Store Away Your Favorite Bottled Beverage for Use Later

Evriholder Products BS-CF Bottle-Stopper

  • Easily plugs, locks, and seals opened bottles
  • Safely store beverages such as wine and liquour
  • Robust, quality design assures reuse over and over again

Re-plugging your bottle with a cork can be quite tricky, instead use something easier. The Bottle-Stopper from Evriholder is a robust and heavy duty designed plug that locks into place safely allowing you to store your opened bottle. Perfect for wine and liquor or any other glass bottle based drink you wish to preserve. Insert into a bottle and bring the handle down to lock and seal its liquid contents. Bring the handle up to unlock, allowing for easy removal. Save that beverage for another time with the Bottle-Stopper. Read more

Get Your Grill On!-Last Minute Gift Ideas For Dad

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Just when you thought a simple grilling device couldn’t get high-tech, along comes the Parasia International E577BBQ Digital BBQ Tongs. With these digital tongs, you’ll never undercook a steak, burger, chicken breast, or any other kind of barbequed meat again! These tongs will eliminate the guessing games, and the days of charring meats or leaving them raw on one side are over; simply let the Parasia International Digital BBQ Tongs do all of the work for you.

These innovative BBQ tongs are more than just your average BBQ tongs with a LED display, a built –in thermometer is equipped at the tips to ensure you the correct temperature of meat within 5 seconds. So in case you are wondering if the burgers, steaks or chicken really are cooked all the way through just listen to the tongs. Especially, if you don’t want to keep checking every few minutes, you can even set the tongs for a preset temperature. Once the meat hits that magical number, the tongs will actually tell you with a chimed alarm, when the meat is cooked to your satisfying preference.

In fact, it has seven preset meat types and one custom setting. Minimize the risk of those terrifying health problems from eating undercooked foods once and for all! Not only does it come with a backlit LCD display, but it also includes an LED flashlight function, so you can still see what you’re doing or grilling at night.

Here’s why no BBQ enthusiast should be without the Digital Thermometer BBQ Tongs:

• Built-in thermometer reads meat temperature within 5 seconds
• Audible alarm lets you know when the preset temperature is attained
• Bright, white LED flashlight make it perfect for day or night barbeques
• LCD display detaches for easy cleaning
• Dishwasher safe

What’s Included
• 1x – Digital BBQ Tongs

Grilling Gadgets Galore

Be The Hostess With The Mostest!

Vacu Vin 3646450 WineTender and Rapid Ice Cooler

Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Vacu Vin Wine Tender. Now you can keep a bottle of wine cool on the table without all of the drippy mess of water and wet ice from the traditional wine bucket. At your next dinner party, backyard BBQ, or even picnic you can host an amazing get together and serve Wine in a dashing dispenser that will keep it at the perfect temperature for hours. Wow! Chilling made easy—no ice needed!

Say good-bye to those table top stained rings and stains on your table cloths from pouring directly from those wine bottles. We all know boxed wine is fabulous for any kind of party and makes it easier on guests to dispense, but who wants to leave a bulky box of wine out on your nicely decorated table for everyone to see?—Exactly, No one! The Wine Tender’s sleek and durable design holds up to three liters of your favorite boxed wine and makes it easily dispensable to your guests. Simply remove the wine bag out of the box and place it into the Wine Tender. Rapid Ice inserts are also included for wines that should be served chilled. Store the Rapid Ice inserts in your freezer until party time. When you are ready to serve the wine, put the frozen inserts into the Wine Tender and your wine will be cold within ten minutes. With the Rapid Ice inserts, your wine will stay at a desirable temperature long after the party has died down. Now, invite some friends over grab your favorite wine and just—CHILL OUT.

  • Holds up to 3 liters of wine
  • Can chill wine in 10 minutes and keep it cool for hours
  • Use with or without Rapid Ice cooling packs
  • Breaks down for easier portability and storage

Price: Normally $32.79 
Hot Deal $29.71


Energy Efficient Tabletop Oven Can Cook Meals Up To 50% Faster than Conventional Ovens

The 12qt Tabletop Halogen Oven from Fagor is a portable energy efficient oven that can grill, broil, bake, steam and roast meals up to 50% faster than a conventional oven. It has a powerful 1400W halogen heating element and convection fan to evenly circulate hot air throughout the oven. This helps the oven to cook meals in a fraction of the time and be up to 75% more energy efficient which will help to lower electric bills and save money. The oven is controlled by the handle which acts as an on/off switch and has a knob for setting the temperature with a range of 250°F to 480°F. A second dial sits next to the temperature and it controls a timer which can be set from 5 to 60 minutes. The Tabletop Halogen Oven has a standard capacity of 12 quarts but comes with an extender ring which will provide an additional 5 quarts. This device is ETL approved and has assembled dimensions of 13″ width x 6.25″ depth.
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Maximize Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake With a Healthy Squeeze Slow Juicer

Fagor 670041650 Healthy Squeeze Slow JuicerThe vitamins and nutrients our bodies receive from fruits and vegetables are essential for our health and every day living. The Slow Juicer from Fagor makes consuming the fruits and vegetables our bodies need each day an easier task by allowing us to drink them. Through juicing one can consume more fruits and vegetables at a time than could be eaten while still preserving the organic nutrients and taste. Juicing also allows for the creating of a variety of recipes so fruits or vegetables that might not be favorites or enjoyed eating whole can be combined with favorites so its nutrients can still be gained. The Slow Juicer uses a 2-step process to extract juices twice using an auger before filling the glass without grinding or shredding the food to do so. The Slow Juicer works at a speed of 80-90 RPM, plugs into standard 110-120V household outlets and is ETL approved. Included with this juicer is a recipe booklet as well as an instructional DVD.
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Reduce Cooking Time by 70% by Using a Pressure Cooker

Using an Electric Pressure Cooker can reduce cooking time by as much as 70% without compromising the flavors of the food making it a convenient solution for those short on time to dedicate towards cooking. Pressure cooking can reduce meal cooking times by as much as 70% because the tight fitting lid prevents steam from leaving and uses it to directly heat the surface of the food so that it cooks faster. By not allowing the built up steam to leave it also creates higher cooking temperatures that help to reduce the amount of time taken to cook the food. Cooking food in this fashion retains the valuable water-soluble vitamins and minerals lost in the steam during regular cooking. Unlike a traditional pressure cooker this one does not need a stove top to provide it with he at.

How pressure cooking works:
Fagor 670041460 6qt Electric Pressure Cooker

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Ultimate Camping Accessory to Make Your Meals Quick and Easy!

Koolatron 401-596 Travel-N-Grill 12V Plug-in Dual-Panel Food Cooker

Going camping this summer? The Koolatron 401-596 Travel-N-Grill is a 12V Plug-in grill that can cook food from a frozen state and gives you delicious meals on the go in just minutes.  Maybe just going on a road trip and you want to eat healthy? Wherever you are traveling this summer, this could be the perfect cooking solution. It is powered directly from your cigarette lighter. Whether it’s a few burgers or a large porterhouse steak, enjoy your favorite foods no matter you are.
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