Door Lock Defense

Lockey USA Electronic E-Pro Touchscreen Lever Door Lock Defense System

  • LED illuminated keypad operation
  • Remembers up to 6 unique user entry codes
  • Single-use disposable user entry code (may be repeated)
  • Random keypad activation code to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Automatic locking and latch-locking detection for incomplete locking

Avoid hassle with your keys when you need to enter or leave quickly, or are carrying a lot of items as you fumble with your key ring. The Lockey USA Electronic E-Pro Touchscreen Lever Door Lock Defense System provides comfort and security with its stylish and contemporary design that is ideal for all types of doors of homes. The LED illuminated keypad that turns on when your hand is centimeters from the surface. The lock will also make an audible sound when locked and unlocked in case you forget to lock the door. The E-pro allows you to rest easy knowing that the locks have secured the home when you forgot. Read More

Automate Your Front Door

Swing Door Opener with Magnetic Lock

  • Control any door with a 4-button remote
  • Works with inward or outward swinging doors
  • Compatible with left and right hand doors
  • Includes electromagnetic lock for added security

Skylink has an affordable and convenient interior swing door operation for you. The Swing Door Opener with Magnetic Lock is useful in many situations, such as those who are handicapped or people making numerous trips from the outside with their hands full. It can be controlled with a wireless remote, wall button or keypad, or automatically by a motion sensor. The Swing Door Opener operates almost on all types of doors and is suitable for in-swing left or right, as well as out-swing left or right doors. It allows for a timer option which will automatically close between 10 and 50 seconds. The ability to still close the door manually and the obstacle detection feature are two more added reasons why the Swing Door Opener is so great! Read More