phones and assign each either unlimited or temporary access. If providing access to more than 5 users is desired this can be done in online mode (annual subscription required) which allows for unlimited users and access from anywhere with web-access. Read More

Shield Your Overhead Garage Door Emergency Release Lever from Potential Burglars

In 2010 FBI crime clock statistics showed that a home was burglarized once every 14.6 seconds and that the most common way of gaining entrance was through front, back or garage doors. This statistic is pretty alarming to think about and it is this statistic that makes the SecureShield for garage doors from First Watch Security a must-have. If you have an overhead garage door it can take a burglar all of 6-seconds to unlatch the doors emergency release lever and manually open your garage (see video in “More Info”). This is where the SecureShield comes to the rescue. The SecureShield connects to the garage door connecting arm and covers, or shields, the emergency release lever from being tampered with. Owners will still have access to the emergency release but will need to be in the garage to do so, as intended. The SecureShiled is compatible with most motorized overhead garage doors and should take about 10 minutes or less to give you and your family peace-of-mind that you’ll be safe from garage break-ins.

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Extremely Quiet Yet Powerful and Durable Garage Door Opener

Skylink EQ-1522 1/2 HP Residential Garage Door Opener with 3-Button Wall Console

Skylink’s EQ Series Garage Door Opener is an easy to install, very quiet garage door opener. It features a 1/2 hp DC chain driven motor featuring soft start and soft stop. The optimal self-learning force is strong enough to open/close the garage door, but sensitive enough to detect any obstacles. The automatic light starts to dim before turning off so it won’t leave you suddenly in the dark. The door opener also features Rolling Code Technology, an encrypted code that is different from the previous code is generated for every remote activation.

Skylink residential garage door openers are affordable and offer reliability and durability. They are precision engineered to provide ultimate safety and security features. Skylink garage door openers employ a DC motor to provide quiet operation, reduced noise pollution from traditional products, and help you enjoy a quiet and comfortable life environment.

  • Extremely Quiet Operation
  • Powerful ½ HP DC Motor
  • Soft starting and soft stopping motor operation
  • Optimal Self Learning Force
  • Automatic Light Dimming – Light starts to dim before it turns off
  • Door automatically reverses if an obstacle is detected beneath the door while closing
  • Durable Chain Drive with sectional rail
  • Easy to Install
  • Backup by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), (Not Included)
  • Rolling Code Technology – An encrypted code that is different from the previous code is generated for every remote activation

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Open Your Garage and Turn on a Light From Your Keychain

Keychain TransmitterBy adding a single lightweight unit to your keychain, you’ll have easy access to your garage, and you’ll even be able to turn on a light before you enter your home! The two-button Keychain Transmitter sends a wireless signal to the Garage Door Receiver (sold separately), which triggers your automatic garage door system to open or close. With the second button, the Keychain Transmitter will turn on a light, fan, or appliance that’s plugged into a Switch Receiver (sold separately).

Programming the Keychain Transmitter is simple; just align the codes to match those on the receiver modules. A battery is pre-installed, so you’re ready to use this handy device as soon as the receivers are plugged in.

The Keychain Transmitter and Garage Door Receiver are also available to be purchased as a set. For a more permanent access transmitter, the Keyless Entry Transmitter (sold separately) is easily mounted on the wall of your garage for PIN access at any time. Read more

Never Accidentally Leave Your Garage Door Open Again!

How many times have you been gripped with the sudden realization that you may have forgotten to close your garage door?

Garage Door CloserIt’s a pretty common mistake, but it can be a costly one, since that open expanse can be an enticing lure to thieves. Make sure the largest door to your home is closed securely with the automatic Garage Door Closer, which triggers your garage door opener automatically after a user-specified amount of time if left open.

Mount the sensor on your garage door using the included mounting tape or screws. When the door is closed, the detection rod is retracted; when the door is open, the detection rod is extended and sends a wireless signal to the wall console, which in turn triggers your garage door opener to shut the door. Planning to work in the garage for a while? A single button press locks the receiver so it won’t close when you don’t want it to.

Since it has a built-in antenna, the included wall console can accept commands sent by a keychain remote, sold separately. The wall console’s learning function makes connection easy. Read more

Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Remote to Open the Gate to Your Home

Rather than carry around an extra remote to open your gate, why use something you are already carrying around? With this receiver, you will be able to automatically open your gate with a phone call. The receiver utilizes a caller ID system. If it recognizes the number, it will open the gate. Up to 64 different numbers can be stored on one receiver, so you can let all your tenants, family, friends, and workers gain access. While the receiver uses caller ID, it won’t actually pick up the call so it won’t use any of your plan’s minutes. You will save money since you won’t need to purchase any additional units. And your pocket or purse won’t be weighted down with an extra unit. Operating off cell phone towers, the receiver’s range is virtually limitless. As long as there is reception, you will be able to open the gate with your phone. Read more