Are You Prepared for an Emergency? With an Emergency Food Supply You Will Never Have to Find Yourself Unprepared for the Unexpected

Wise Company 40-44320 4320 Serving Package, 12 Month Supply

A disaster can occur at any time. Usually when we least expect it. Natural Disasters such as Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Tornados, Storms and other unexpected seeming apocalyptic events can put you and your family in an uncomfortable and desperate situation, especially when food can become scarce. There’s no way to avoid a disaster, but you can avoid being unprepared for one.

With the Wise Company Serving Package, 12 Month Supply you can make sure you’re covered for an entire year! However, for those of you who don’t have the storage for that type of preparation there are smaller One Month,Three Month, and Six Month supplies to choose from as well. Each supply is packed with flavor rich breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrées such as Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Chili Macaroni, and Cheesy Lasagna. These kits also deliver innovation and sustainability with up to a 25-year shelf-life, longevity obtainable due to special packaging and manufacturing techniques. Enjoying these entrées is as easy as adding hot water (or even cold water) to a bowl or the pouch itself. Also, if you just can’t do without some daily snacks, don’t worry, there is a “Gourmet Snack Package” emergency supply kit for that too! Although you, hopefully, won’t need to enjoy these flavorful meals any time soon, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind that you will get from knowing you and your family will not be in danger of going hungry in the event of an emergency. Read More


Man Law MAN-HY3 Hot Dog Griller

Go ahead—LOAD it up with your favorite dogs, sausages or brats! The days of turning dogs over one by one is so yesterday! The solution to even grilling and fuss-free turning of dogs and links has been found, thanks to the Man Law MAN-HY3. Designed to hold up to five wieners, this hot dog griller allows you to turn all your dogs at once for perfect grilling every time. The Five-slot stainless steel cooker produces professional-style results while keeping foods from falling through the grill at BBQs, picnics and tailgate parties. Made of durable metal, this griller features a non-stick coating for easy cooking and clean up.

Just place up to five hot dogs or sausages onto the Man Law MAN-HY3 and gently push or pull the griller to activate the cylinders then simply grill one side until done. Once, the cylinders are in motion they will roll the hot dog and expose a new side to the heat. You’ll never lose those unexpected roll-aways into the flames! When it’s time to flip, the stay-cool wooden handle is there to help and keeps your hands a safe distance from the heat. No spatulas necessary! You won’t even need to grab a potholder or mom’s oven mitts when you are grilling. Everything is flipped at the same time without the hassle of sticking to the grill. Its slim design frees up space to grill hamburgers or steaks alongside and speed grilling time. You can use the Man Law MAN-HY3 on gas, electric, and charcoal grills. Hot diggity!!! Your hot dogs will stay plump, juicy, and cooked to perfection every time!

And remember…Man Law Premium BBQ Tools—Man Laws: 1. Grilling is always the first choice of cooking. 2. Cutting meat to check for doneness is like sawing down a tree to find its age. 3. A garnish is a bad disguise for not buying enough food.

• Cooks up to 5 hot dogs at once
• Constructed of stainless steel for easy cleaning
• Wooden handle stays cool to the touch