Enjoy a Cold Beverage or Warm Meal Anywhere Away from Home

Koolatron W75 Kool Wheeler 12V Plug-in Drink Cooler and Food Warmer, Large

The Koolatron W75 Kool Wheeler 12V Plug-in Drink Cooler and Food Warmer is ideal for most outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, boating, picnics, tailgate parties, perfect at “little league” games. Whether it’s a short outing or a long trip, the Kool Wheeler is the perfect way to ensure fresh food and chilled beverages anytime and anywhere. Or use it to keep infant food and bottles warm. You don’t have to go directly home with perishable meats, frozen foods etc. The Kool Wheeler will prove invaluable as the ideal “extra fridge” in the family room or recreation room or as the basement/garage bar, great for barbecues, parties and seasonal feasts when the Kitchen refrigerator is overloaded. The W65 is the Large Capacity Kool Wheeler and holds up to 57 cans; a Medium Capacity Kool Wheeler is also available, that holds up to 42 cans.

It plugs into a cigarette lighter or anywhere a 12 Volt DC power supply is available. No ice to buy, no warm drinks and no more soggy sandwiches. Use it as a cooler or by simply reversing the plug connection it also acts as a warmer. It cools approximately 40° F to 45° F (22° C to 25° C) below outside temperature. Continually reduces the temperature within the first three hours depending on the contents of the unit and the surrounding air. It heats to approximately 130° F to 140° F (54° C to 60° C). With only one moving part (the 12 volt fan), there is virtually nothing that can wear out. The “brushless” fan motor was designed for up to 20,000 hours of continuous operation. Using this cooler/warmer also eliminates the need to stop at costly roadside restaurants or vending machines. In fact, before too long your Kool Wheeler will pay for itself with savings on food, beverages and ice.
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Brew Your Own Beer From Home!

Mr. Beer 20290 Deluxe Edition Beer Brewing KitHome brewing is a fun, exciting and rewarding hobby. Nothing is more satisfying than cracking open the fridge and reaching in to grab a bottle of your own fresh brewed beer. There is just something special about sharing and drinking beer that you created. The first time you brew you will experience a sense of accomplishment and pride that is hard to beat.

The Deluxe Edition Beer Brewing Kit makes great-tasting beer and is completely reusable and incredibly user-friendly. The fermenter is made from FDA compliant plastic which is lightweight, shatter resistant and imparts no taste or flavor migration. The included West Coast Pale Ale, booster kit and yeast is everything you need to get started. By following the easy instructions, you and your closest friends can be enjoying your own home brew in as little as 7 days.


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Wouldn’t it be Nice to Have Up to 80% more cooking power than a microwave!

In this fast paced day-in-age it’s hard to find the time to cook an elaborate meal, so settling for something quick to throw in the microwave is routine and typically not too satisfying. If you think about it everything else around us has sped up so why not our ability to cook a good meal quickly?

Half Time Oven HC-34-CTS UltraSpeed 4x Countertop Oven, Stainless SteelThis problem has now been solved with the UltraSpeed 4x Countertop Oven from Half Time Oven. The UltraSpeed Oven cooks meals up to 4 times faster than they would in a gas or electric oven while at the same time also using 75% less energy to do so. Simply put you get a well cooked, oven quality meal in a quarter of the time while also saving money by using less energy in the process. The UltraSpeed Oven is able to do this because it offers up to 1,900 watts of microwave cooking power and 2,000 watts of grilling power which is as much as 80% more than microwave. It has 4 cook power settings which are UltraSpeed, Grilling Power, Convection Power and Microwave Power. UltraSpeed cooks with 1,900 watts, Grilling Power uses 2,000 watts, Convection Power has 1,600 watts and finally Microwave Power cooks with 1,000 watts.

The UltraSpeed 4x Countertop Oven is not only convenient but is also easy to use. No need to worry about adjusting cook times or settings in your head because the ovens electronic brain will do this for you automatically. Simply enter in the normal cook settings that would be used for your meal and the oven will automatically adjust them to the correct 4x settings.

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Cut Your Cooking Time Down By Using an Automated Stirring Device

KitchenStir KS1000 Chef Stir Pan

  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • Stirring facilitates heat transfer to reduce cooking time
  • OFF / ON / AUTO stir control
  • Temperature control and steam management
  • Reduces cooking fumes and splashing

The KitchenStir KS1000 Chef Stir Pan offers a new, simpler way of cooking traditional and familiar recipes! You’ll be able to prepare healthy, delicious foods in three easy steps. Simply load your ingredients, set the temperature and stir mode and then cook and serve. You can set it to slow cook, simmer, and sauté or stir fry. The automated stir control adjustment allows for you to determine your preferred cooking technique, reducing your cooking time. By sealing the ingredients in, the combined steaming and stirring action reduces the food splashing and fumes you get with traditional looking techniques. Read more

Don’t Spread Germs When Reaching for a Paper Towel

Towel-Matic II® Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers feature an scanning panel that tightly grabs on to towel to ensure effortless towel tearing and guarantees the rolls never unravel.

Towel-Matic II has a built-in optical scanner that identifies the perforations on the paper towel and stops right at the perforated line every time, making tearing towel sheets easy and mess free. It is easy to pre-set any brand and dispensing length desired. It is powered by 4 C size batteries that can last up to one year or 100 rolls of standard 80-sheet towels. Optional AC adaptor is available. It is designed for table top, wall mount or under cabinet mount. Brackets sold separately.

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Maximize Counter Space with a Frameless Dishrack with Innovative Drain System

simplehuman KT1151 Open Frame Dishrack - Stainless SteelInspired by the clean, upscale aesthetics of commercial-grade kitchens, this dishrack boasts a modern-looking and innovative design. Without a frame, this dishrack allows oversized items to hang over the sides of the structure, so you can fit more in a smaller space. The dishrack contains a stainless steel frame and removable drying plate for easy cleaning. Angled drying areas, optional feet, and a swivel spout channel water directly into the sink. A natural bamboo knife block and extra large utensil holder are located along the side of the dishrack to allow safe and reliable containment of cooking and eating utensils. This dishrack will hold more dishes and take up less space than traditional and bulky dishracks.

  • Rustproof, high grade stainless steel with durable plastic drip tray
  • Extra large utensil holder with natural bamboo knife block
  • Spout swivels for flexibility in placement around the sink
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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Measure and Mix Both Wet and Dry Ingredients with a Single Spoon

Quirky POR-1-CW1 Measure and Mix Cooking SpoonQuirky POR-1-CW1 Measure and Mix Cooking Spoon

  • Measure ingredients by pouring them into the hollow, clear plastic handle
  • Lines within spoon also allow for easy measuring
  • Constructed of food-safe plastic and silicone

While the rewards of cooking and baking are worthwhile, the cleanup is a hassle. This innovative spoon helps cut down on dirty dishes, allowing you to measure and mix your ingredients with a single spoon. The spoon is constructed of silicone and food-safe plastic. Measuring lines within the cavity of the spoon indicate a half teaspoon, teaspoon, and tablespoon measurements. The hollow, clear plastic handle can also double as a measuring cup for wet or dry ingredients up to ¼ of a cup. A locking silicone spout at the end of the handle prevents spills but also opens wide for easier pouring. With its integrated measuring tools, this spoon performs double duties for faster, more efficient cooking and cleanup. Read more