Win with a Mini Keg

La Crosse Technology Alpha Power Battery Charger

  • Works with 5 liter mini kegs
  • Compatible with pressurized and gravity dispensing kegs
  • Quiet thermoelectric cooling
  • Cools down to 45°F below ambient room temperature
  • Uses 120V AC outlet or 12V DC

The Mini Beer Keg Cooler with Tap is an excellent addition for Sunday Football. This item is perfect for you while cheering on your team during the big game. It works with 5 liter mini kegs and has a quite thermoelectric cooling system. The Mini Keg brings satisfaction by knowing that beer after beer will be a chilling 45 degrees. It is time to upgrade the mancave and call the team down because a day that consists of football, a Mini Keg and friends is a win-win-win! Read More

Giant Octagonal Fortress is Fun to relax in; not meant To Physically Settle Sibling Disputes

Product Title (In box)

  • Perfect for both play and relaxation
  • 9 piece set fastens together quickly with hook and loop attachments
  • Contouring shape makes it both comfortable and functional
  • Easy to clean vinyl surface
  • Suitable for children of all ages

This is no gladiator pit to settle sibling disputes; rather this is a giant comfy octagon for relaxation and play. Story time, nap time, or even timeout time, this giant nine piece gathering area is sure to keep the little ones busy for some time, which usually equates to falling asleep which then equals to free time for Mom and Dad. See where I’m going with this? Read on. You know you want to.

More Information Below:

The Octagonal Welcoming Hollow from Children’s Factory is a 9 piece set that is ideal for both relaxation and play for children. The Welcoming Hollow fastens together quickly with hook and loop attachments that also make it simple to take apart for easier storage when not in use. The octagonal design and angled back rests make this a great gathering area for children to safely play on or get comfortable for story time or to read a book themselves. The Octagonal Welcoming Hollow is suitable for children of all ages and will require a floor space at least 8’8″ long and 6’4″ wide. Cozy Woodland Pillows pictured with the Octagonal Welcoming Hollow are sold separately. Read More

Take a Break and Watch The Most Memorable Clips on YouTube

CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout looks at four of the most memorable clips posted to YouTube over the past five years.

In only five years, video sharing site YouTube has become one of the most popular Web sites in the world and today the site gets more than one billion views each day.

The web site was set up in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees by the names of Steve Chan, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim.

Just a year and a half later, YouTube was sold to Google for an astounding $1.65 billion.

Currently, there is 1,700 year’s worth of video on the site.

Here’s our look at some of the most memorable YouTube clips of all time.

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video with more than 187 million hits.

Charlie bit my finger with an astounding 181 million hits.

Susan Boyle impresses on Britain’s Got Talent and with the help of YouTube, launches her music career with 91 million hits.

David After the Dentist was another big hit with 57 million hits. Today, you can even buy your own “David after the dentist” t-shirts.

The Wedding Dance received 48 million hits and was even parodied in the American sitcom, “The Office”.

Single Ladies was one of Beyonce’s biggest songs of 2009, but it was this video that got all the attention.

Dancing Matt around the World received 28 million hits.

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